Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Ram meet Priya any time soon?

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Ram meet Priya any time soon?

The obvious answer to that question is a big emphatic NO! Why? We explain…

The makers of the hit television soap Bade Acche Lagte Hain on Sony TV are taking their own sweet time to bring Ram Kapoor and his estranged wife Priya Kapoor face to face. If you ask us, the wait is taking a serious toll on our collective patience.

Priya and Ram have crossed each other’s paths at least a dozen times. They are both in Dubai, in the same mall, on the same floor and even at the same book shop, but have still not seen each other. And we don’t think they will meet for another three weeks. Our minds have been working overtime trying to figure out how the couple would finally come together. Here are a few options we think the creative folks could use:

# Rajat (Sameer Kochhar ) falls in love with Priya and introduces her to Ram as his girlfriend. (Remember Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi’s Chandni?)

# Peehu (Priya’s daughter) likes Ram, so tries to matchmake with Priya and Ram.

# Priya is broke and to make ends meet finally gives in and calls Ram for money.

# The Kapoor’s family jyotish (astrologer) tells Ram that Priya is alive and in Dubai.

# Niiharika (Ram’s stepmother) returns from the dead as a ghost and tells Ram where to find Priya.

While the makers brainstorm on ways to get Priya and Ram face to face, the daily soap has been updating us on who is doing what for five years. A lot has changed, and we certainly find a few of these moves absolutely pointless.

Changes post leap: Priya, who runs a bookshop in a mall in Dubai, has a smart and talkative daughter, Peehu Sharma… Cute! Ram has a son in India (no clue who the mother is yet, though we have seen a bubbly young lady chatting with Ram on the phone). Ayesha (Priya’s sister) is a top model and lives in Ram’s house – but we wonder, with all that money she earns, why can’t she afford her own home? Shipra (Priya’s mother) is living with Ayesha and has moved away from her husband, Sudhir. Wonder what good that was supposed to do! Vikram and Neha (Ram’s best friends) are celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary, but are soon getting a divorce for God alone knows what reason. Lastly, Ram has now become a writer going by the pen name, Anjaan!

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  • sona

    serial is losing its charm…..i think noone is wathcin dis serial nemore…….ekta needs to do smthing soon…

  • Sardar Khan

    A very nice serial has been converted into an utter ch**tiyapa. People have stopped watching it anymore. If these guys were really good, they could have made these Priya and Ram meet soon and start the family life and thereafter would have woven new story. G*ndu logon ki team ban gayi aab ye…brainless director and scriptwriters who literally killed this wonderful serial. Samething happened with another good serial on Sony, Kuch to log kahenge. Sab ghaseet rahein hain jaese taese. Sony ko barbaad kar ke rakh denge ye. Already Indain Idol this time is ultime low down with c-grade if we r watching Saregama little champs, where judges are biased towards the three singers from matter how vahiyaat they sing.

  • laiba

    I love this serial alot and i dont want priya to be rajat friend or ram shall be angry.This would be another fight.ram plz meet priya.

  • mahek

    This is becoming very typical and boring. Same thing going over and over every episode. We all know that Priya and Ram will eventually meet. Ram is married to Ayesha because he was obliged to do so. Ayesha was pregnant from Sidh and he did not accept her and dumped her, therefore Ram married Ayesha. Ekta Kapoor should not stretch it any longer, or the viewers will loose interest in this drama.

  • rita

    Ekta now that Ram and Priya are gonna meet at kschh party where Priya will try meeting Ram,there will be another twist where she will know dat Ayesha is married to Ram and she like a good sister will leave Ram and accept Rajat’s proposal.but please after this twist make Ram and Priya be Together and not marry Rajat.because still watching this serial to see Ram and Priya coming together without any further leap of 15 yrs.

    • Simran

      When is this happening PLEASE TELL ME i have sony tv what time and date

  • anand

    ekta do something which ppl wil luv not al the tme darging and serial become worst.

