Balika Vadhu: Will Toral Rasputra be a better Anandi?

Balika Vadhu: Will Toral Rasputra be a better Anandi?

Pratyusha Banerjee has left the show for good and the new actor has taken over – will she be any good? We find out what her co-stars think

Balika Vadhu has been top of the charts for four years now. The show started with Anandi as a li’l kid played by Avika Gor, who was then married off to Jagya (Avinash Mukherjee) at a tender age. After two years of success, the makers brought in Pratyusha Banerjee to play the adult Anandi. Due to Pratyusha’s irregular presence at shoots, the production house has now roped in a new actor to take over Anandi’s role – Toral Rasputra.

The actor was last seen in Zee TV’s Chhoti Si Zindagi. She began her career in television with Rishton Ki Dor which did not pan out as well she would have wanted it to. It was Disney Channel Dhoom Machaao Dhoom that put her in the limelight.

Toral has already shot for Balika Vadhu and her first episode will be aired tonight. But will she be able to carry it off? Siddharth Shukla, who plays Anandi’s husband Shiv said, “I am sure Toral will do full justice to Anandi’s character.” But Toral’s other co-star Shashank Vyas has not even met her or heard of her. “Frankly, I have not met or even seen her. I don’t have any scenes with Anandi as of yet. All my scenes are with the family and Ganga at the moment.”

Obviously, she wasn’t chosen on the basis of screen tests with her co-actors. So we wonder how the makers zeroed in on Toral then. The writer of Balika Vadhu, Gajra Kottary explains, “Toral is a very good actor and her audition was perfect. We didn’t want an actor who has become a typecast. However, we also required someone with a little experience. Toral was good looking and had the right amount of experience too.”

While we’ll dearly miss Pratz, we wish Toral good luck and hope that she won’t disappoint us.

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  • AnandiisPratyusha

    No one can be a better Anandi than Pratyusha, because no one else can make the role theirs since she already did. Look at the ratings here. TRP’s are going to fall.

    • Hannah Mohanty

      Plz don’t change Pratyusha the real Anandi from Balika Vadhu.Because she’s the best one…..

    • Janardan Singh

      Pratyusha was best, no one can take he place, she was very excellent in acting as well as looking descent. so if it is possible bring he back

  • smek

    Prats was the best one he can not be replaced

  • chaya

    Noone can replace prats she is d best

  • smek

    You do not have the charisma that has you following .. how can you even think that you will be accepted .. and maybe you’re better actress than her, but her innocent face you’ll never be able to replace it simply have to have in it .. the acting does not work

  • smeker

    They traded Siam, Sugnu, Radu, Gena, rhea couple of times, so Lalsinga his turn came to Ananda, so no they will not take out a role as you follow as physically small but strong and mentally strong. TV COLOR NOT A PROFESSIONAL

  • smek

    No one can replace Prats

  • Sharon David Mohanty

    Pratyusha as Anandi is the best one. No one can take her place. So don’t change her…

  • maya babu

    we can’t accept a new anandi with shiv.plz….consider our request…pratyusha we really miss u……otherwise plz change siddharth shukla too….it will really affect the rating…if pratyusha never came back…it is better quit the serial…..its really feeling bad…..we can’t substitute any one in the role of anandi….prathyusha is still better…new anadi is looking so old…..

  • Ravindra Wahulkar

    i dont watch family drama in tv but shiv ( siddharth ) entry in balika i watch every episode in balika vadhu along with my family. i am very exited about balika vadhu every episode becouse Anandi (Pratyusha) & Shiv (Siddharth),
    My Request to Balika vadhu Production house & colors please dont changes becouse Anandi (Pratyusha)& Shiv (Siddharth) is part of my heart otherwise plz change siddharth shukla & send me all apisode since Shiv entry in Balika as all the episodes and launch it in a DVD format very soon.
    In future i dont Watch any family drama in T.V.
    My first & Last Balika Vadhu (becouse Pratyusha & Siddharth)

  • kop93

    An-Prats is not replaceable and unique.
    Toral’s all artificial and weak actress.
    Prats’s role in An breathed soul, innocence with his acting ability.
    CV and Colors have made a big mistake, firing Prats.
    That mistake will pay denunciations of viewers around the world.
    Cv and Colors filmed series on women’s rights, and in real life are violated that right.
    It is a great shame!
    On the set of actors compelled to work 15 hours a day.
    Is not that the violation of workers’ rights laws????

