Balika Vadhu: Jagya or Shiv – Who will Anandi choose?

Balika Vadhu: Jagya or Shiv – Who will Anandi choose?

If the one-time child bride goes back to Jagath, we are sure the show is going to lose some ardent followers

A popular show on Colors TV, Balika Vadhu is at the peak of its drama these days. Jagya has come back to Anandi asking for her forgiveness. But will he be exonerated?

In our heart of hearts, we have a feeling that his family wishes to let it all go and embrace their son, but morally it’s a little messed up. Like Dadisa rightly puts it, “I can forgive you because you are my grandson, but it wouldn’t be fair to Anandi, who has suffered at your hands. If today I let my maternal affection for you take over my decision, I will be doing the biggest disservice to Anandi and her loyalty to my family.” Three cheers for Dadisa! And we agree, but what if Anandi forgives him too?

The big question right now is, will Anandi ever be able to forgive, forget and move on with her life? Or will she marry again, with the baggage that is bound to crush her married life with Shiv? We posed this question to you a few days ago on Bollywoodlife. As expected most viewers (87.02 percent) voted for Shiv over Jagya. But ten percent of the junta believes that that Anandi should go back to her first husband and give him a second chance.

Here’s what a few Jagath supporters say:

Jyoti Pandey: “Anandi should marry Jagdish mainly because he is her first love. Plus she has also been waiting for him for so long, so when the opportunity has finally come she shouldn’t leave it.”

Sinv: “Anandi is not marrying Shiv for her sake. She promised her mother that she will move on, but in reality she still feels for Jagdish. She should listen to her heart and not her brains.

While some say Shiv is the best thing that happened to Anandi.

Amber: “Anandi is not a character who will compromise her self esteem for Jagya. Had Anandi been at Jagya’s place – married another man, romanced him over a year, got pregnant and then finally returned with “SORRY I TREATED YOU LIKE A COMMODITY” what would have been Jagya’s reaction? Balika Vadhu can never stoop to the level wherein Aandi will get reunited with Jagya for she will never ever compromise her aatma sammaan for the so called pehla pyar. And how would you justify Jagya leaving Gauri and conveniently accusing her as the sole responsible for his misfortune?”

ricko17089: “She can forgive Jagya, but never take him back. Period! She can fall in love with her new husband quite easily. So, Anandi, go for it girl, choose Shiv and let the past behind you.”

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  • vandana

    anandi should choose shiv and live happy life. but how can the sick minded directors of Indian serials make such story. they will either send anandi back to jagiya or make disputed married lifge between anandi and shiv,

    • dmelwani

      Anandi shud not go back to Jagat.who has a big ego problem.He wants best of everything for himself.He should have thought twice before going and getting married to Gauri.He deserves to be left alone by both the ladies. But knowing jagat he will go after someone else.The producers should throw him out of the show and end it with shiv marrying anandi.The show is getting very boring especailly with Anandi always with sullen face.Pleas stop the show

      • Manish

        Anandi will marry with Shiv only. Because.
        1. Jagya doesn’t accommodate himself with other’s frame.
        2. He not only left anandi along but enjoyed maried lift with Gauri and left behind all members.
        3. Though Jagya is first love but for anandi ‘Kartavya’ comes first, her real mother word come first, she sacrifices love and marry with Shiv. Later she will love Shiv.
        4. ON other hand shiv scarifies everything for her. He accepted woman who already married.
        5. This is the demand of story also

        • JINU Sharma

          ANANDI should marry with SHIV….

          • sara khan

            yes seeing latest episodes of balika come to know how mean gaya he likes what he wants and never accept what he did as it is good aor bad first he stands that gauri is fake with him but remember jagya u also did same like gauri when he started loving to gauri he also fake with anandi and now he dont want gauri becoz of small mistake and he wants anandi how bad.

  • sadaf

    Duniya mein saayad hi koi ladki aesi hogi ki woh apni maa ke kasam ko bhool jaaye .AUR Anandi koyeh baat nahi bhoolna chahiye ki uski maa ki maut ki wajah Jagya hai.Anandi ko Shiv se shaadi karna chahiye .SHIV ne Anandi ki jaan do baar apni jaan par khel kar bachaya hai EKbaar Anandi rath se gir rahi thi aur doosri baar Jyoti shaadi mein jab ANANDI par goli chali.WAISE BHI ANANDI NE APNE SAPNE Me SHIV KO dekha isse yeh saabit hota hai ki ANADI ke dil mein ab SHIV hai.SO,ANANDI should marry with SHIV.And all viewers like ANANDI AND SHIV AS PAIR.