  • Shyam

    I watch this serial very regularly from Canada and I would like this suspense to end as soon as possible – I have a couple of questions in my mind which I want answered:
    1) Why the heck did Priya hide herself from the world
    2) Has Ram married again – if yes who is his wife and that little boy who calls him Papa, is he his son?
    4) Why are Vikram and Neha divorcing? They were supposed to a very cool and sweet couple!!
    5) Even after knowing that Ram is in the same place / mall where Priya is having his books stall, why is Priya not excited to meet him and tell him that Peehu is his daughter. I feel that Ram has got the right to know this, and morally it’s Priya’s responsibility too that she introduce her daughter to her father. This question came after watching 25th July’s episode
    6) Does Ekta Kapoor (or her team of writers and makers behind the serial) reads this crap? If yes, then I would like to tell that there are people across the world (even here in North America) who are mad about this serial and don’t miss a single episode here. And that’s why on behalf of the others here, I would like to mention here that the wait to unveil the suspense is becoming increasingly intolerable now.
    7) Here’s wishing all the very best to the serial and them team – hats off to you guys and Ekta. Hope we get to see some good news very soon

    • raj malhotra

      someya rishab ki biwi hai per wo beta aiesha ka hai jiske sath ram ne shadi ki hai uski izzat bachane ke liye. i think ab priya dream dekh rahi hai ram se milne ka wo abhi nahi milegi ram se ram ko abhi nahi pata chelega ki priya is alive ab raj khul jayega jab ayesha priya kio milegi sara pata chal jayega story ka

  • Simran

    when is this gonna happen

  • vikram sharma

    mai starting se balh dekhta hoo. Per ab aisa lagta hai jaise. Writer ke hath me kahani nahi rahi aur mai manta hoon ki balh sirf ram aur pryia ke lye hi log dekhte hai. Aur agar vi zyada der alag rahr to shayad log nahi dekhna pasand karegey…tempo baut slow hai…peehu ko ram papa ke roop me nahi mil rhe….ye sab ab saaas bhi kabhi bahu thi type hota ja rha hai….per zamana badal gya hai mere dost…….t r p guregi…verna khushiaan lao…ram ko pryia se milao….

  • Tarang acharya

    why this sirial wil being very long now nobody intrest in this sirial because of ram and priya were not together…please now we can’t wait.

  • dinesh

    We like above comment and now have stop watching Bade Ache lagte Hai. First part was very good but part 2 is just humbug and boring.

    • lucky

      i admit with u.

  • lucky

    really Ram and Priya met or its a dream .Dont be so painful and irritating serial maker .go simply not tooooooo confusing.

  • Jagruti

    Finally ram-priya are meet,,,plz ab inhe dur mat karo ektaji. . . . . .. . .Ye sath rehte hai to bade achche lagte hai,
    i love this jodi & serial,,,
    plz ektaji!Ab aur nahi.

    • savanihardik


  • vaishali

    will ram and priya both be together ?
    what is in next episode?

    • akhilesh

      somya will be the wife of rishab…n the son they having call Ram as father because tau ko hum papa bhi kehte hain because dey act like big father….its only for the suspense….i think so….
      now ram and priya will get together and solve the case of vikram and neha

  • ashika

    fr god sake ekta ji serial ko uske naam ka meaning samjhao priya n ram ko milao n apke sb stories mai main actor ko 2 sisters hi love karte hai? If u remembr kasam se in z tv. Same condition. Huh!! N iss serial ko agge to badhao. Warna apne iss dhasu serial jo hone wala tha usse le ke chulu bhar pani dub jaiye.

  • maheen

    plz ekta ji ram and priya ko milwao and neha and vikram ka divorce kyun horaha hai and shipra ne sudheer ko kyun chora plz koi mujhe bataega and wo larki kon hai somiya jo ram se phone pe baat karti kya ram ki dusri shadi hogai and ram ab ek writer hai anjaan! ke naam se???

    • mahaveer

      hay somiya ram ke chote bhai ki waife he yaar

    • raj malhotra

      someya rishab ki biwi hai per wo beta aiesha ka hai jiske sath ram ne shadi ki hai uski izzat bachane ke liye kyunki wo ram ke bhai ke bachhe ki maa banne wali thi aur usne ayesha se shadi nahi ki so ram ko shadi karni padi

  • roshni songare

    pihu is very beutyful plz aap ram or priya ko mila do na mere sister ko ye bahut pasand hai

  • akhilesh bansal

    dear lovers of bade aache lagte hain….
    somya will be the wife of rishab…n the son they having call Ram as father because tau ko hum papa bhi kehte hain because dey act like big father….its only for the suspense….i think so….
    now ram and priya will get together and solve the case of vikram and neha

    • raj malhotra

      no someya rishab ki biwi hai per wo beta aiesha ka hai jiske sath ram ne shadi ki hai uski izzat bachane ke liye


    If priya comes to mumbai she ll be accused in the case or wat.. If sid is found guilty or wat..and what happened about the case of priya…your all time fan samin.