  • Kaliopa

    For me, my friends and our families, this show is over. Thank you very much!!

  • SOFFI007


  • Drya

    Prats is the only Anandi for me!

  • Cica

    Anandi can be only one, and that’s Prats. Prats We love you, come back to us.

  • saachira

    BV production house please manage the come back of Prats to the show.For us is Anandi and Sid is Shiv,There Chemistry is amazing and cannot be replaced


  • SUN.,

    The TRP will drastically fall……..for sure
    people cant accept new faces in established characters..

    It will be foolish to copy this ekta kapoor trend of changing faces….!!!

  • savera tanveer

    we want back anandi now anadi is poor

  • tulip

    new Anandi looks very old… w’ll miss u Pratyusha….

  • vinay

    i do not like new anandi.

    i like Pratyush.

    from i have left this serial.

  • MINA

    Prats go back and
    save B.V. from disaster

  • MINA

    B.V. no more families’ internal saga already tragicomedy.
    Return Prats and finish the series.


  • Leyla

    Toral Rasputra is the END OF BALIKA VADHU…. PRATSSSS pleaseeeee come backkkkkk :(

  • Aarti

    show will be end now….. (new face is not acceptable for leading character)

  • Aradhana

    Changing anandi at this point is very drastic for TRP of the pratyusha have created a mark and recognization of anandi’s character ,Toral will not be accepted by the viewers. Bring previous anandi(PRATYUSH) back to the show.

  • Neha

    We have not liked toral .she looks so mature , with no innocence,i think teacherji would have been a better anandi and toral should have been perfect in a role of a teacherji…..i think toral and sid can never create the same magic which prat and sid had .so all the best to Balika Vadhu.

  • nidhi

    u’re ruining the romantic essence of balika vadhu by bringing in a new face as anandi.nobody will be able to connect this new anandi with shiv…i think i’m done with balika vadhu.this series has definitely lost its one viewer n fan…still good luck for new anandi

  • tanveer siddiqui

    pls replace this girl toral.she looks like a aunty to shiv.atleast for da sake of lovers of shiv anandi romance.

  • Geet

    Please replace Toral.She looks like an Aunty…The whole excitement of watching Balika Vadhu is lost..I have been following this serial since its inception. I am done with this serial…No more Balika Vadhu. Not worth watching it anymore.

    • seema

      plzzzzzzzzzzzz what u people find like anandi in this girl.plzzzzzzzzzz again replace her with some young girl.

    • dr kalpana

      Hi in my busy schedule BV was the only serial i have ever watched. Especially after the introduction of §hiv.I stopped watching this soap after hearing that the original Anandi has been replaced.In a way iam hsppy that i am no longer attached to the serial and can use my time else where.

  • Sheetal

    Please replace Toral ,,,,,really she looks like aunty. From day one I was watching Balika Vadhu but no more now not able see that Toral as replacement of Pratyusha.

  • Ravindra Wahulkar

    I can never ever imagine anyone else in anandi’s character beside pratyusha

    I dont watch family drama on tv i m watching only comedy serial but since Shiv entry in Balika Vadhu i watch every episode in Balika ( 2 time 8 PM & 11 PM) i dont miss eny episode, Anandi (Pratyusha) & Shiv (Siddharth) like made for each other i watch serial only pratyusha & siddharth but my badluck i read my Heartbreaking news in Bombay times its very shoking & my Balika vadhu Ending in 27.02.2013 i remember Pratyusha last seen in Balika with very cute smile

    My Balika Vadhu is one n only Pratyusha ( becouse she
    look like Balika)
    please come back pratyusha i really miss you

    yeh Dil tum bin kahie lagata nahi ham kya karein

    Pleaseeeeeeee Pratyusha Come Backkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • mitali

    She looks horrible I better accept if pb replace by avika gour,I just don’t want to watch serial any more

  • Raksha

    OH No…..

