Balika Vadhu: Why did Jagya accept Sanchi’s proposal?

Balika Vadhu: Why did Jagya agree to marry Sanchi?

Just a few episodes ago Jagya (Shashank Vyas) was awkward around Sanchi (Roop Durgapal), but now he suddenly wants to marry her… very fishy indeed!

Balika Vadhu’s Jagya, in episodes coming up soon, will accept Sanchi’s proposal and his entire family will rejoice. Of course, Shiv’s (Siddharth Shuka) family did not see this coming, as they were hoping that Jagya would refuse. We can almost see how awkward the situation will be, so we have to wonder why Anandi’s (Toral Rasputra) ex-in laws are not seeing it too.

Dadisa will give Sanchi shagun for the wedding and the celebrations will commence. Shiv and Anandi, though uncomfortable with the whole situation, will accept it without argument. But we are sure the in-laws will not concede that easily.

However, what really confused us is that we know Jagya has a soft corner for Ganga (Sriti Jha), so why is he marrying Sanchi? Is this his way of getting close to Anandi again? OMG, whatta thought!

If Jagya does try to get closer to Anandi by marrying her sister-in-law, it could clearly affect Shiv and Anandi’s marriage. For all you know, Jagya may go back to being a grey shaded character ‘coz he still harbours feelings for Anandi.

This is clearly getting too complicated. Why can’t the doctor dude just marry Ganga and avoid the whole muddle? After all, isn’t that exactly what the viewers want too?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Bhartiya

    The current storyline of Jagya and Sanchi is wierd. And Ballika Vadhu is showing a very poor story line. Looks like the makers are getting crazy. Colors has no objective they only show people plotting and scheming and having their way. Sanchi is manipulative and selfish and if Jagya marries Sanchi then we only hope that Ballika Vadhu should be stopped a wierd serial with wierd story. Anandi and Shiv also are not protesting this marriage. Its really not understood why makers are doing like this. All the serials of Colors are loud and stupid.

    • priyanka

      i totally support your views…

  • efh37

    he will say yes to protect Anandi’s happiness, he is under pressure to say yes because a no will cause a tornado in Anandi’s family

  • santhiya jegadish

    jagya don’t marry sanchi!!!
    let the director bring gauri and
    she will unite jagya and ganga……

  • sujata

    utter nonsense that what sanchi wants happens against athe wish of all . Stupidity on jagya and anandi’s part


    This is what I think – Soumitra has been so taken in by Sanchi’s mithi mithi behaviour and talk that she doesn’t see anything wrong in going along with Sanchi’s proposal. She also thinks that Anandi is quite okay with it all as she hasn’t said anything against it. Soumitra’s warning to Jagya not to do anything that would jeopardise Anandi’s future happiness in her in-laws’ home has influenced Jagya’s decision and he makes this ultimate sacrifice for the sake of Anandi’s continued happiness and accepts Sanchi’s proposal.

    • Shruti Parikh

      he will say yes to protect Anandi’s happiness, he is under pressure to say yes because, He is in impression if he will reject Saachi then Anandi will face problem at in laws house. so he will say YES for Anandi only. He is not loving Rude girl Saachi

  • Shweta

    i don’t want to see todays episode.feeling very bad for jagiya. please dont spoil the serial.i hate sachi. want anandi to play a fair part in this matter.

  • Sonal

    It is really stupid if Jagiya gets marry to Sanchi because it is very stupidity to do that . He should marry Ganga because if he really wants confuse then should marry Ganga. She is very nice person , Sanchi is very proud person

  • Veer

    Why sud Anandi say anything? ?? Jagya is an adult, capable of making his own decisions. . Plus if Anandi says anything it can construed as if she stills has feelings for Jagya. . .which in turn can create mis-understandings in her own marriage with Shiv. . .or it can be taken that Anandi is jealous of Sanchi. . .which again is not the case.
    Anandi and Shiv are doing the right thing. . .Sanchi is so pampered by the family that they both realize it’s useless.

    Plus Sanchi is dumb. . Immature. . .selfish. . Un-necessarily pampered to a fault by the family!!! Doesn’t it remind one of Jagya? ??
    :-D :-D :-D

  • viewer

    If jagya marries sanchi then the viewership will comedown . if dragging the story is the theme of the writer and the producer than only we can save the serial.. By NOT WATCHING IT.

  • amit

    no jagdish

  • aaradhya

    plz make a couple of jagya and ganga instead of sanchi….ppl wan c then together

  • aaradhya

    plz make a couple of jagya and ganga instead of sanchi….ppl wan c then together….if sanchi vill become jagya’s partner viewers count goez obvious down…

  • A TV viewer

    Sumitra Jagya’s mother is the new villian. She got carried away by Sanchi. Is misbehaving with Ganga for no fault of hers. Is least bothered about the awkwardness Anandi will have. Didn’t even clarify with Anandi once and has also put her son Jagya in a awkward situation and pressurised him to accept Sanchi’s proposal. Hope some one gives some sense to Sumitra. And hope Sanchi is exposed for instigating Sumitra against Ganga.