    • kruthi

      i dont think sid will feel guilty but the story even have the chance to twist in this day or has to take again a 14 year leap

  • abhishek

    hi ram pia bada accha lagta aapdonoor aap ki bati

  • raj malhotra

    ab ekta kapoor ko shadi ker leni chayie aur serial banana chod dena chayie nahi to bina bahu ke saas ban jayegi serial banate banate phir bina bahu bane saas serial bana dalegi pagal ho gayi hai itne serial ek sath bana ke aur use pata bi nahi chalta kaun sa serial kab aur kaise manage karna hai

  • raj malhotra

    someya rishab ki biwi hai per wo beta aiesha ka hai jiske sath ram ne shadi ki hai uski izzat bachane ke liye. i think ab priya dream dekh rahi hai ram se milne ka wo abhi nahi milegi ram se ram ko abhi nahi pata chelega ki priya is alive

  • anonymous

    ayesha got pregnant with sids child. sid dumped her so ram married her so that her reputation would not go down. now the baby is a boy child of 4 yrs. rishabh is married to bubbly and caring wife. i think the story will go in this way after maha episode. priya calls ram. rajat then interferes in the middle and introduces priya as pooja leaving ram confused and priya awkwardly helpless. then ram thinks priya to be pooja and tries making a pair of rajat and priya. but out of some doubts priyas identity is revealed to ram and they both unite leaving rajat abandoned. after this may be rajat remains a bachelor forever because he will always love priya, or a new woman will come to him, or he will be the next antagonist or his character will slowly disappear from da show leaving the two lovebirds unharmed in a perfect romantic reunion with a happy ending. i hope my prohecies are to some extent occurable.

    • anonymous

      parallel story will be if ram and priya unite and the show has no more story to dispay then i think one day ram dies and then priya marries rajat and a new love story starts where they both try to find love in each other. if not this then perhaps niharika reapperars n creates problems or sid appearrs and create problems but in the end rajat and priya win .another story will be i think ram and priya r happy but either niharika or sid appears n creates problems for them but in the end ram and priya win. the previous comment is posted by me named as anonymous and the comment begins with ayesha gets pregnant with sids child.

  • kruthi

    that sweet little boy is ayeshas son and he calls ram pappa cauz he is very much attached to ram and the young lady is rishabs wife.As seen in the kya super cool hai hum priya has already met ram but the thing is will ram accept priya?but i loved this twist of BALH…:-)

  • Vipin

    I luv thz nd i lso wnt tht priya met ram thtz the bst

  • dushant gupta

    hi ram is mr dushant gupta coming for dubai parya bkks bade acche lagte hai my 9711928050 call us arya rs 150 parybooks

  • Nishant Malya

    nice Story

  • Usha

    Seriously, talking about shooting yourself in the foot.

    After the leap, The writers decided to reboot…there’s apparently a rule that every bloody sub-sub-sub-story HAS to change.

    But where’s Mama ji?

  • imran

    vry nice story ths first story that i m watching daily

    • kashish lamba

      please make that ram and priya meet togethier..

  • Kalindi

    Nice story but …Pleae Ram or Priya ko Jaldi milado undono k bina serial dekhana achha nahi lag raha he….

  • sabrullah

    bade acche lagte hain aj kul bor kar r ha ?

  • Mary Prince

    it was so stupidity to watch the episode of bade acche lagte hai when priya enters her house with a girl after she meets with an accident…and no one watched her coming in and going out……after alll she is Raammmmm Kappoor wife…no media to cover who all came to console ram…and last but not the least even watch men was also not there at the gate when priya enters rams house….HOW DISGUSTING….!!
    a media can cover ram and priya when they meet in restaurant before marriage…but none of the media was present when priya was announced death…!!





  • priya rankapoor

    we r very eagerly waiting for their meeting.this ekta stupid is not displaying the main theme of the story.i became hungry like ram and peehu.i became mad by see this serial after the leap 5 yrs.before it is very nice .stupid ekta make soon the serial meet priya and ram and pihu.idiot fellow,stupid fellow ekta ok.bye.i like the pihu the most

  • khadoos rajat

    ekta please zaldi mila ram kube priya ku idiot stupid mardaltu phansi dalaltu pihu mila tere mummy ku be golu uncle ku bye auliyad

    from caddy

  • taiba n waiz

    we love bade acche lagte watch it everyday. the story is awesome…..we r waiting for priya to meet ram.