    Balika vadhu is one of the best serial that i am watching i had never missed any episode since it start….

    I cant imagine anandi’s character without pratyusha….

  • Rabab

    Balika vadhu is one of the best serial that i am watching i had never missed any episode since it start….

    I cant imagine anandi’s character without pratyusha….
    so please please please pratyusha come back..
    please …….:(

  • Rabab

    and i request you please replace Toral Because she looks like an Aunty…

  • anita singh

    hme apni purani wali anandi vapas chahiye.pratusha banji

  • dipika

    Pratyusha is the only reason for watching Balika Vadhu. Toral- the new face of anandi is so funnyyyyyy & disgusting. Pls get back Pratyusha immediately, otherwise the serial will be off on air.

  • anita singh

    pls aap vapas aa jaiye n partusha ji ap par anandi accha lagta hai pla come back

  • Asma

    Please replace total she looks like jaghyas aunts (nandus mum)! I don’t think her chemistry will work with shiv. U need to get someone like mansi parekh she looks young, sweet,brave and strong like anandi! :-(
    People will stop watching it like saatiyah on star plus after they changed gopi!!!

  • Asma

    Change Toral Please she looks like jaghyas aunts (nandus mum)! I don’t think her chemistry will work with shiv. U need to get someone like mansi parekh she looks young, sweet,brave and strong like anandi! :-(
    People will stop watching it like saatiyah on star plus after they changed gopi!!!

  • priya

    pratyusha is good that toral pls change her

  • papiya das

    we all want pratyusha back. because only she will do the justice to the anandi character.

  • Nilanjana

    Please bring back Pratyusha.Have lost all interest to watch the serial.Its the only serial I watch.

  • Asima2

    New woman looks like a vamp, there is no the purity and honesty of soul as previous An.Please, save us the misery and bring back Pratyusa!!!

  • Alexa3

    New An is so rough and her smile was so artificial. Nothing is in accordance with the character of real An .
    Please, we need Prats as Anandi!!!

  • shashank

    please pratyusha just come back.

  • Shubham Singh

    pls replace toral ,she looks like an aunty and she should get the role of shiv mother not looks perfect with wife of shiv
    pls return the pratyusha banarjee she was perfect for anandi role

  • ArpitaNair

    We have not liked toral .Changing anandi at this point is very drastic for TRP of the pratyusha have created a mark and recognization of anandi’s character .i think toral and sid can never create the same magic which prat and sid had .

  • Diptihirani

    changing anandi i.e..(pratyusha) at this moment will be very harm full fot the channle TRP and the show will be not as sucessfullly working as it was before

  • asima1

    Save us! This is terrible! And worse than that!
    Acting desperate, unnatural posture, very bad substitute.
    She destroyed the character that was years in the making for two days.

  • Vildana Mishti

    Sooo soooo baaaad :( we miss Prats :( we want that she beck :( PRATS NO 1 <3

  • Jasmine

    This new Anandi is totally unacceptable. She is no match to Pratusha. We had been following this serial from the very first episode but this the first time that we were home and still did not watch BV. Imagine the plight of poor shiv who had sent Pratusha to meet teacherji and in return what he gets her aunt! Ugh! Please change this one and bring back someone little younger looking.

    • Saloni

      Lol good view..Bichara shiv…socha kya hua kya

  • michelle

    Toral is absolutely talentless.

  • hussey

    pratyusha was so delicate pretty petite.toral isawful.allactors of other shows have pretty leading ladies except shiv poor shiv.

