Balika Vadhu: Will Anandi rescue Saanchi?

We told you that Anandi has found a new cause to fight for – date rape and this time the victim is her sister-in-law, Saanchi

Balika Vadhu’s Saanchi (Roop Durgapal) was at a party, where her boyfriend, Saurabh spiked the drink, raped her and then made an MMS video on it. Saanchi woke up and realised that something wrong had happened but could not recollect what had happened. After seeing the MMS, she broke down and told Anandi (Toral Rasputra) and her family everything she remembered.

Anandi encouraged Saanchi to file a case against Saurabh and fight the case in court. Initially, the case looked easy to prove, but as the proceedings went on evidences disappeared, witnesses backed out and worst of all – Saurabh wants to charge Saanchi for defamation.

Everything seems to be going against Saanchi, even her fake defamation case on Jagdish (Shashank Vyas) is working against her. Anandi is in a dilemma and doesn’t know how to rescue her sister-in-law, yet she trusts the judicial system.

Will Anandi find a loop hole and get the culprit convicted? Or will Saurabh go scot free?

Keep watching this space to find out more!