Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Ram Kapoor and Priya live happily ever after?

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Ram Kapoor and Priya live happily ever after?

So the star-crossed lovers, also husband and wife, have finally met. What happens next? We find out….

Ram Kapoor and his estranged wife Priya Kapoor have finally met, after a whole series of stops, starts and near misses. They bump into each other, literally, at a wedding reception and stare at each other speechlessly while the stout child they have produced together holds on to them and smiles cutely, as she tends to do. Ram looks a thousand questions at his Priya and she, tears pouring down her face, nods without speaking. And that, as they say, was that, a cliffhanger to taunt soap-lovers addicted to Bade Acche Lagte Hain over the weekend. And today? Kya hone wala hai?

According to what we hear, tonight is full of drama and revelation. Ram, open-mouthed with astonishment that Priya is alive and that Pihu is his daughter – we presume that is what that speechless question-answer session full of clashing cymbals and climactic in-out camera angles was all about – cannot cope with the pressure of knowing so much so suddenly. He falls – impossible for him to be ‘flat’ out, but you know what we mean – to the ground in what passes for a faint and has to be hospitalised. Priya, in her usual efficient way, rushes about to summon an ambulance, go with him to a doctor and generally handle the situation.

And then the explanations will follow. For many days, we are sure. With sulks and counter-sulks, rationalising and more ifs and buts than the average motorboat can manage on a good day. But will the two get together again? Will the stout child be happy? Who will sacrifice what this time? And what will everyone do about Ayesha, the wide-hipped model wife that Ram saved the izzat of, blah blah? These soaps, you know, kuch kuch hota rehta hai!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Geeta

    Ram kapoor and Priya kapoor should live happily as we want to see them and their lovely movement

    • anjaan

      I like this serial. Hope Ekta does not prolong it too much. She should wind it up in next 2 months max. Infact the serial is quite enjoyable.

      • Fatmah

        hmm having seen all this happened I hopr Ekta come up with very good ideas hoe to end thid dilemna between Priya and Ram They have suffered a lot it’s about time they find their happiness especially with little cuty Pihu. Home you get some senses Ekta make your viewers happy not sad………. Show us that when we are positive in life any difficulty can overcome following hapiness………. Be brave don’t disappoint us plese thanks in advance xx

        • Dharam

          EKTA is mad and thinking we all are mad…

  • pankaj verma

    I like this episod

  • Ravi

    Now the story is going like old dostana Film.Rajat heard that Priya crying and saying that Ram is her husband.How he will face to them specially to Priya. One option is that he can leave the hospital without meeting Ram and Priya. Anyway message is lying in priya’s mobile, now he can’t change the embarasment. But Rajat had a important role and want to give a good character certificate to Priya.

    What happened to Vikram and Neha and who is that stranger?

    Is it Sidarth? Is that any matter related to Ram and Priya which forced them to divorce?

    otherwise where is Sid?

    Now what priya can do for Ayesha and his child?

    what is Ayesha’s “shadyantr” against Priya?

    what will happen to Ram afteran attack? He will be normal or with some problem, which Priya can handle. Ekta kapoor can make any serial to 8years means 4*52*8=1664 episoides. now itis finshed only 1.5 years. started from May 2011 onwards only

    • Radha

      The serial day by day is becoming so boring…as usual ekta kapoor style…there are few points where ekta can make this still more worse…please viewers go thru these…
      1.peehu will be taken away from ram & priya will go back to dubai & marry rajat.

      2.Sid will come back & fight for his kid & will marry ayesha…

      3. ram starts thinking of priya & then comes to dubai to snatch her from rajat…by the time the serial will cross atleast 3 years….

      Oh god Ekta at least any one serial u make better & short….Viewers are requesting you…

  • sandhya


  • Govind Madhav

    This is my favourite show,i never miss this show.I love the couple Ram Kapoor and Priya Kapoor(Shakshi Tanwar).

  • Hania

    Excellent performance both Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar and all other character, and the story is in BALH’s team control please don’t mess up as you did in past and put some funny scene also.

  • renu sethi

    we r waiting or u both lived together with pihu.

    • usha

      i wish both ram priya and peehu live promised by priya humari khani alag hai hum milenge

  • shreya

    if now they dont live 2gether they i wil loose my intrest again

  • zahrain

    what if both of them will not live together…i mean come on guys both of you should give space to new comers..get retired uncle and aunty g..