  • sadia

    i can accept her, i agree i even didnt watched BV for the day the new Anandi enter… :(

  • Sunita kunder

    Toral Rasputra as new anandi of Balika Vadhu looks very elderly lady for anandi role
    i have stop watching this Balika vadhu

  • shrivalli

    pls cast some other actor look young & innocent like pratyusha
    toral looks like elder sister of jagya mother

  • sindhu

    plz change toral… i dont want to stop watching balika vadhu becauso of her

  • Maya Wati

    I like the show very much but now I don’t know without previus Anandi the show gonna…………………
    Please bring Andani back.

  • Parvati Jha

    She will NEVER even come close to how good Prats was. We wants Prats back.

  • Rituparna Sen

    To Colors & BV Team,

    I had started watching BV since its inception & have been an ardent fan of this show. Though I have relocated to USA but have continued watching it no matter what. There has been quite a few twists and turns in the show which has kept us hooked but the sudden change that you have made in the form of changing the face of the female protagonist has annoyed me to no limits. Pratyusha as Anandi has become a part and parcel of our lives for quite sometime now and its almost like you are changing one of our family members’ face. It doesn’t make sense to replace her at this critical and crucial juncture of the story. You want people to forget Pratyusha’s face and accept a new one? It doesn’t matter if the new Anandi is the best actor in the world, but she is definitely not the Anandi that we have seen so far. Kindly listen to the viewers opinions and suggestions when primarily you are making the serial for them. We had voted for her, if you guys remember. Please bring our Pratyusha back.

    A Balika Vadhu fan.





    • Pratyushi

      Very good comment.. I totally agree!

  • Christopher

    i too have quit watching the show any further, we the viewers are dying to see pratyusha back on the show but no response from the channel and the production house!!
    I want pratyusha back as soon as possible, the show is murdered by replacing the most loved and charming character from the show!!
    Please serial band kar dijiye, itna neglected feel karane ki kya zaroorat hai hum viewers ko!!


    Hi all!
    My mother is 81 years old and is so weak that she cannot even get up from her bed. But she loved balika vadhu’s anandi so much that she used to call me & my sister too lift her up and make her sit in the drawing room so that she can watch anandi. She loved her doe eyes and her smile, but now since pratyusha is gone, she has become very upset and has stopped watching the serial any further without pratyusha playing anandi.


    Please bring pratyusha back

  • Sophia Shaheen

    Pratyusha added the magical essence to the character and definitely best suited to the role with the innocence & purity she has. After all she was the chosen one!!


  • Kavita

    A question arises why Toral? what a biggest dissapointment, she is nowhere near Pratyusha and nowhere near the character Anandi.Pratyusha was viewers choice and she did fantastic job then why now PH didn’t come up with any choices atleast the new girl again would have been viewers choice…. could have saved us from Toral Torture.
    Didn’t expected such a drastic change by BV creatives. Any ways the show has lost the charm i don’t know why i m venting out since u guys r not going to listen any pleas…. atleast we the viewrs can protest by stop watching the show.

  • nisha

    hello how r u where r u all r crying to watch tje balika vadhu without u come back soon

  • Kami

    important that you have pockets full of money, that’s all that matters to you!!!

  • Bikica

    Bv made ​​a huge mistake, they will not be able to forgive themselves when they finally realize it! Thanks to Prats and Sid they achieved great popularity of the show, prizes and attract viewers! Now they have destroyed themselves! Sadness, despair, frustration of many viewers! Success is the Prats and Sid! Come back Prats!

    • Pratyushi


  • sudipta

    toral can never be our anandi. pratyusha was is will only be our anandi. now we stopped watching balika vadhu. please bring her back in balika vadhu .

  • Kanha

    All of us want pratyusha back in the show, please bring her back, please!
    Definitely Pratyusha and Siddharath make lovely pair, the pair attracted so many viewers to waych the show.. I loved sidyusha on screen!! But without pratyusha the ansh magic is gone, we so badly miss her guys!
    Also have stopped watching the show.. PLEASE BRING HER BACK AS ANANDI!!! :(

  • Vik

    Pratyusha depth of expressions and voice command played a significant role in Balika Vadhu. The whole serial is moving around Anandi character. Toral doesn’t have that charm and expressions. Her voice is very generic; there is no weight in it. Even Ganga has a far better performance than Toral.