  • samir

    Aanandi plz marage with shiv because shive is very very very love you.and your mother ask to you about this marrage so plz………..and for punish jagya there for you do this……

    • Nitika

      R.I.P English! =P

  • karishma

    anandi should choose shiva only………..

  • shifali

    anandi should choose shiv only

  • Neeraj

    the situation now is like it was in movie “HUm TUM”… Anandi will marry shiv , later on shiv will die and jagath will come up as an angel…. thats what i think….. script thodi different ho sakti hai ;)

  • surbhi

    ANANDI should marry with SHIV….

  • zzz

    dadi sa should marry jaga daku

  • Bubbly

    Anandi marry with shiv

  • poonam

    anandi sirf or sirf shiv se hi shadi karna because is very carring for you and he loves you so much wish you very happy merried life with shiv



  • annnu

    anandi and shiv is perfec…..

  • shaista

    anandi please shiv se shaadi karlo please

  • Melli

    I dont think this question is even applicable after recent epis. It’s very evident that Jagdish never every loved Anandi. Right now all he wants is that his family should accept him. On the other hand Shiv not only loves Anandi but gives her immense respect. Anandi’s has only Shiv to look upto…Jagdish is not even a 0.00001% choice.

  • shiv

    plz,anandi tum shiv se shaadi karna kyu ki jo insaan tumhe pahle chod sakta hai woh tumhe badme bhi chod sakta hai agar tum shiv se shaadi nahi karoge toh yah samja ke liye wrong nirades hoga

  • Arya

    I think ke anandi ne shiv se shadi karni chahiye
    because jagya ko itna ego hai ki bas….use maf karna ek tarh ka pagalpn hoga
    wo jab chahe aaye
    jab chahe jaye
    agar anandi use maf karti hain to wo sochega ki agar main kuch bhi karun to bhi chalega
    mujhe to kya anandi maf kar degi…
    And this is not fair…
    Itne sal mum. Me rehkar bhi uskisoch gaon ki hi hai
    koi fayda nhi hua mum. Rehkar
    doctor to bana hi nhi uprse subkuch kho beta….
    Sirf uski galti
    use anandi ko dosh dene ka koi huk nhi hai..

    Anandi ne shiv se hi shadi karni chahiye

  • ajithkrishnan

    Anandi should marry Jagadish

    • Ashutosh Sharma

      Tum shiv se hi shadi karna. Koi jarurat nahi h jagya ko apnane ki ……….
      Meri Jeeya (dadi)ki b aur sirf dadi hi nahi poori family hi yahi chati h k Anandi tum Shiv se hi shadi karo.

  • kavitha

    anandi should marry shiv but dont for give jagadish


    Anandi ka shiv hi perfect husband ban sakta hain

  • Priyanka Thakur

    Agar Anandi jagdish ko maaf kerke jagdish ke paas vapis aa jati hai to logo ka Talaaq sabd se visvas khatam ho jayega. Kyuki koi bhi man Talaaq suda woman se saadi keval ye soch ker nahi karega ki kabhi wo apne pehley husband ke paas vapis na chali jaye. Aur Jagdish ka Anandi se talaaq ho chuka hai. Jabki Gauri uski ab wife hai. Gauri ke saath jagdish ne phisically sambandh bnaye aur apni merji se Gauri se saadi ki hai. Jab Gauri pregnent ho gayi to jagdish Gauri ko akela chod ker Talaaq suda Anandi ke paas vapis aayega to logo ka talaaq sabd se visvas uuth jayega. Aur log Talaaq suda women se saadi nahi kerengey kyuki unko pehley husband ke paas vapis jane ka der hamesha rahega.

  • shruthi

    she should accept jagu


    i hope that daadisa want’s jagdish in aanandi lfe…………

  • sahiti

    i and my parents balive that anandi will accept her true dream person shiv only.

  • Digisha

    I don’t think Anandi should take Jagya back either. I would like her to move on with Shiv. His character is so nice and gentle nature with her on screen.

    If the show puts Anandi back with Jagya I will stop watching the show. That’s just going to be stupid. Jagya brought all this on himself and his going around blaming others, ” thats not fair.

    Anandi deserves to be happy WITH SHIV with no interference from Jagat.

    PLEASE show her with SHIV. And also get rid of his CHOTI MAA.

  • lbarlow

    If the serial is simply going to celebrate Jagat’s villainy and make anandi once more a suffering heroine, then the show should stop for it undoes a bit of the progressive ideas it promoted. I for one have stopped watching as the same formula of wicked and malicious people dominate the story line. Big bore and a huge disappointment!

