Balika Vadhu’s Siddharth Shukla: I am ready to marry, but there’s no bride yet

Balika Vadhu’s Siddharth Shukla: I am ready to marry, but there’s no bride yet

He’s hot and one of the most eligible bachelors of Indian television. But where is the lady he can share his life with?

Siddharth Shukla talks about why he is single, how Balika Vadhu changed his life and why the show is No.1…

Wasn’t your role in Balika Vadhu initially supposed to be a cameo?

No, I don’t think it was a cameo. And am really glad it was not.

How did you bag the role?

Like any other actor, I just went for an audition and got it.

Has the show changed your life in any way?

Yes, Balika Vadhu has altered my life drastically. I have received a lot of acceptance and recognition, mainly because the show is so big. All my other TV shows were also good and popular, but the reach was slightly less in comparison to Balika Vadhu.

They say that the female lead is the hero of the show – agree/ disagree?

To be very honest, I feel that there are no leads as such in television. Mainly ‘coz a story cannot function with just one person. It’s a medium where everyone has their moment of fame. At some point or the other, every character gets prominence over the others, so at that time they are the lead in the script.

Do you think Indian daily soaps are regressive?

I think they are absolutely regressive. There’s no denying that. Indian television is like a fast food joint – every minute you want to change it. The moment something doesn’t draw TRPs, it is changed. People won’t dare to try something new because they fear that it may not work. If the channel doesn’t get the required TRP, it won’t get advertisements and hence won’t make money. They are too scared to try something different. That’s the reason why we keep circling around the tried and tested methods. ‘Coz it’s easier and the results are guaranteed.

Did you watch the show before you got the role?

Frankly, before Balika Vadhu, I was busy doing other shows. I did manage to catch a few episodes, but my family watched it more ardently. However, I knew what was going on and the whole premise of the show before I took up the role.

So can you shed some light on what’s going to happen next in Balika Vadhu?

Our writer Purnendu and his creative team are the ones who decide what happens next. ‘Coz I have no idea, and if you find out, do let me know as well!

Has the character of Shiv had any effect on Siddharth, the person?

I am nothing like the character. Shiv is a balanced, understanding, wonderful and great human being and I am not like that at all. There’s a lot to learn from Shiv, and I take some part of him home with me every day.

Which show according to you is the biggest competition for Balika Vadhu?

Honestly, Balika Vadhu has no competition. Let’s not go by the numbers game. The way the show is written and executed is very different from any other. It is neither rhetoric nor repetitive. In the TRP race we may come second or sometimes third, but Balika Vadhu still outshines a lot of other shows.

You are considered one of the hottest bachelors in the television industry – have you received any marriage proposals since you started in Balika Vadhu?

Are you serious! Is it really true? Wow, you just made my day! I had heard about this, but never believed it before. Well, I did get a few calls and people have randomly approached me for marriage, but I think it’s more to do with the adulation of the character I portray.

So when do you plan to marry for real?

Well, plans are completely there and I’m all ready to be the groom, but there is no bride yet.

So what kind of life partner are you looking for?

Frankly, I have no type in my mind. Just that it should be someone I can connect and communicate with and someone who knows how to have fun.

So why are you still single?

My schedule is very busy; I have no time for anything. Plus, I think I’m very boring as a person and I don’t have a life.

What do you do when you are not working?

When I am not shooting, I am either in the gym or spending time at home with my family. If there’s nothing else, then I just try and catch up on some sleep.


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  • nolla

    Go head my dear, this is the right time. Am sure you ll soon find someone, “your soulmate”

    Best wishs.

  • nolla

    By the way Siddhart, i 4got to mention in my last comment, that i loved all your answers. Man God continue blessing you with succes, happiness & now a persone who ll always love you & also keep you happy.

  • shazia

    luvd n adore u to fullest..!! wish u soon find a perfect soulmate with God’s grace..!God bless..

  • sonalika

    he he u dnt have girl to marry..cnt believe!! well i m ready to marry
    wish u get ur dream partner soon..luv yaa..muahhh!!

  • no one

    love unSiddhart, you are wonders, hope you get the best in the world.

  • Danijela


  • Tatjana

    Definitely one of the most adorable characters, too bad he is boring

  • bellucci

    Love you Siddhart Shukla, if you were here, i would marry you straight away. You are so handsome, everything about you is great and wonderfull. If only….

    Smile, i love you

  • bilonda

    My dear Sidd, a man like you will not stay single very long. Now that you ve decided, we are all ready to marry you, you ve now to make your choice. But dont worry, even if am not chosen, you ll always be mine!!!

    Luv, B

  • Jayanti Pal

    you are so correctly apt in your role.. and make the character “shiv” very admirable. It is good to hear that you are most eligible bachelor..still now..he he…but dont worry you will get your partner very soon..

    Wish you luck
    Love you.

  • Zoya

    Siddharth pls don date with dis new anandi toral. U luk gud wit pratyusha. Lov u

  • bhavna

    god bless you x we love you dear.

  • bhavna

    god bless you we love you

  • sharmila

    his sidh i am also fan of u plz sidh bring pratyusha back u look good with pratyusha not with toral its really good acting of pratyusha plz plz shiv bring pratyusha back

  • nolla

    Happy Holi SIDDHART SHUKLA. Love you loads my GREEK GOD.

    Congrats for the rank.

  • likitha

    sid ur the best actor on tv!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesum keep up the work!!! <3 u!!!

  • ruchi

    hi sid. .u’r indeed an awsm actor as u’ve done cmplete justice in portraying d character of shiv. .hope i get sm1 lyk shiv as my lyf partner nd ya lyk everyone is saying dat u’l nt remain single 4 long . . .hope u get d correct lyf partner. . .

  • Anita

    I just love him siddharth shukla :d

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  • deepti

    Siddharth, I want to ask to u that will u marry with me?