    This serial focuses on social upliftment and I feel Colors should persuade Pratyusha and make her understand the significant value this serial has on society and bring her back.

  • MINA

    They don’t look good together. Prats and Sidd have amazing chemistry, nobody can compete with that.
    This new Anandi is not even close to Prats.

  • sarup das

    toral is looking like shv’s mom.Sorry shv’s mom is much better than her.Please replace toral immediately &bring some other face.Too bad selection by BV team We are very much disappointed.We already have been stop to watch our best& most favorite show.Why Toral???issme kuch bhi achha nehi hai,kuchh bhi nehi. oh God!!!

  • shona

    This is the end of balika vadhu.. whether prats quit or was fired… it is the audience who’s bearing d loss… if derez still a chance of getting pratyusha back, she will b welcomed wid open hands! but for now, its bye bye to d show from my side!

  • MINA

    The series is not interesting anymore. Sid is forced to leave the sinking ship.

  • Thea

    BV was for me always a special Show. Very good actors, interesting story.And Anandi, so tender but still stark,played very well by Miss Prathyusha B. Miss Banerjee is an exellent actress. With her departure show has löst its charm. And i’ve also lost interest in the show . I’m very sad. Bring back Pratyusha.She is the soul of this show.

    • sakeena

      I really agree with thea. I have stopped watching the show after anandi got replaced, the show has definitely lost it’s essence. However, if somehow pratyusha come back in the show as anandi, the TRP of the show will go on a hike!
      All the viewers want pratyusha back as anandi, but there is no response!

  • Sandsh

    Pratyusha played the role of Anandi, with excellence, especially she & shiv have a rocking chemistry.
    A very disappointing replacement in form of Toral for Anandi’s role. Toral looks too mature for Shiv. She has no chemistry,I’hv already lost the interest in the show. Colors, pls, for viewers sake, bring Pratyusha back.

  • mahika jaiswal

    pleas change the aanandi ……..otherwise we left the see this serial……………pls change soon…………..

  • Neha

    I only watched one serial Balika vadhu ,really use to wait for the show but now the new replacement is awful no innicence ,always smiling like a fool whether required or not.pratyusha used to talk with her eyes but there is no such case now
    .now this is the one serial which i dont want to watch.dont worry we have other alternatives .keep up the bad work BV.

  • deepti

    oh god……..kya kharab selection kiya hai aanandi team ko kya ho gya ples change soon …………aanandi…..ya to pratyusha bacjk ho ya toral change ho ……….soon soon soon………

  • kop93

    Toral is a very bad actress and BV series is coming to its series to become a mockery.
    Return Prats or stop showing series.

  • Kalimera

    Toral looks like a grandmother bride O.o No one can replace Pratz as anandi!!!!!She is the soul of the show… She is the balika vadhu…!!

  • Thea

    I watch BV almost from the beginning.The practice of child marriage is a terrible thing. This subject has interested me a lot.BV has something moving in the society of India.Many women have indetified with main character-Anandi.Miss Banergee played Anandi very well.Small,tender but still as strong.Deal with your kind of problems was their strenght.Their grief,their pain,hope for a better life,fom tremselves and for other women just played perfectly.
    The new Anandi I dont like.One does not have to be aggresive in order to achieve the goal.Still waters run deep.
    The love story of Anandi and Shiv has also aroused interest in many viewers for this series.Both were just great.It was the perfect opportunity to send many messeges and lessons to society.Thys opportunity is now lost.The new couple has no charisma

  • Jasminka

    This is a terrible mistake. Toral very bad acting, can not convey emotions as Pratiysa, although it is trying to imitate. Anandi had our shyness, cuteness, innocence, our Anandi was Pratyusha

  • Divya

    If it was required for the Protagonist to be replaced , then well be it , but a girl who atleast has similar personality as Pratyusha had to be roped in … Toral is extremely different and difficult for the audience to accept her as Anandi … Pratyusha was suttle, gentle and also innocent .. Toral in contrast to that looks old and machure its difficult to make viewers hook on to the television as she and shiv does not have good chemistry …

  • Neha

    Today’s episode was really bad .the more u try to make us see shiv-anandi ,the more repulsive serial it one can pamper this new anandi.and shiv looks very wierd when he tries to do that.both together look very artificial.pls save us from this ridiculous pair.they dont match eachother.pls change the present anandi if u cant woo pratyusha to come back,as soon as may be.

