Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya trailer: Mika Singh and Shaan’s comical debut won’t tickle your funny bone-watch video!

The singers will be seen making their Bollywood debut through this film

Sensational singers Shaan and Mika Singh has conquered the music world of B-town with some memorable hits. The duo is now set to make their presence felt on the big screen with debut film titled Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya. The trailer of the film is out and we are sad to report that it doesn’t look the least bit convincing.

Trailers are supposed to keep the viewer intrigued by giving out only a hint of the plot so that the curiosity factor remains intact. Balwinder Singh through its sneak peek however comes across as a tale with no solid storyline for one to look forward to. Secondly the video comes across as a mere compilation of events with no definite beginning or end.

The one-liners of the film are likely to be predictable and boring, the same having been made obvious by the trailer. The humour content in the venture is slapstick and corny, with no funny wits or puns to save the sinking comedy ship.

Lastly, the attempt to make the film a typical “Bollywood” masala one comes across as a tad bit desperate. With Sunny Leone giving us her sexy poses in a bikini, the trailer offers nothing more than what has already been seen before by many. The background score of the video isn’t appealing either, which is surprising with the venture having two popular musicians as the leads.

We believe that Shaan and Mika Singh should stick to singing as they ace the game of tunes for sure. As far as Bollywood goes…well we have our doubts. Watch the trailer and post your comments below!