Balika Vadhu: When will Anandi and Shiv consummate their marriage?

Balika Vadhu: When will Anandi and Shiv consummate their marriage?

Anandi has confessed her feelings for Shiv – ahem…ahem! Guess the couple is finally ready take the next step from just sharing a home

Shiv and Anandi’s marriage in Balika Vadhu was more about compromise and respect than of love. While Shiv harboured romantic feelings for her, Anandi was still stuck somewhere in her past. Over the past few weeks, however, the duo have been coming closer and giving us some interesting potential love-shove to watch.

A birdie flying by the sets informed us that in the upcoming episodes, Anandi will finally declare her love for Shiv and say the three magical words he’s been dying to hear: I love you! Unfortunately for them, his entire family will overhear her confession and tease them…errr…that’s awkward!

But that’s not all; wethinks the makers are planning an elaborate romantic sequence where the duo will finally consummate their marriage. Going by the trend in BV, we are sure the creative honchos are not going to do a Bade Acche Lagte Hain kinda scene here, but there’s no harm in hoping, no?

Nonetheless, we are extremely glad that Shiv and Anandi have progressed from that awkward phase to being a romantic jodi. Let’s hope the makers don’t burst our collective bubble by writing in a sudden split between the two. Fingers crossed!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ahilajkula

    Chemistry. No chemistry. Pratyusha, Pratyusha! Where are you? Even SIV does not look like himself. Toral, I’m sorry, but you’re a failure!For me this is really a horror movie!This is not it wonderful and great series!

    • honey

      you are right.but no use.toral ko hi dekhna padega.colours ko audience ka khayaal nahi hi.

      • latha

        it is really sick to watch this bv anymore. toral should have been n dadisas place.

  • Bhanvana

    Who cares? The current shiv and anandi make me cringe. Toral just done not work as anandi. The coyness and those so called romantic expressions , make us laugh. Its more of a comedy. Ligths no spark. Its best if this jodi is packed off from the series. Its a torture to watch their romance.

  • Ravindra Wahulkar

    Day 24th
    Please Pratyusha Come Back I can never ever imagine anyone else in Anandi’s character beside Pratyusha My Request to Pratyusha please come back I watch Balika Vadhu only Pratyusha & Siddharth i dont watch color channel last Thursday (28.02.13)
    We Want Balika Vadhu like Pratyusha Not Aunty Vadhu
    My Anandi & Shiv 1 n only Pratyusha & Siddharth
    Please Pratyusha come Back

  • Ravindra Wahulkar

    One Small Question for Surekha Sikri, Anup Soni, Smita Bansal, Satyajit Sharma, Nivedita Kohli, Sudhir Pandey, Jayneeraj Rajporohit, Sonal jha, Anita Kulkarni, Abhishek Tiwari, Jhanvi Chheda, Sachin Shroff, Sadiya Siddhiqui, Chaitanya Habib, Bhairavi Raichura, Sriti Jha, Shashank Vyas & Most Important Siddharth Shukla
    Are you Happy this Toral as Anandi?

  • Ravindra Wahulkar

    Shiv Mother (ira), Choti Maa (Meenu) , Jagya Mother (Sumitra) & Tai saa ( Gahana) More younger than Toral

  • Ravindra Wahulkar

    Shiv With his Daadisaa

  • honey

    toral, dekhlo.tumhara our pratyusha ka episodes.if u feel better , please .

  • dulali

    we are REJECTING the New Anandi ( Toral) as she is a married actor and looks like Shiddharth Shukla Aunty or Choti Ma…We want Pratusha Bannerjee back.

  • d

    We are asking Shiddharthji, please call back Pratusha , the real Anandi….Romantic scene with your Dadima(Toral) wont help the Color Ch and also yourself….Better shiddharthji u quit the show cuse we viewers have already boycotted BV. Now TRP is ZERO.

  • nn027

    BV has become a cheap soap opera. Due to falling TRP are ready for everything.
    Toral plays badly. Viewers do not accept it. Explicit scenes, it can not be repaired.
    Prats was the soul of BV. Without it disappeared BV!