  • Prerna

    Colors, plz change Shiv also, the way u hv replaced Anandi.
    Toral is no gud for the present Shiv. Find her a new Shiv , who looks appropraite with her. Sid shukla is too gud for her. She has no chemistry with him.
    Thanks for turning the most watchable show,as the most horrible on air today.

  • shona

    guyz lets accept it dat shez not comin.back.. even though we plead n cry our eyes out, this toral lady is not leavin d show.. n prats has got a new show on star plus wid vatsal seth.. its a major disappointment dat d audience has no say in dis matter.. dats how dey respect the audience!! to hell wid balika!

  • shanthi

    hi pratyusha plz come back soon for vewiers,no one can replace her,I stop watching BV

  • Neha

    Today’s episode was too repulsive to watch .it seems shiv was romancing his mom.pls dont play the ‘choudhary’ song for these two stupid people.u r spoiling the song as well. If u think the episode was romantic pls forget it it was awful.pls change shiv as well .they dont look lovers at all. Pls do something about this funny jodi.pls do something abt it as soon as may b .r u making this serial for urself or for the audience.if for the audience then pls listen to so what so many people r saying. So many people cannot b wrong .pls change this new anandi .

  • Nale

    Blandly have replaced it! The BIG shame and unprofessional!
    SIN GOD WHAT ARE THEY MADE BY Prats and to all of us!
    RETURN PRATS you have no other option, we will not looking forward.

  • maria fernandes

    We do not like the new girl cast as Anandi. She is ugly. She cannot act and she does not at all suit the character. She lacks the innocence of Pratusha and does not at all suit Shiv. Please replace and bring back Pratusha or else caste some one else because you people have ruined the serial right at the time when the romance between shiv and Anandi was blossoming with this ugly Toral. Please do the suggested changes at the earliest or else loose your viewership

  • Mariana

    What;s with the stupid exuce that Prat was tired? I think this producer or whoever else thinks we’re sheep that he can sell any story too. Toral is so ugly, maybe they should have put her in some other role, but NOT Anandi. Prat as Anandi and Shiv had very good chemistry. This new actress looks so fake with all forced smiles and other things, they could have at least found a younger actress. If that producer had 1/10 of the brain he should do everything in his power to bring Prat back..

  • Shalini

    Director of BV said in his interview: uske paas tym hee nahi hota tha…
    Are u kidding??she gave 3 yrs to this show and at the end u blame her only…Is she machine??director is shameless person..i hate u..

    • Nataly

      Director of Balika Vadhu is deaf and myopically,in short-he`s not all there!!!

    • Nataly

      Director of Balika Vadhu is not all of there…Pratyusha to replace was a very,very,very stupid decision!!!This decision is the end of Balika Vadhu!!!

  • Archana

    I watch only this serial for see the main charactor anandi &shiv.the new anandi in not suit balika vadhu pls change this girl soon…………pls

  • senka

    Please,bring back Pratyusha!

    • Nataly

      Yesss…that`s all what we need…
      Bring us our Chaudhary=our Anandi=our Pratyusha back…
      and the world would be OK…

  • Sumana

    When i discovered that Anandi has been changed, I stopped watching the serial since it is very difficult to tolerate her.

  • Nataly

    My God,have a mercy with us,bring us Pratyusha back…

  • samarth

    i want pratusha back………..immedietly….