  • Veer

    it’s fun. . .cause now the whole merry-go-round will unfold. . .Sanchi wanting to wear modern clothes. . Behave modern and Ofcourse play innocent un-suspecting ppl against each other in Jagya’s family. . .
    The question is not will she do damage. . The question is: much damage& if she will play Jagya against the family too??? much will Dadisa endure before losing her cool?? Will Dadisa catch Sanchi’s games??? If yes how will she react?? Will she be able to make Sanchi toe the line???or will Sanchi prove to be more stronger??? will Jagya react after finding out he has made again a mistake in his personal life???
    4.Will Shiv n Anandi keep their cool & watch all the nonsense happening???
    4.Will the two brothers know how exactly their so-called sister is???
    It’s another year before the viewers will be able to unplug their eyes from this family drama!!!! :-D :-D :-D

    Will Sanchi stay in Jagyas life or will there be another one coming in???
    Will ganga fight for Jagya? ??

    In all this Shiv n Anandi will keep romance alive & finally enjoy some couple time!!!! <3<3<3



  • Asha

    Story has taken a terrible turn. Jagya and Sanchi don’t go together at all. Pretty dumb on Anandi’s part to keep quiet. She should have at least talked to her family and to Jagya beforehand. Sumitra jagya’s mother has made a mess and it is totally weird that she does not think it necessary to speak to Anandi about this. The serial also shows Shiv’s family in a very bad light because Sanchi may be stupid but what about them? Have they thought about their own son Shiv and Anandi’s situation before acting in such a stupid manner? If it carries on the way, I will stop watching it completely -waste of time!

  • badger1153

    I hate Sumitra more than Sanchi now. I bet Gauri is coming back with Jagya’s baby and all hell breaks loose.

  • harsha

    STORY WRITER OF BV: please if u want to continue this serial wastely atleast think newly.but not worstly.after coming of toral serial ‘s trp and values also getting down.please respect audioncefeelings.

  • Sarita

    Anandi ko maya jeewan sathi Achha mila, lekin inlaws kaiser hain?
    Rishta rakhne itne log gae, thoda time to dena tha, sanchi ko b le gae.

  • Bankim Chandra

    Episode shown on 9th July 2013 was unbecoming of Balika Vadhu serial which was going fine unlike other worthless serials of Colors TV. Anandi not coming to the fore to stop Sachi’s obstinancy and arrogance was not expected and how come Jagya accept Sachi without talking to Anandi when he agreed to accept marriage proposition only when Anandi selects a bride for him eventhough his mother and grand mother persuaded him saying somany hypothetical things. Secondly why Anandi did not hint her Dadisa beforehand about the unholy venture of her family at the behest of Sachi? Disgusting. This is not the way of giving a twist to strech the serial indefinitely.

  • Bankim Chandra

    Perhaps the Director of Balika Vadhu serial is thrown into a mess by the pressure of producer to stretch it indefinitely by incorporating anything to make it interesting. For example asking Anandi to tell her mother-in-law to cancel the engagement of Sachi with Jagya after everything is done. Is it not an afterthought proposition which shows imaturity – a charcter not befitting Anandi as she has been projected so far? Well please rethink and lead the serial in right direction without downplaying the character of Anandi.

  • Akshara

    I think he should marry Ganga

  • naina

    we dont want the new twist please pratyusha ko laye nain or ab yeh shadi challo sorry 2 say drama flop ho jaye ga

  • anu

    Saatchi is the most irritating character in colours channel

  • priyanka

    Actually i was a fan of Balika Badhu since the day it started. Have seen Anandi growing up n struggling with her life. But lately when the character was changed and Toral replaced PB, I lost intrest in the show. The new Anandi is not innocent, tries too much to act like the former one…the romance between her and Shiv is not good…but the chemistry that had once come up between Shiv n the former Anandi was superb.
    Next I would like to ask team Balika Badhu that why are the changing their story line…Balika Badhu was all about child marriage or widow remarriage. But now that anandi is all settled why pull the story and bring the sanchi episodes? Sanchi who once insulted anandi on being divorcee and also for being a Dehati is all set to marry Jagya..Why no one is pointing her out that Jagya is married twice earlier and taht he is alsp from a village. On the other hand Anandi who speaks of women power outside her house ..why can’t she speah her heart out in her own house..why do she have to always listen to the harsh words of Sanchi n her mother-in=law?
    We are audience and we accept things which are within our limits…certain facts n characters in this show is actually taking down the pride of this show…