Bal Thackeray: Shahrukh Khan is defaming Amitabh Bachchan with ‘RA.One’

Bal Thackeray: Shahrukh Khan is defaming Amitabh Bachchan with ‘RA.One’

The Shiv Sena chief also says that Shahrukh Khan is a Pakistani supporter, in his latest Saamna editorial. Tsk tsk tsk…

What’s with Shahrukh Khan and Bal Thackeray? Just when you thought their fight was old news, they drag it out again. Or rather, the Shiv Sena chief has done so. Thackeray has stated in his latest Saamna editorial that RA.One is a flop and the makers are lying about its huge collections. He also reportedly sarcastically said that Shahrukh is a self-proclaimed Nishan-e-Pakistan (the highest civilian honour bestowed in Pakistan). Come on – SRK and Pakistani? Get real! Thackeray founded his rant on the fake Twitter profile of Amitabh Bachchan,which has been running down RA.One. The politician claimed in his editorial that it was an attempt to ruin the senior Bachchan’s image. Anyway, this is not the first time the superstar and the politico have butted heads. Shahrukh had, before the release of his film My Name Is Khan, got into a controversy over his comments that Pakistani cricketers should be allowed to play in the Indian Premier League. Thackeray had made it very clear that he opposed Shahrukh’s stand. Since MNIK was slated to release, and the Shiv Sainiks were starting to make trouble for theatreowners, Shahrukh had to back down and claim that he did not mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments. We wonder if SRK will react to this latest attack and fuel the controversy, or simply let it go and enjoy a quiet birthday instead.


Amitabh is the last Shahenshah of Bollywood: Bal Thackeray

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  • pritam misra

    It is very rubbish & Fully Faltu Bakbas Comments by Bal Thackeray.

    • shhaid

      it is very foolish statements of the actual terror group sitting in maharashtra and mumbai,,they jealous the ra one and srk’s popularity.

    • ek marathi

      abe bhaiyya tu apne bihar jaa ke gaand mara samjha

      • Shishir Singh

        teri maan ka bhosda.. bihar kya.. apni behan ko bhej.. yahi pe gaand mara lete hain ..

        • Dhruvin Shah

          Greeting for the day!
          Why use abusive language to this extend? One person not liking another is completely normal ( atleast in this world which we live in) so why behave like hooligans?.
          I live in Mumbai Im very much familiar with both of them. They are two different with different mindsets and trust be when I say both of them are best in their respective field.
          God bless us all!

          • me marathi

            Bal thakre is a psycho old man who is on the verge of extinction…his nephew Mr.Raj Thackaray sir will overtake very soon and hence he got this sarcastic…recently he made a checkup will Dr.N. Surya a well known neurologist in Mumbai And to Dr. S.R.Parkar and both of them have advised him a complete bed rest…once he was a great leader and we should respect him, but forgive him due to his medical condition…
            for more details please read about Mr.Raj Thackray sir, he is future of maharashtra(PTI)

  • pritam misra

    Bal Thackeray & ur Party Shiv sena go to hell. buddha sala Dharti ka bojh…………………

    • jai maharashtra

      abe misra. tum bhaya log landya ki gand chatne me samjhadra rakhto ho. isliye tumhare UP or Bihar me landya tumhari ma bhen pe rape karte hai. ye tum kay zamane se kar rahe ho. balasaheb nahi hote to landya tumhari mai behen ope chadte ye yad rakhna.

      • waseem

        arre bulle jai maharashtr.jake bal buulla chuse sale.

  • Demonoid

    bal thackeray sux..

  • Ajay

    Srk jindabad!!!!! Party shiv sen is for haters hateing on the king king khan !!!

  • lex

    bal thackeray dhari ke bojh apni auqaat mein reh

  • Ajay

    Shahrukh dont say anything because they does not find any point to decrease ur popularity and fameness.but i think they want to become popular by saying d nonsense agaist u.if people argue agaist u by this nonsense means u r growing most.

  • kate

    silly thackeray always trying to get attention
    let him talk all he one cares

  • sandy

    bal thackrey is jst trying 2 get publicity!!!!

  • nadeem

    Who is this idot Bal Thackrey is ?

    • ek marathi

      beta nadeem apni maako puch who is balasaheb abe porki ye tumhara aur tumhare puri kaum ka baap hai samjha

      • asdjsa

        Woh apne bacche ka baap bhi nahi hain

      • sasanka

        Achha to tu Balasaheb ka najayaz aulad hai :)

  • jai maharashtra

    tuza baap ludya

  • zeeshan

    who the hell is Bal thackrey? o acctually now i know cos he said something about our king khan.