  • Linda

    Pratyusha was and will be the best.I love her very much im very veryyyy sad that she’s gone :( :(

  • Neha

    Now we dont feel like watching BV .not seen for the last few days.whenever shiv and anandi appear on the screen it becomes intolerable.jagya – ganga track is much better now .pls concentrate on that.u have spoilt the charm and beauty of the serial.if pratyusha can work for some other channel then why not for BV? I think u have made a big mess of once a beautiful show .very good keep it up.

  • Richa

    Pls make some arrangements so that we r able to enjoy the show as we earlier used to do.we use to wait for shiv – anandi but now these two cannot b watched together .we cannot see the show now .if u r concerned for the viewers pls do the needful .bring in someone who at least looks younger to shiv. Shiv really looks good and young,newly married but this new anandi looks like a woman of 35 years .mr director , r u blind can’t u see what everyone else can .if yes then change this anandi .if not then u dont deserve to b a director.then u quit the show.

  • diya

    BV is sinkingg… Now wat i do is in 8 to 8 30 slot instead of switching on colours channel i start internet n watch episodes frm 14th may 2012 , that is shiv’s entry. wat all we love is the best ever chemistry between sid n pratyusha so who cares for the storyline . its the matter of entertainment n this toral ohhhhh my godddddddddddd cannot bear her ,so i hav found the option to see all d episodes repeat on net n skip bv if prats is not brought back

  • Reema

    Even i hv stopped watching BV.this new anandi is really repulsive.hate to see her with shiv. U hv very beautifully spoilt the best show.Thats why its said that its very difficult to digest the success i think this totally applies to the BV producer and director.but mayb these two guys r not that great .

  • Reema

    Why did u throw that ugly anandi in the water.?she looks horrible with make-up.but in water she almost looks like a ghost.pls dont try to scare us coz we r already tired seeing her making dirty faces.try to show her beautiful side which u saw while taking her auditions for the role of anandi

  • bibir

    N E V E R!!!! Toral is empty,untalented, she looks older than all the mothers in the show!Toral and Sid look horrible together! We all hope that some smart TV station will unite Sid and Prats in new best show!

  • Vijaya

    Tarol is pathetic.. no expressions on her face !!!!!!!!!!!!Why is BV still trying to continue..sure success has gone over head for them…

  • Priya

    Sid- Pratyusha , rocked as Shiv- Anandi. Toral is very disappointing and inappropriate for the role of Anandi. she looks very mature with Shiv. Now, even Siddharth’s (Shiv’s ) good looks and talent are wasted with his on-screen pairing with Toral. Pls,bring Pratyusha back to the show for us.

  • Sanjanna

    Colors.plz———-hv mercy on the viewers& bring Prats back to BV and let us watch the show again.Sid-Prats are an amazing on-screen romantic couple. Toral is pathetic and sickening, for the role of “Anandi” & for such a handsome and talented Siddharth (Shiv). We want, the Shiv- Anandi(Sid-Prats) magical pair,back immediately.

  • Karul

    This toral is a very bad actor…..who says that she’s a nic actor……..she is just a waste for balika vadhu……i want pratiyusha back…………..because she is the only one….who can play the role of anandi…………..pratiyusha is a damn true actor…….and experession is just so superb……..plz……..come back and take her back ………i wish you should come….because me and my family…missing you a lot…..plz come back…….

  • Richa

    The only difference now is that after watching today’s episode we can say that u have totally wasted the romantic scene between shiv and anandi. Had this been picturized on shiv -pratyusha we would have watched all the repeats but now one time watch was enough for a headache.both of them look really repulsive.romance is the last thing that can b imagined between them.anyhow it seems that the dir-producer have no choice but to continue with this’s ok .if u r hell bent upon showing this nonsense to viewers ,then carry on till everyone’s patience is tested.must say that u have really got all the art to spoil a good show.

  • Parvati

    So disgusting she is, oh my god. I’m boycotting Colors not just for firing Pratyusha and disrespecting viewers but for the vulgarity that it shows now.