  • Binitth

    Whn do Ram And Priya will Meet and whn they will both get to gether and start their life again haapily reply is must plzzzzz

  • Jahnavi

    Hi Anjaan,

    I am Jahnavi,10 yrs old I like watching this serial most Bade Aacche Lagthe Hai. Pl. Golu uncle aap priya Aunty se kab miloge, Jaa….ruur milna aur jaldi, agar aap nahi mile toh maine serial chor dugi dekhna. ram uncle i want this book BADE AACCHE LAGTE HAI. PL. SENT IT ME MY CONTACT NO IS 9868171217.

    Thnx & Rgds.
    Jahnavi Arora
    OK, Bye

  • aiorshi

    i m dying 2 c ran n priya 2gether again… i miss their fights…,,nd their romance.. i will b eager 2 c dem 2gether soon… n plz dnt end d serial …. i lov ram alot

  • javed

    vry nice story ths first story that i m watching daily

  • abhishek barat

    i am dying to read the love story book of badhe ache laghte hain…plz help me in giving me a corect way for solving my search for this book….

  • USHA

    I am a working woman in Bangalore.

    I am very fond of this Serial Bade Ache Lagte Hain.

    I am very fond of the cute girl Peehu. My request is please make Ram Kapoor and Priya to meet each other. Why becuase Priya is so kind hearted towards her family and also her husbands family. But nobody realizes her sacrifice and even now for her own sister she is not willing to see Ram Kapoor.

    For such a kind hearted woman it is my whole hearted wish is that once priya and ram should meet each other.

    I am very eagerly awaiting on this particular scene in the Episode.

    By the way what is the mystery between Neha and Vikram.



    from Bangalore.

  • cheryl

    It was a good n interesting prog in the begining but after 5 yrs episode started its boring as it shows tht Ram is married to Priya’s sis n now its useless if they meet as it will be the same boring old fights between the sis n than enemies again so end this serial. But Pehu is very cute n sweet like the way she talks n the way she acts. Tight hug to u Pehu u rock darling in the serial. We want to see more of u baby.

  • aditya aggarwal

    This serial is everything to me and i really want this book ”bade aache lagte hai ” . If possible to get this book delivered in Chandigarh let me know . I love this serial, spl

  • veena

    its geting boring!!!! Why ektha has to unbeliveable things

  • AJ

    The serial has become boring and uninteresting.I have stopped watching it and recommend the same to all. The entire world sees Priya but only Ram is unable to see her. Amazing. Dont waste your time folks.

  • Bindu Sar Mahapatra

    I want that, ram and priya meet each other very soon. i am too anxious.

  • shakshi

    the serial is become boring day by day…i hav stop watching it..and i will not watch it untill ram meets priya….

  • rajani

    ektha do u really knows what is realtion ship is plese donot make stupid twist in the play after work and home when u want to watch tv not for these stupid twist your plays start good but after a while u donot what to do try to make sweet and samll plays hope to see ram and priya togther

  • Dimple

    Well I think Ekta should finally stop streching this serial..She should finally make Ram and Priya very shortly otherwise this serial will also get flop as kyu ki saas b kabhi bahu thi when mihir died…This show has now become boring and shortly it will end if it go on like this.. I used to sit on time to see this serial and not to skip any of episode but now its boring and m losing interest.

    So Dear Ekta if you still want to make your serial hit stop this extra indigestible episode ..

    • kavya

      if the serial goes in the same for another week we wil sotop watching serial. and gudbuy to BALH.

  • nikhil

    bus story aise hi ghuma rahe ho.
    itna patience rakh liya ab ram and priya ko mila do.
    nahi toh sab log serial dekhna chord denge….
    enough is enough.
    last time par mamaji ko le aye.
    ayesha full negative roll……….

    • jasraaj singh

      i agreeee saaaale
      paaagal hai
      dimmaaag chaat rhe hai 3 hafto se
      ab to mila do

  • Komal

    enouph ab bas hogaya. are abhi ram aur priya ko nahi milaoge to kya wo dono jab buddhe ho jayaenge tab milvaoge.

  • Sunita

    Change the serial timing. It is too late night. facing problem while going to school & office.

  • Joshi

    Either pihu match fixing or astrologer.

