Balika Vadhu: Will Shiv unite Anandi and Jagya?

Balika Vadhu: Will Shiv unite Anandi and Jagya?

The collector has decided to call off the wedding and we are thoroughly irritated by the to-ing and fro-ing

Balika Vadhu is twisting again. And here’s how it goes….Jagya left Anandi for another woman (Gauri) and when he got into a little trouble, he left her and came back for his first wife. His family, who initially supported Anandi in the husband-wife tussle, is now begging her to take him back and give the adulterer another opportunity.

After months and probably years of crying about being left by the husband she loved dearly, Anandi managed to get back on her feet, be independent and more. When she finally achieved what most people can’t even fathom, her family (read “in-laws”) pestered her to get married again. When that didn’t work, they went behind her back to find her a suitable man – Shiv – and used her mom’s death to get her settled. Finally Anandi gave in, and just when she was falling in love with Shiv – so we’d like to believe – Jagya came back, apologising and grovelling like a clingy and needy man. Will his selfishness never end?

Now Jagya knows that Anandi will do everything her family asks of her. So he hoodwinks Dadisa with his fake tears of repentance and now the head of the family wants Anandi to give Jagya a second chance. To add salt to the injury, Jagya begs Shiv to let Anandi go. The big-hearted man that Shiv is, he calls off his wedding. For all we know, he will even try to reunite the divorced couple. Do we really want that? Obviously no! We believe – once a cheater, always a cheater. What’s the guarantee that he will not ditch her again? What’s the guarantee that Gauri no longer has a hold on Jagya? Everything about Jagya is a big question mark.

We think Anandi should not take Jagya back into her life ever again. While we are sure you agree with us, vote and tell us if you’re as irritated as us with this new twist in the show Balika Vadhu.

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  • manju maheshwari

    anandi ki shaadi shiv se hi honi chaahiye. jagya ko apne kiye ki saza mile.

    • Dinu Sarswat Raniwara

      anandi ki marrige jagiya se honi sahiye kyo use eak bar moka ok


        r u joking… istarah balika vadhu fans ko let down mat kijie or ligally toh yeh possible vi nehin hein jaise ki gouri ke saath jagdish ki registree mariage hua tha.. firvi apko aisa lagta hein toh ap khud ek plot banake dijie ki jagdish or anandi ki saadi kaise or kiun hona chahie.. kya or kiunor kisbare me mouka dena chahie explain kijie hum sob fans ko dhoke me mut rakhie.

      • sangeeta

        aapne bhi aisi do do biwi rakhi hai kya jo jagya ka saath de rahe ho. aise logo ko to desh se bahar kar dena chahiye.

        • Radhika

          Anandiko ek nayi zindagi phir se shuru karni chahiye. Woh bhi shiv ke saath, kyun ki shiv anandi ko chahatha hai, aise log tho bade mushkil se milthe hein, ek sacha pyar karne wala, us jaggiya ko tho sharam hi nahin hai jo phir se en logon ki khusi bhari zindagi mein aakar rukawat daal raha hein, shiv aur anandi saath mein bahut ache dikhthe hai.

          • Natalija


          • Natalija

            I think that Ananda should marry Gray Grey … Because a lot of nice and polite! And not to be with those Jagat because it is really rude! And Ananda should sooner marry Shiva, but it will not! !

  • diya

    All viewers like to see Anandi and Shiv marriage.

  • anshika

    it will be crazy if CVs will reunite Jagiya and Anandi. Also, they have to get Gauri and her pregnant child in the picture.

    Having said that, the whole point of the show is to give a picture to audience of what a mockery of life it is for a child bride because of her child marriage. And they should show a contrast here for a matured and grown up marriage where she find and chooses someone she is compatible with. Hence Anandi should marry Shiv, solely for the fact that they are better friends, and more suited for each other.

    • Dinesh Sarswat

      hi anandi ji kaise ho

  • ansh

    please let anandi and shiv make a sensible decision.

    if after knowing how jagiya is
    - still into drama and tricks to get into the family and haveli,

    & if knowing jagiya’s nature based on past experience

    still shiv would think that anandi should marry jagiya then he doesn’t love her. cause if he wants good for her then he will know that jagiya is bad for her.