    • Geetha


  • Mari

    It would be really reckless if Anandi took Jagdish back,it would take her some 20 steps back. He will never change, he will always be the same. If they get married again, his own character will create another simmilar problem in a year or two and Anandi has already suffered enough from him and his Gauri (who is P.S. also pregnant)

    Anandi should take Shiv, he is good-looking and has a good heart. Their relationship would be healthy and I am sure she is already starting to fall in love with him. First love nonsense is for loosers, look at Suguna she married after the death of her first love and she is even more happy with him then she might have been with Pretal. So go girl Anandi pick Shiv he is a new beggining you need to finally be happy. :D <3

  • sagarika

    no Anandi Should not marry jagya again. Had Anandi been at Jagya’s place – married another man, romanced him over a year, got pregnant and then finally returned with “SORRY I TREATED YOU LIKE A COMMODITY” what would have been Jagya’s reaction? And how would you justify Jagya leaving Gauri and conveniently accusing her as the sole responsible for his misfortune?” Jagya should go back to gauri he can’t leave her now. how could Anandi forget her those days when jagya leave her the same thing is going on for Gauri also. Jagya have no right to spoil two girls life and leave happily with his family. As he spoils the life of Anandi, as same as he spoils the life of Gauri also. Why??? Anandi should be strong without any softcorner and say no to Jagya and ask him to go back to Gauri. So, Anandi, choose Shiv and let the past behind you.”

  • Geetha

    Even I agree Anandi should not marry Jagya again. He is fraud. How dare he is. These males can do anything go and get married to any lady and that lady ditches, come again to his previous lady and say sorry – what is this. ridiculous. MY STRONG YES IS THAT ANANDI SHOULD MARRY SHIV ONLY. LET IT BE A LESSON TO JAGYA AND THE OTHER MALES OF THIS NATURE. DIRECTOR SAAB ARE YOU LISTENING. THIS WILL INCREASE THE TRP BELIEVE IT. IF SHE GETS MARRIED TO JAGYA TRP WILL COME DOWN DRASTICALLY. NOBODY IS INTERESTED TO SEE THAT.

  • Isha

    I think Anandi should marry Shiv not because she needs to teach Jagya a lesson but to if v go according to the concept of the show which tries to show that girls life and in changing world we need to change which the show followed till. If Anandi marries Jagath again it will affect the story line, and no impact on the society. Even on other hand shiv is a perfect match for Anandi. This will teach Jagath and society a lesson.

  • Maya

    Shiv of course!

  • prachi shah

    i think that anandi shud marry with shiv if nt then 100% i’ll nt watch the show further nd nt only i but majority of the janta will nt see the show so plzz plzz plzz plzz let anandi marry shiv

  • archanah

    i think anandi should marry shiv.then it will be a slap to the persons who are like jagdish.all the people are willing anandi marry shiv,not go back to will be a lesson to the jagdish

  • Neha

    Aaj ke episode mein bahut galat dikhaya gaya hai ki Anandi ne Jagya ko maaf kar diya toh audiance voting kis liye hua tha sirf audiance ko bewakoof banane ke liye aur unka time waste karne ke liye.Anandi ka Jagya se shaadi karne se achcha hai ki is serial ko band kar diya jaaye kyunki isse hamare samaaj par bahut bura asar padega Jagya jaise dhokebaaz ko barhawa milega aur child marriage ko barhawa milega.So,all viewers like to see Anandi and Shiv marriage.

  • suparna

    anandi shld marry shiv…

  • Reva

    Anandi should marry Shiv only as he is right man for her who love him unconditionally. She should not marry jagdish who is totally selfish and now also doing selfish deeds. This is absolutely not fair as man can do anything and woman can;t and if they do such things, the society doesn;t accept them why??? Anandi can forgive jagdish for the sake of family only but should not not accept Jagdish otherwise there is no meaning of the serial and it will loose public interest and faith.


  • shradha saxena

    anandi should marry shiv… He is right man in anandi life…
    And only shiv deserve to be her life partner..
    Otherwise serial will loose its intrest and Jagya jaise
    dhokebaaz ko barhawa
    milega aur child marriage
    ko barhawa milega. So,we all like to see Anandi and Shiv marriage.

  • Reva


  • Mithu

    anandi should only marry shiv otherwise close the serial.

  • Soma

    It’s the insult of a girl if anandi takes jagdish back.
    Moreover the serial will loose the meaning of the social
    message which it is trying to give that child marriages are
    not good.Make gauri comeback to the serial again.

  • Pooja…

    Anandi should marry shiv , as he the one who understand anandi very well n not jagya, jagya came back to take revenge until anandi dint forgive him, and now when she forgives him he suddenly falls in love with her n want her back in his life. What’s the guarantee that he’ll not ditch her again n also she is already been divorced wid anandi and not wid Gauri.. He cannot get everythg after doing everythg worng. Anandi should marry shiv.