  • katrina

    Tired of waiting for the Ram and Priya re union! Believe me TRPs will shoot through the roof when they do meet. Hate Rajat to Woo Priya… Priya belongs to Ram

  • nilanjan

    I think agar aap log ram aur priya ko mila bhi do to bhi yea serial chal sakta hai agar ayesha aur mamaji ram ko emotional atyachar Kate toh aur priya and ram bhi unki bat sunkar razi hoh
    gaye toh

  • Anjaan

    This is no longer my story!! It has become too boring. :(
    Ekta – do not become Ek Tha!!
    This is a great story. Please do not kill it. Allow Ram and Priya to come back together and end the story gracefully after some time. Do not flog a dead horse! :(

  • shweta

    Ekta- plz bring ram and priya together…. i bet the TRP would reach the mount everest point….. and dont bring ayesha in between them…….

  • varsha choudhary

    plzzzz ekta… ram priya ko mila do jldi se.. we cant wait.. or plz ram ko change mt krna othrwise kuch mja ni aayega.. ram or sakshi me se hi agr koi change ho gya to fir mtlb hi kya rh jayega is lv story ka…… so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ram priya a reunion b jldi se kr do or ram or sakhshi me se kisi ko b change mt krna..

    • kishor muneshwar

      plz ekta ram or priya ko jaldi se milado ram or priya kabhi mat nikalna dono me se koi gaya to maja nahi ayega plllllllllllllllllllllllz dono ko 1sath dekhne ki kohish he priya ram ko mera msg dena ol the best priya tum bahut seet ho i love you~ ap meri drim ho piya i love u so mach?………………..

  • azra

    dear ram n priya i wanna see u both together as early as possible luv u both

  • jony

    Rajat (Sameer Kochhar ) falls in love with Priya and introduces her to Ram as his girlfriend.

    this option is very much goodone,…>
    And i love to watch this serial……>

  • Ranadip paul

    This is a very lovely story. Please do not stop the serial immidiately and i request you to cotinue this serial more than 3 years.

  • Priyanka

    Ami BALH ae serial ar khub boro akjon fan.shamproti ami shashur bari thakar karone serial ta dakhte pacche na.raam priya jodi akhono na mile thake to plz Ekta didi oder milea din.raam priya k pagoler moto valobashe.or shamne dea priya rajater wife hoye jabe ata ki raam soite parbe?amar e shune kamon lagche.r raam/priya oder kauk change korben na.raam amar khub favourite akjon actor.onar jonnoe ae serialta ami dakhi.plz raam priya k milea din,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………

  • gunjan patel

    Hey Ekta ji we dont want see pooja, we are liking priya and with with sweet celebraty peehu….

  • Ann

    Ekta , We love you Serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hain .we want to see Ram ,Priya and Pihu to be together at the earliest .

    And do not let Vikram n Neha to split otherwise BALH would be a big flop .

  • Deepa

    ahhhhhhhh , im really dying to tell Ram Kapoor to tell the truth about Priya and sweet peehu and very ancious to declare this……please make it fast ekta…..

  • Aftab

    we used to love the show, now this show has been a drag, Ekta bring the show back to how it used to be. you have starched it for to long. let Ram and Priya meet again and have that bond again

  • Tanya

    Hi Viewer’s

    This is a request to everyone to stop watching this show, because Ekta Kapoor thinks, whatever she does it works.
    So if viewer’s stop watching this show, obviously Ekta will bring Ram and Priya together.

    It’s high time Ekta should pull her socks to the maximum level, it’s a borrrrrrrrrrrrring Show nowaday’s.

    • KPH

      Agree with you.

    • trupti

      even i am agree with u

    • mariola carneiro

      very true

  • gautam satender

    i like this serial “bade acche lagte he”.

  • sahel from Canada

    Lets make it an exception for a change. Dont be so predictably drag as always. A sweet happy ending will definitely make Ekta more popular for the future.

  • nosh

    peehu shrma is my favorite celebrity. she is sweeeeeeeeeetu. i like her. i watch this drama because of her.i want to see ram, priya and sweet peehu to be together at the earliest.

  • Pris D’Souza

    Getting quite sick of watching BALH. I am sure Ekta herself does not know her own mind and we like fools r watching it. We should all give it up. Sick.

  • Dixit

    pihu my fevrit i watch this sirioul only sweet beby pihu.