  • sumitra

    anandi and shiv are best lovers.let them married soon.jagadish is a cheater.let him suffer.anandi should show firm woman and go on romancing with shiv.till end.jagadish should go back to gauri don’nt disturbed anandi and shiv.

  • suresh gupta

    since jagya is not divorced from gauri, how can he marry anandi. it will be illegal.hence anandi should not adhere to dadisa demands

  • Rajendran

    Anandi should not accept Jagya again as he is the one who left Anandi and tied the knot with Gouri. Shiv should not try to unite Anandi and Jagya.

  • drashti

    anandi is best for shiv……

  • Rossey D’souza

    Anandi should get married with Shiv only otherwise let her be alone whole life

  • bubun

    anandi and shiv is the best couple and lovers also.anandi should not accept jagya and needed treatment.

  • juju

    please for Gods sake stop the jaggya-puran!its awful to say the least n wat with dadisa behaving like a lotta….just get the 2 of them married n throw jaggya(along with his beloved dadisa)into some faaaaaar off jungle!! and let shiv and anandi live happily ever after and plz don’t start some problems in their married life!! just end the show on a decent note please

  • Abhinav mahajan

    Plz..don’t bring this stupid will become boring..anandi and shiv r made fr each other..put that jagya in jail..

  • Kanti

    Well I guess ,… its too much to stretch a matter indeed to go ahead with more episodes. N about Jaggya coming back in Anandi’s life I guess it should now a big no from Anandi’s side and also Daadsi needs to learn her lesson also that if something she started should stick to it.. ( Shiv – Anandi’s marriage).
    Anandi should say n to Jagya without waisting any time .. n should accept Shiv’s love for her in fromt of her whole family n Offcourse Shiv’s family… that will be a gr8 lesson to Jaggya n his beloved Daadisa…

  • rohit

    shiv,n anandi should show a strong romance so that jagaya should be discourage to get back anandi again.plis proceeds faster for shiv and anandi marriage.

  • rohini

    anandi shud marry shiv n live happily , jagya shud suffer for his mistake ..anandi shud be rude to jagya n confirm jagya that she loves shiv n want to marry n theres no place for jagya in her life anymore……….

  • manasa

    i hate jagya …..he shud suffer

  • Niha

    It is sickening to see this horrifyingly weak, snivelling, weeping, grovelling, utterly selfish spoilt brat Jagya again and again and again!! Why is so much time being spent on this loser??? Please stop this utter stupid nonsense and let Anandi-Shiv marriage take place without delay! It is most irritating to see Anandi act so dumb and weak-which she is not! Please show some backbone in her!!!

  • surya

    shiv should be shown as a perfect man fr anandi n marry her.

  • TEJAL chorghe

    Anandi & shiv shoud marry ,as shiv is a perfect and best petson for anandi, we don’t like jagya

  • sumathi thyagarajan

    no shiv should not give up , Shiv is a better pair for Anandhi than jagya , Jagaya is a cheet and should move away from Anandhi’s life .

  • Moushona

    Shiv is a pefect match for anandi,An understanding soulmate.By all means he should stand by anandi and marry her.And anadi should never go back to Jagya

  • Soma

    Jagdish is a totally selfish person and always very much confused..there was a time when he loved Gauri and left Anandi very badly and now he loves Anandi and forgot Gauri.He just needs two tight slap from Anandi and that will be a lesson for him and Dadisa too.She has to be strong
    and one thing she should confirm Jagdish that she also loves
    Shiv very much.

  • riya

    shiv is perfct fr anandi….. dont make serial ya mes

  • nandini

    mein chahti hu ki anandi ki shadi shiv se ho.aur vo hamesha khush rahe

  • nasrin bano

    shiv is perfact life partnar for anandi

  • Rinku

    Plz anandi . balika vadhu jhorkar mat jao .