    • Birin Pathak

      ANANDI SHOULD MARRY WITH SHIV Because jagya jaisa selfish insaan se fir se shaadi karni yane apni jindagi barbad karne jaisi hai anandi should say to dadisa in upcoming episode that main shaadi karugi to shiv se hi otherwise main kisi se shaadi nahi karugi Because shiv is completely man in anandi’s life

  • Kunal

    It’s so suffocating to see jagyas episode in balika vadhu.
    Just end this and get anandi and shiv married soon.What about the rail ghotala jagdish did and how did he get into the house through wrong way…he should get caught and that to by anandi.Moreover after seeing all this anandi should feel that shiv is the right person for her and start loving him…then nobody can separate them.

  • Alka

    Its so frustrating to see jagya trying to bluff Dadisa emotionally to help him in getting anandi back which is absolutely rediculous and not acceptable. Even Dadisa is not doing good with Anandi by asking her to take jagya back in her life, this selfish deed of Dadisa who herself compelled anandi for shiv and now suddently when anandi is moving ahead in his new life, she is now pushing her in hell. Why?? ANANDI SHOULD GO AHEAD WITH SHIV ONLY WITH FULL HEART AS SHIV IS A RIGHT MAN FOR HER AND ALSO WILL BE A LESSON FOR THE GIRLS WHOSE LIVES ARE PUNISHED, RUINED BY THE NAME OF CHILD MARRIAGE. DIRECTOR SAHAB, BRING GAURI BACK WITH JAGYA AS SHE IS THE PRESENT WIFE OF JAGYA AND JAGYA SHOULD LEAD HIS LIFE WITH GAURI AND HIS EXPECTED CHILD AND FORGET ANANDI NOW. WE WANT TO SEE ANANDI AND SHIV’S WEDDING WITH GREAT POMP & SHOW. THANKS ALKA

  • janaki

    Anandi should marry shiv,nahi dho serial ko end kardho yaar plzzzzzzzz



  • palak

    plz plz anandi marry shiv. Its vry iritatng to watch u wid jagya.. U luk gr8 wid shiv. I m watchng this show jst to c u get maried to shiv. Plz dnt disapoint ur viewers. We love u nd shiv

  • Monica

    Anandi, please marry Shiv only as you both seems to be made for each other and looks stunning and good with each other. Jagya is looking absolutely stupid and selfish and uselsess fellow in front of you.

    Director Sahab, we are watching Balika Vadhu just to see ANANDI & SHIV WEDDING WITH GREAT POMP AND SHOW. Otherwise if the decision will be in favour of Jagya, the serial will have no meaning or any sort of moral lesson and viewers will not entertain such serials in future which don;t give any moral lesson or meaning but making fool and joke of everything.

    Being a girl, even I say that if I would have been in place of Anandi, I would have choosen Shiv & Shiv only whole heartedly.

  • Vinny

    Anandi please marry to Shiv. As he is the right person for u and he will support u in your whole life. As he is supporting you now also. So please go to Shiv. Don’t go back to Jagya. As we are watching your show only to see your marriage with Shiv. So please..We are fan of u and Shiv. Please tell this to your Director sahab.

  • minna

    jagiya left anandi without a backward look when it suited him, his wife had a child lost it etc. he called up anandi only when he needed something otherwise he only cursed her and blamed her.
    now he has broken off with gauri the same way, initially when he came to the village he only wanted to come back to his house for that he did all wrong things and some wrong, now in the house he has suddenly realized that anandi is happy and moving on . how can the ego of the man allow that so he has convinced himself that he loves her and wants her back.
    would jagiya accept anandi if the roles were reversed? why should anandi accept him again what is the guarantee that once he sees a beautiful woman he will not leave her agaain?? trust once broken is broken it cannot be repaired anandi should move on and leave the past behind.

  • Priya Singh

    I think anandi should marry to shiv, because shiv is a perfect guy at any angle.

  • sunira kunder

    Anandi should marry to Shiv. As he is the right person for her
    Don’t go back to Jagya. or i will stop seeing this serial due bogus telecasting

  • prachi

    annandi should marraige shiv only

  • shruti

    then wat about gouri and her kid?why can’t jagdish excuse her and accept her again?let anandi marry shiv..anandi can’t be happy with jagdish..if she excuses jagdish then she will do the same mistake that gouri has done..please don’t make the serial stupid

  • neha mishra

    anandi should marry only shiv

  • pawan pandey

    anandi should marry shiv

  • samanta

    anandi want to get back jagan

  • Anjali

    We need to see Anandi & Shiv Wedding on Screen in big way as they are most admirable couple and look good with each other.

  • Nale

    Anandi will marry with Shiv and in real life. They were born for each other.