  • Doka

    I thought Anandi left and Shiv is all alone waiting for her to come back!!! Now seriously I cannot stand Toral touching our Sidd. It’s so horrible!!!And consummation – God save us from watching that!!! She’s no Anandi, there’s no love in her eyes just stupid expression!!! Stop this! If you can’t create magic like with Sidd and Prats don’t make us watch physical attraction because all we need is jut an eyelock that makes butterflies in our head and body! We need Sidd and Prats!!!

  • Kaliopa

    They’re ready to do anything just to increase their TRPs… disgusting! Toral and Sid don’t look good together at all and this show is not our beautiful BV anymore, it’s some completely other show! That’s why I’m not watching it anymore. Hugely disappointed!

  • Cyclopus

    Siddarth ji, please leave this sinking ship after your contract expires! They don’t deserve you, just like they didn’t deserve Pratyusha!!

  • Bikica

    O God, I will melt because of this romance help! I am so crazy about Toral that the eyes can not see! Romance is still there watching, scary, but I’m sick! BV is lost since she left Prats! BV no longer target or posts society, ruined!

  • Tetka

    You destroyed balika vadhu !!!!

  • Dacas

    It is a tribute charity!
    Two bodies – a man (ex model S) + wife (c-actress T ) = vulgar touching the water!
    At what other filth, Colors is ready? Will it increase the TRPs?
    What’s left of the series BV?
    Indian TV viewers you decide.

    • Ganesh

      In my opinion, Balika Vadhu, no more show you can watch all the family in the house.
      So it should not be displayed anymore in prime time of 8 o’clock in the evening.

  • Jasminka

    BV has really become disgusting to watch. So beautiful series now goes into vulgarity. Destroys the character Anandi. The CVs and the great director probably gave her this new idea – sexy Anandi. Sexy without prejudice. What’s next in line .. explicit scenes…

  • Asmita

    This is so pathetic and miserable. Now we know why they’ve chosen. Such a bad actress…
    To starred vulgar and shameless scenes… For the all BV viewers who are accustomed to the cuteness, innocence and loveliness of true Anandi… this is so insulting…

  • Sara

    I have hope for this scenario,oh yeah they will be separated,as soon as Sid leave this sinking ship!!Hopefully in May!

  • Prats

    Toral aunt kissed Shiva, wife of Ananda.
    Again fraud.
    We want to Shiv-Sidd kiss Ananda-Prats.
    Colors we pay you to watch what we want, not what it wants to look at the director of BV.

  • Pam

    Toral, you are great as Anandi.
    Trust me, Pratyusha should have been made Makhan’s wife(if you know whom I mean)!
    She never really was meant to be with Shiv. Toral is a refreshing change. Pratyusha’s virtually inexistent chemistry with Shiv was just so irritating.

  • Cica

    And what is the next thing we will look to increase the rating? Will it be a transfer from the bedroom? Hahaha…

  • Aspera

    EXCELLENT ! The woman was completely degraded in show BV. Anandi, divorced Balika Vadhu, the second marriage was frustrated and recalled first husband! An unforgettable experience. Shows Anandi as someone who still can not go on.And, of course, that men will want to marry a woman divorced after all this drama and exaggeration? The message sent, and BV is COLORS – not to marry divorced women!
    Women of India wake up!
    This is not just a TV daily soap, this is your life!

    • Vishal

      Mr. Bhatt, vanity and stupidity is replaced by the main actress, on a whim. And then spread lies about her, because he can not defend himself. Your power is greater.
      Also this is not the respect of viewers, why you exist. Now you worry about TRPs, I think it will falsely show. Big money is at stake! A TV viewers?
      The young actress, fragile body, but of great talent, 3 years you are forced to do heavy manual labor for 10-15 hours of filming. Acting is an art, spiritual work. When no longer able to stand up – he kicked you like a dog. You began to spread lies about her, and to destroy a young life.
      Do you, Mr. Bhatt and COLORS, peaceful sleep? (Prashant Bhatt)

      • Nataly

        Mr.Bhatt is deaf and myopically,in short:he’s really not all there!
        Somehow or other,for millions of viewers worldwide Balika Vadhu is at 4th march 2013 definitely finished and that’s in the meantime quite obvious,that’s simply the reallity!!!

