Balika Vadhu: Will Anandi take Jagdish back?

Against all odds and with plenty of misunderstanding, Anandi and Shiv are finally getting engaged. But what will Anandi do if Jagdish decides to come back?

Balika Vadhu is getting exciting indeed. Jagdish (Jagya) is kicking himself for all his wrong decisions after seeing Gauri’s true colours, like we always knew he would. After storming out of his Mumbai house, Jagya takes a trip back to Jaipur, hoping to win back his family and mainly, his first wife Anandi. But he is in for a big shock as he witnesses Anandi’s engagement to Shiv.

As we predicted, he will create a big showdown and try his level best to make Anandi see that he has indeed returned for good. As if that’s going to win him any brownie points…huh! But we are more curious to see how Anandi will react to this unexpected change. Will she take Jagya back? Or will we see a week-long scenario where she’s confused again? Or will she simply give him a taste of his own medicine and refuse to listen to him?

Frankly, if you ask us, it would be a whole lot more entertaining if she throws him out of the house with his tail between his legs, making him pay for leaving her in the first place. Or just to wound Gauri’s pride a little more, She could call her and ask the second wife to kindly take her husband back where he truly belongs. But Anandi is too morally upright to do that.

It would definitely make it more thrilling if Anandi kisses Shiv and makes Jagya realise that two can play at the game. Considering the makers never showed Anandi and Jagya too romantically involved even on their honeymoon, a kiss on Shiv’s lips is way too much to ask for. So that’s not happening either.

It’s more likely that Jagya’s family will treat him like a guest, ask him to enjoy a free meal and then leave without a backward glance. And we very well know that he is not going to concede to that willingly.

Maybe Shiv could take matters into his hands and show Jagdish the door. Now that’s more like the man of the hour, no?

Or just for the fun of it, Anandi could indulge us and make Shiv and Jagya compete for her favours, but still pick the Collector to be her man for the future. Now that we like!

This way or that, one way or another, we just hope the one-time child bride makes the right decision. What do you think Anandi should do?