  • Arti

    Its 23 March, & romance is gone with Pratyusha. Toral is like a dummy, acting without soul. she looks shiv’s mom. Her eye movements, her wide lips are disgusting and her acts are fake. This is heartbreaking I don’t know how does Siddharth feel acting with her. Sorry Colors.

  • Arti

    Its 23rd March, & romance is gone with Pratyusha. Toral is like a dummy, acting without soul. she looks shiv’s mom. Her eye movements, her wide lips are disgusting and her acts are fake. This is heartbreaking I don’t know how does Siddharth feel acting with her. Sorry Colors.

  • shalini

    Toral looks ugly,pathetic and charmless too..if colors genuienly respect loyal viewers then end up this show…

  • Richa

    There is a news in which shiv-anandi will consummate their marriage,pls have mercy on viewers .their love confession was hard to bear and now this would definitely b a big torture for the viewers.pls have mercy on us. They both look sick together .but i think the masters of BV won’t understand ever.there r plenty of beautiful girls around,couldnt u get anyone better than toral.the girl who suits shiv’s character.pls show as less as u can .we will understand on our own.

  • Nataly

    I shows my mom the new Anandi and she cried and said:I don’t want to watch it,not anymore…

  • neetu

    New anandi looks more of shiv’s mom..ugly face.fake acting.plz replace her as soon as possible.i hate her lile anything.y u wnt to lose ur audience…

  • pr

    No need to show any accident inBV….this new aunty face already seems like as if she has met with an accident….alreaday nearly 50000have already watching this… ur competitors have an edge…..she is even not compatible with other characters in the show…..but everything that startsshould have an end…..may be this is the end of this serial

  • Nataly


  • renjini

    toral is good looking… toral is very good as anandi…
    dont replace her

    • Nataly

      Regards from Germany…
      Toral looks really good-like Shiv’s aunt…
      and Toral is really good as ChotiAnandi…

  • NEha

    Pls its really sad that the director and producer ofBV r not listening to their audience.if toral would have been such a great actor , people would have known her , she would have been famous but despite working for few serials , we had never heard of this name but the amazing fact is that the director Mr PRADEEP YADAV saw something great in her which we have still not been able to see in her.pls wake up mr DIRECTOR.she makes such dirty faces that its very hard to bear her. Pls do something about her.

  • sshrestha

    we have stopped watching Bv.Plz bring back Prats. Until & unless Prats will join the BV – the show should off on air. Toral aunty should go. She is disgusting and mismatched.

  • Christina Lobo Jha

    honestly, She looks older and she seems to be whispering all the time. It seems as if she is muttering to her self. that smile of her drives me nuts! I think she lacks that chemistry with Shiv…Her scenes where shes leaving her maika are dull and boring…I love Ganga..shes done an excellent job of her role!!!!

  • Neha

    This is a strange question if toral can b a better anandi? No ways .prats used to talk with her eyes.toral cant talk through her mouth properly.prats made us watch the serial very religiously while toral has made us switch off our tv at 8:00 pm.this is the difference.both of them have nothing in common they r poles dont even ask if toral can b a better anandi. No chance Mr DIRECTOR.

    • honey

      s,u r right.abhi prats ko imitate karne lagi.phir bhi waste.kuch faida nahi hoga.e poor toral kab jaanegi ki may kabhi bhi anandi nahi ban paungi.

  • PBon

    I don’t think the current actress justifies anandi’s role at all. She looks smart, street savvy and speaks/behaves with the kind of air that nowhere represents Anandi’s personalilty. Anandi came a long way in her life but there is still some level of innocence and rural charm in her that Pratyusha portrayed very well but the new Anandi is totally missing that. Honestly it’s humiliating to see Shiv drag feet everywhere behind the new Anandi like her peon. Her presence is too strong for Anandi’s role and looks totally out of character. This change is definitely going to come back and bite colors in the behind.

  • dimple

    Toral as anandi doesn’t suit the role.she is a plain jane doesn’t know how to make correct expressions . Please if possible change the actor.

  • vaishu

    we want to see nivedita tiwari as anandhi