Balika Vadhu: Who will Anandi support in the court ?

Sun, October 20, 2013 12:20pm IST by
Balika Vadhu: Who will Anandi support in the court ?

Anandi has to make a choice between Jagya and Sanchi, who will she pick?

Sanchi (Roop Durgapal) faked her suicide to win sympathy from Jagya (Shashank Vyas) and her family, but her attempts failed to get the love of her life back. Jagya who is now married to Ganga (Sriti Jha), feels bad about Sanchi’s condition, but feels worse for Anandi (Toral Rasputra), who is stuck between both the families.

When Sanchi’s family sees her condition, they decide to take action against Jagya to get their daughter some mental peace. The family files a case against the doctor claiming that he instigated her to attempt suicide when he left her after their engagement and married someone else.

In order to make their case stronger, Shiv (Siddharth Shukla) sends a judicial summon to Anandi and Gauri (Anjum Farooki) – Jagya’s first and second wife to be a witness. Now Anandi, who knows that Jagya was right when he married Ganga is in a dilemma. If she chooses her in-laws, it would send Jagya to jail and would be unjust to her first family. On the other hand, if she supports Jagya, she will lose all the love and respect from her in-laws and maybe her husband.

Stuck between crossroads, Anandi doesn’t know what to do and who she should support. No matter whom she picks, she will be unfair to someone. We believe that Anandi will tell the truth which means she will support Jagya, leading to her oust from her husband’s house and spoil relationships with them. So will Anandi take the risk of losing everything to save her first husband?

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  • vijay

    the best story I like it & plz add me

  • Shahnila

    Truth should be supported no matter what happens. Women should not get scared of her in laws

  • Anu

    Anandi must speak the truth, as her character in d serial is of a female with very high ideals. Let Shiv n shekhars family leave her but they will soon find out the truth about their daughter and regret their action and realise d character of anandi. hopefully then they will go and get Anandi back.

  • RANI


  • sobha

    Anandi should support the truth that is she should stand for Jagya

  • dasharath

    Iatest situation Jagya take right disition to save Anandi on cofeebar presented. Anandi also support to Jagya

  • Rajab Ali

    Keeping upfront past as Surpunch and the best role among both the famalies and the suffring people, she must be with Jagya irrespective of whatever outcome.

    If she fails to do so, she would be ceased to be the darling of the viewers and the story would be collepsed.

  • rohit

    Anandi should support to jagya (he is honest person in life) and put every matter before the court, what could be happened earlier with jagya. Sanchi should be punished by the court because she did malice her women face due to her act. In this situation no one could believe even her Dadu, father, Mather and live her alone for her activities and cant support. why can not do this?

  • adarsh

    women should have to decide who are right and who are wrong the dicision should always wright

  • Nina

    I think Anandi should tell Truth. she should not come under pressure from her inlaws. After all we all have to live our conscious.
    Sending someone to jail knowingly that they are not guilty .How can you live with yourself? Shiv being an officer of court should not even ask his wife to tell a lie under oath.
    Anandi even if you lose your inlaws stand for what you in.believe.
    Truth nothing but the truth. Someone’s life is at stake.
    This show needs to show this scoiety That women need to take a stand and not be afraid to speak the truth. No matter what.

  • diya

    do doubt the makers of d show will show anandi supporting jagya as truth but later wen the case is over they should show Shiv supporting Anandi even though her in laws may oppose her… shiv being d collector such an intelligent guy should understand the facts

  • Michael

    I am afraid that the show is going in a different direction. Ganga will obey Sanchi, whatever asks for :*( this is called blackmail. So in this scenario we will see Ganga how leave Jagdish, or she will kill yourself.

    On the other side Anandi will support Jagdish, but would not be necessary because Ganga left…and sanchi would withdrew charges….

    I rly dont want to see any of this :D

  • Ramandeep

    oh my great God , I love watching this serial so beautiful face specially Anandi ..oh my she is so beautiful actor and great acting …I love watch her ..I think she is God gifted girl…God bless you even I don’t know her actual name ….. I m addicted to watch this… Thanks Anandi

  • Janake

    Anandi should support Jagya. Sanchi is bad and does not deserve any sympathy. From various converstions in the court, the family should understand that their daughter is at fault. In case they want to throw Anandi out of the house in case she supports Jagya, it is better she walks out from such a family who give importance to wrong rather than right. Now that she is educated, she should live on her own and prove that she can eke out her livelihood and does not require a husband or a male companion or family for her.

  • shraddha

    Anandi should tell the truth, she is the only person who know the real fact i thik she must support jagdish

  • ub

    anandi should ell the truth….

  • Neelam

    Anandi should tell the truth that is right one.

  • Ruchika

    From a dependent beneficiary who had no more status than a servant maid to bahu – Ganga has finally made it with her affected behaviour, tears and furtive poems. Even now she is least bothered about her benefactors, she is too lost in her infatuation of Jagya and her need for self preservation for herself and her kid. Why couldnt this woman live independently instead of latching on to the first man who helped her? She did expect to milk her relationship with the Singhs for survival and perhaps make herself at home in the haveli forever.

  • Ruchi

    The shameless naukrani Ganga trapped her daaktarsa – pretending to be innocent and going back to the haveli again and again. Ganga does not have an ounce of self respect, disgusting woman.What is the social message here?

  • lakhan rajak

    mai lakhanrajak amarkantak dist. anuppur m.p.bacche puttaprthy me rhate hai clasical miugic seekhte hai unko aap ka aasirwad chahia bhagwan shri sathya sai baba krupa se