Ban Bollywood, says Pakistani film industry!

Bollywood films were described as promoters of vulgarity and screening them was termed unlawful

India’s dominant film industry, Bollywood, is popular in Pakistan. If films are not released there, they are pirated widely. Hindi cinema actors, right from Dilip Kumar to Amitabh Bachchan to Shahrukh, Aamir and Salman Khan, and Madhubala to Katrina Kaif, have fans across the border. This has affected the business, if any, of the Pakistani film industry. In a statement released at a Lahore press conference held by the newly formed Central Convening Committee, the Pakistani film industry’s main body, a complete ban on Indian films in Pakistan cinema theatres was called for. Central chairman Anwar Ali Waraich, in fact, called the display of Hindi films in the country an “underhanded collaboration of the Government and many cinema owners who have fake papers and documents allowing them to screen these films, while it is unlawful to screen any film in Pakistan which is shot in India”. The papers, he said, mentioned the shooting location as Dubai while they were shot in India. Waraich also said that “some members of the Ministry of Commerce are being bribed in order to make this happen, while it is an open secret that the Central Board of Revenue is an expert at taking bribes”. The chairman argued because of the screening of Bollywood films, “We don’t have the chance to display our own films…” adding that “…these films promote vulgarity”. The conference was attended by all and sundry of the industry, including actors, directors, producers, composers, writers, cameramen, junior artistes and technicians, among others.

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