  • Cisco Orange County

    Unquestionably consider that that you said. Your favourite justification seemed to be at the internet the easiest thing to remember of. I say to you, I definitely get irked whilst folks think about issues that they just don’t recognize about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and also outlined out the whole thing with no need side effect , people can take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thanks

  • Pankaj Jain

    Ekta ji Please Ram aur Priya Ko jaldi se mila Do kyu ki Ab show Dhire Dhire Borring Hota Jaa Rha Hai koi Aisa Corrector Dal do jo Priya Aur Raam Ke Milne Ke Baad bhi Story me Jaan Daal Sake hum Sab Yeh Dekhna Chahte hai ki Priya ne Ab tak Bahut Dukh Utha Liye hai kam se kam ab to ushe khushi milni chahiye jo ki woh deserve karti hai aur ek baat aur please do not remove any artist from the serial.

    • ravi

      Priya ki mom kuch jyada over kar rahi hei. Apne hus ko chodkar beti ki seva mein uske sasural reh rehi hei. Usko vapas jana chahiye. ab sidharth ko vapas aana chahiye otherwise priya ram ko nahin milenge becoz she loves her sister aayesha.

  • Manu

    plz plz ram or priya ko mila do jaldi se.. serial daily daily boring hota jaaa rha h. pihu ko bi uske papa mil jaenge. plzzz ekta di plz jaldi milva do. vo dono alag alag acche ni lgte. plzzz

    • ravi

      Kis se request kar raha hei. Itna bakvas bana diya aage se dekho mat.. kitni baar ram aur priya samne aa gaye but not seen each other. Ab rajat priya ko introduce karne jar aha hai.. is se pahle ram aur priya ek doosre se mil gaya tho achcha hai. Monday ka wait karenge.. kya ekta gul khilayegi she knows. Wait & watch what will happen.

  • Subbuji

    I am watching only one serial which is BALH. Ekta is testing my patience. I stopped watching this when the Ashwin episode was dragging. I may stop again if Ram does not meet Priya in this week.

  • Bharath

    I like ram and peehoo very much

  • Manish chhabra

    Plz make priya and ram meet in this party otherwise u r pulling the show make pehu to meet his Father

  • aarushi arora

    i luv ram n priya a lottt…n peehu is really a darling kid…n today finally they met at dat place where dey got married…itss awsmmmmmmm….luv u ram kapoor….mmuuaaahh

  • aiyax

    plzzzz ektaji abb nahi raha ja raha priya or raam ko milado plzzzzzzz

  • priya

    ekta you are really expert

    • ravi

      expert hei aise acche serial ko batvas banane mein

      • ravi

        tum is duniya mein sabse bakwas aadmi ho jho tumhe ye serial aacha nahi lagta

  • don bosco jr college

    Ekta mam… This serial will be kind off boring if u dnt make priya and ram meet soon…

  • Armi

    Thank’s very much Ekta ram or priya ko milvane ke liye. Ab show me jaan aa gayi hain iseliye unko kabhi juda mat karna.

  • sohan boob

    ram or priya dono ek duze ke kiye hi bane hai.ekta ji in do no ko mila do .

  • deepmala

    good to watch pihu with ram kapoor n show became more intrestig n exiting. I luv BALH n u.

  • Bolywood

    Bare accge lagte he

  • Arpita

    Ram and priya look good together thats y the serial is intresting…now ekta should not strech the meeting too long

  • shaikh saddam

    i like this bade acche lagte hai i love pihu @ family
    i love ram kapoor ilove priya sharma

  • shagan wasan

    mere ghar ke sabhi member ko ye serial bahut aacha lagta hain chaaye hum aur chiz karni bhul jaye pur hum aapka serial kabhi nahi chodte.

  • ravi

    ti sabse jyada luluchand aadmi ha

  • phaguni

    ab to ram priya ko milna hi chahiye or vikram ka dono milkar solve kare.ayesha ko burai ka bdla milna chahiye taki logo ka achchai par se visvas n tute.



    On 26th September 2012 episode, I didn’t belive that ram annoid this much to priya. Never expected. Now, it seems to be average man. He should have spared some time to priya to know the past 5 years. Without any shared of past 5 years of priya’s life, how he can ask pehu to take his coustedy?

  • sharvari

    i love you pihu .

  • tapahree ganguli

    ram or priya dono ek duze ke kiye hi bane hai.ekta ji in do no ko mila do good to watch pihu with ram kapoor n priya

  • shubham

    hello sir i like seril i love pihu ram priya ilove you but ye apka ka seril sabhi log dekte hain

  • durgesh sanodiya

    my favirote serial i like you