    • Chodu

      Bhosadige, Aapni aapni behenoko Lund Ruckh se chudwao.


  • Chodu

    Suaar ki auladon,

    Shah Ruckh Khan(Lund Rucckh Khan) ki gaand chato. Taraaki karoge. Bhosdige, have some shame. People with no self-respect worship actors and actresses. Do you have any self-respect? Any shame? Kutton, dharti ka bojha tum log ho. Poison yourselves.

    • ray

      abe galiyan de raha hain… dikh raha hain tu kya hain…pehle tameez seekh kar aa. kisi ke tareef karna gaand chatna ke barabar nahi hota. yeh tu karta hoga isiliye tu yeh sochta hain.. rise up dude.. bahut choti soch hain…

    • dost

      aapke nam aur bhashase hi aapki sabhyata aur sanskar pata chalate hai, anyway bal thakaray is doing his job as a politician and srk is doing his as a actor if any of them is found them self behind there milestone they are throwing stones each other…. which is really not required….

    • ramji

      see thackrey your supporters are of the ilk of chodu who is blind enough to distinguish between mom and wife .he talks of self respect you have no civility and sophistication so is your leader the people like you are cancerous in the secular fabric of our great country thackrey is barking let him bark but the caravon march forward ignoring this toothless beast he has no right to speak on behalf of marathis i am proud of being maharashtrian but people like thacrey is a disgrace to maharashtra

  • Shoaib

    ball thackery u r a fooolll……..

    • Gaurav

      ra one is a flop, sharukh always does this, even heard this from amir (refer mumbai mirror newspaper 2 nov 2011)

  • Jack

    And I thought Indians are living in a democracy… What are the government officials doing letting such politicians out in the open? For India to succeed, these narrow minded people must be locked up !!

  • sadik shaikh


  • gaonkar

    Shiv Sena chief always say Mumbai is his own property ….is that true??….

    Hello narrow minded bhuda ..try to appriciate others job … is flop …ha ha ha….. Are u paying the tax on what Eros earned as profit . they have posted the actual profit to all stock market and Sebi … they will not show false report …because they have to pay tax …

    If you have guts make a singe movie for Salu or others with that huge budget ….I am sure it willnot run in Mumbai also ….

    • Madison

      My friend… please note that Eros doesn’t have to pay any additional tax for their revenew from Ra.One because the taxes being already taken in ticket counter with the ticket price. Do u think that the whole ticket price is only for the film? u fool… the ticket includes entertainment tax, income tax, so the film makers will not pay anything additional and there is no doubt that Bal Thakray is a crazy person and a shame for indian demorcacy but its true that Eros is putting wrong firgure for Ra.One only to publicize the film, but even if Eros has to pay tax, the income tax department will check the documents of profit and then they will take and by that time if Eros shows them the original figure Income Tax dept. will not come and announce in media that Eros was telling lie about Ra.One’s collection in its first week.

  • xczx


  • abhi

    bal thaakre tere kabar me per latke h kyo tu shaanti se nahi reh sakta kya. tere marne k baad dekh kaise raj or uddhav thakre aapas melad kar mar jayenge

  • Baap

    Pubic hair Thackeray!!!

  • Roy QBZ

    Never count on Thackery’s saying, he is an idiot.

  • adi

    ye thakre sale bal to door jhat ke barabar b nahi hai. iski kya aukad jo srk ke liye kuch b bole. bhagwan shiv aur majhab k naam pe aatank failana kaam hai is jhat thakre ka.

  • uttar prades

    bal thakre ki agr koi beti ho to o mujhse sadi kre aur uski bahan mere pados ke buddon se chudwaye

  • uttar pradesh

    mera land ha tufani jise dekh maharastr ke lawandiwon ke bur se aa jata ha pani isi liye o marathiwon se chudwath ha 500me to u.p.or bihar walo se chudwati han 5rupay me

  • tejbahadur U.P.

    mere pyare sale marathion shabi ki bahan bari bari se chod kar ja raha hu magar mujhe nahi malum tha ki mere chale jane ka tujhe itna dukh hoga sale mujhe pahle bata diya hota to teri bahan ko apne shath le jata mere gawan ke baki log bhi chod lete 7738655045