  • ahilajkula

    You just keep shooting your horror show, but without me, and without a lot of other people. From 04.03.2013. we open your site in hopes to give us back our beautiful actress Pratyusha Banerjee. You are arrogant and rude to your audience. You do not care what he thinks and feels your audience. Too quickly you replaced Prat. You should have given her 15 days to visit his sick mother, and to return. You could think of something …… You think you can do whatever you want and how you want ….. ….. but without many of us …….. And now ………. really. Balika Vadhu … goodbye. Still, thank you for all the episodes that you have done with heart and soul to the infamous date-04,03.2013. Year.

    • shalini sathyanarayan

      pls bring back prathyusha before you continue shooting any further eps all of us genuine followers have left watching these ridiculous & bold shots of bold anandi this is not apicture of maturity far from it her comments about doig bold scenes then justifying the camera tricks technicalities,no kissing scenes we audience never asked for allthese explanatios from anew actressif you are defending yourself it reflects your no confidece level,insecurity& inability of acting this particular role.Prathyusha was far matured in acting theserolesas anew comer to this industry & colors you are spoiling your reputation at the cost of TRP.

  • Nataly

    Pleaseee…stop it!!!
    We can’t watch it,not anymore!!!
    STOP,STOP,STOP with Balika Vadhu!!!

  • Richa

    Pls dont show shiv anandi’s marriage will b a big torture for the viewers.their love confessing scene was a big headache.they looked sick together.romance is the last thing that can happen between them.pls dont show any more nonsense on the show .we will understand that they hv started their new life .pls dont show their romance .its Director u need to b told here that romantic scenes look good between people who hv a certain chemistry and not between the pair ,u have matched here.

  • diya

    yeah pls forgive us dont show any such romantic scenes between toral n shiv as they r not at all romantic but burden for the viewers. why does directors and other team cant see the robot – Toral , she is without acting n expressions. a fix mould.

  • Nataly

    I was schocked as I heard ChotiAnandi’s deadhearted “I love you Shiv”!!!When will ChotiAnandi consummate their Marriage?

  • honey

    toral aane ke baad BV ka rang bhi utar gaya.also colors ka bhi.

  • Neha

    I m really pleased that i didn’t see the last two episodes of BV.and i will never see this show again. There r so many other good things to b watched rather than watching mom-son romance on this most stupid show.i must congratulate u for spoiling the show. The best show has now become the worst.i dont feel like watching it anymore. Good-bye BV.

  • renjini

    toral is good as anandi…..
    they both r very nice pairs
    dont bring prats back…..
    i lyk toral as anandi

    • Nataly

      Toral is really good as ChotiAnandi…
      she and Sidd together looks like big sister and little brother…
      To hell with ChotiToral…

    • Nimmi

      Renjini r u toral’s sister.u r the only one who has liked her as anandi

  • Neha

    There r so many beautiful girls around.pls change this stupid looking toral and get some other good looking girl that suits ur show.

  • Nimmi

    With anandi’s bidaai in BV pls say good-bye to toral as should b toral’s bidaai from the serial as well.

  • Kavita Raj

    I am confused re the serial.You are trying to show that Anandi is the best women in the world.
    How could she be good when inspite of marriage she is still having feelings fro Jagya.Even in modern times and city, no husband will accept such lady. And it is not fair on Shiv who have accepted her inspite of her being a married and divorcee
    Anandi is more concerned reGanga than her sister in law Sanchi.This again shows that she has no regards for Shiv and her in laws who have accepted her.Who will marry a person like Anandi in real world?
    And last how many times and how many women’s life will jagya spoil?He is sex maniac.Flirtling with Ganga, Sanchi and Anandi.He is so dirty to flirt with women by saving them.This is sexual exploitation.