  • Rinkesh talati

    Ram kapoor and Priya kapoor should live happily as we want to see them and their lovely movement& pihu my fevret bebis

  • Rinkesh talati

    Ram kapoor and Priya kapoor their lovely movement& pihu my fevret bebis


    I love dis episode i dont miss a single one

    Ram & Priya make a good pair Priya looked very good when her dressing changed in Dubai with different hair style simple jeans with shirt type tops & a stoll round her neck

    Even Rajat is not less handsome he has very good personality like a business man

    Pls Ekta search a match for him

    • devayat

      i am frends

  • Zahran

    Why aren’t they play the serial on Friday as well? Sony pls let them have that slot. I love this story I’m from Sri Lanka I never miss this.
    Please play 5 shows

  • hardik

    priya n ram should live hapily again or else d serial wil become boring!

  • pincess

    priya n ram should be together now



  • Ashika

    Ahh Isha darling, wat goes around cums around. It was ur testament in court was al lies because of Sid. U sent Priya to jail and she sacrificed her happines for u. Now its ur turn. If i am correct Isha is da illegal wife. Priya is and wil remain Mrs Priya Ram Kapoor. She didnt divorce him and Priyas body wasnt found. Isha Wake Up and smell da Coffee Doll!

  • Anuradha Kashyap& Dhairya &Gouravi

    please Ram & Priya ko mila do. let them live happy life for ever.

  • Sowmya

    Most of them would like it if ram and priya live together so pleazzz do this Ekta and that cheap ayesha should remain isolated plzzzzz…,

  • poonam

    ekta yaar kuch to theek thaak dikhao ya wahi ghisa pita tragedy queen bane rehna hai ? The serial was too good and interesting. Give it some happy ending

  • Padma

    I swear in today’s time also SITA has to go through PARIKSHA, RAM does not understand till date after all that
    1 when his own mother goes through all that because of betrayal of his step mother,
    2, his step brother betraying him so much,
    3 His own SALI – AYESHA betrayed him and his wife PRIYA still he gives shelter to her and her son by marrying her, how can he be good to others and not his own well wishers. Totally a man with no brains, how does he run business?
    Without giving a chance to PRIYA he can give the verdict of taking away her daughter.
    I request the public to stay away from such a serial where a well wisher wife cannot be respected. And RAM has the audacity to punish her without listening to her, only on the grounds of his feelings, what all did PRIYA miss he is not ready to even understand.
    A male Chauvinist – thinks what he does is always right,

    • Guest

      I totally agree with you. He doesn’t even care to listen to her. After all, if he was alone, Priya also struggled a lot. And if he loved her so much, he would have bothered to find the reason behind her decision.

      • Geeta

        Ya i know please leave all these nonsence stufff & put some sensible stuff….more interesting stuff….all ur serial will be on the same track at some point…

  • anuradha

    ahh dis is really an amazing story ,…..jst wat i want is ,…ram to be settle all his matter n live:0 wth priya n pihu,…n throw out aayesha ,………of his life,…one who can”t rspct their sis should be thrown out ,.like dat,….
    ijst hope fr a butiful ending ,…..wth mr tablet ,priya n yes ,..pihu,….

  • Vamsi

    Ekta dont go for tragedies al de time plz make ur fans happy i hav a qustn :wat is de intension of ram saying dat pihu wil be away from priya fr 5 yrs only

    • katie hodson

      well i hope ram and priya live together with there cute 5 year old daughter

  • sheetal

    Please Ram ko Priya ke saath aisa mat karne digiye.

  • Satyajay Mandal


  • katie hodson

    i hope that Ram and Priya will live happily ever after

  • gold

    jo karna ha karo lkn inhe mila to o..

  • Mrs. Kanika kumari

    Just saw today the Maha episode trailer. If Ram dies we will not watch the serial. He and priya are the life of the serial. Your TRP’s will be down and we will not watch the serial . How can Ram die ?? Why this twist ? Why can’t you bring Siddhant back and give some different twist ??
    Please !!!!

    • Eva

      It is showing that Ram will die and again there will again a new beginning.i don’t agree with the thought of killing Ram for no reasons,infact you can kill ayesha instead.i would stop watching the serial if this happens and believe me you would loose out many audience.Ekta mam plz change the episode.thank u.

  • Payal

    If ram dies this serial will surely flop. Nobody will watch this serial in future. Its just like people switching off their T. V when sachin tendulaker gets out in cricket. Dont kill people entertainment by killing ram.

  • Prateek

    Ram is the life of this serial…you CANNOT kill Ram.I am already planning to switch to another channel if that happens. If Ram Kapoor is leaving the serial for some reason then just wind up the serial by reuniting them. Makes no sense to torture Pihu just when she has found her father who loves her so much. Also Priya deserves better. Whats more..the viewers deserve will totally lose its charm. In any case can’t watch Priya with her never ending mono dialogues forever and ever…with Ram gone she will blabber more and more..CAN’T TAKE THAT ANY MORE !!

  • Priyanka

    I will stop watching balh if ram dies:(

  • aftab

    Ram is the life of this serial…you CANNOT kill Ram.I am already planning to switch to another channel if that happens