Balika Vadhu: Are the makers of the show changing the plot to increase TRPs?

Looks like the makers of Balika Vadhu are trying to up their TRP ratings by using the ongoing election fever to their advantage. After Anandi’s stint as the gaon ki mukhiya, Jagya is set to contest in MLA elections. Read on to get the full story…

Jagdish (Shashank Vyas) has decided to switch his career path from that of being a doctor to being a politician. He is willing to contend for the post of an MLA from his village. He wants to be the breath of fresh air by replacing the corrupt Het Singh who is wreaking havoc on the villagers.

But Jagya doesn’t consent to relieving the villagers of their misery by standing for elections right away. Dadisa (Surekha Sikri) is approached by the afflicted villagers who want Jagya to contest elections against Het Singh. Dadisa tries persuading Jagya to fight for the villagers but he dismisses the idea as he believes that politics is murky business. Although he refuses to get his hands soiled at first, he is eventually convinced to help the villagers by Dadisa.

This change in Jagya’s career will be change his life. Will Jagya’s decision to fight for the post of an MLA garner votes for the rising sun (his symbol) or will it set the sun on his happiness? Watch Balika Vadhu on Colors to find out.