Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Ram meet Priya any time soon?

The obvious answer to that question is a big emphatic NO! Why? We explain…

The makers of the hit television soap Bade Acche Lagte Hain on Sony TV are taking their own sweet time to bring Ram Kapoor and his estranged wife Priya Kapoor face to face. If you ask us, the wait is taking a serious toll on our collective patience.

Priya and Ram have crossed each other’s paths at least a dozen times. They are both in Dubai, in the same mall, on the same floor and even at the same book shop, but have still not seen each other. And we don’t think they will meet for another three weeks. Our minds have been working overtime trying to figure out how the couple would finally come together. Here are a few options we think the creative folks could use:

# Rajat (Sameer Kochhar ) falls in love with Priya and introduces her to Ram as his girlfriend. (Remember Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi’s Chandni?)

# Peehu (Priya’s daughter) likes Ram, so tries to matchmake with Priya and Ram.

# Priya is broke and to make ends meet finally gives in and calls Ram for money.

# The Kapoor’s family jyotish (astrologer) tells Ram that Priya is alive and in Dubai.

# Niiharika (Ram’s stepmother) returns from the dead as a ghost and tells Ram where to find Priya.

While the makers brainstorm on ways to get Priya and Ram face to face, the daily soap has been updating us on who is doing what for five years. A lot has changed, and we certainly find a few of these moves absolutely pointless.

Changes post leap: Priya, who runs a bookshop in a mall in Dubai, has a smart and talkative daughter, Peehu Sharma… Cute! Ram has a son in India (no clue who the mother is yet, though we have seen a bubbly young lady chatting with Ram on the phone). Ayesha (Priya’s sister) is a top model and lives in Ram’s house – but we wonder, with all that money she earns, why can’t she afford her own home? Shipra (Priya’s mother) is living with Ayesha and has moved away from her husband, Sudhir. Wonder what good that was supposed to do! Vikram and Neha (Ram’s best friends) are celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary, but are soon getting a divorce for God alone knows what reason. Lastly, Ram has now become a writer going by the pen name, Anjaan!

Picture abhi baaki hai….but get to the point, people!