Bang Bang beats Haider, Mary Kom and Singham Returns to become most loved trailer!

Bang Bang, Haider, Mary Kom, Singham Returns

In a battle of the trailers here’s how all the recent films have fared. Check it out…

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer Bang Bang teaser trailer released and went on to grab a million views online in less that 24 hours. That was justification enough to get to know that it was the most loved trailer, but still we decided to ask all of you BollywoodLifers as to which trailer did you love the best.

The options were Daawat-e-Ishq, Haider, Finding Fanny, Singham Returns, Mary Kom, Bang Bang, Creature 3D, Raja Natwarlal and Khoobsurat. You as fans have reverted and here are the results:

Bang Bang: 31%

Haider: 21%

Mary Kom: 19%

Singham Returns: 13%

Finding Fanny: 12%

Daawat-e-Ishq: 3%

Creature 3D: 1%

Khoobsurat: 0%

Raja Natwarlal: 0%

Thus, BollywoodLife gives a roaring round of applause to Bang Bang for its thumping victory. We hope the movie is as enthralling as the trailer. Keep reading this space for more updates on these movies.


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  • secretdeepi-love

    this shit movie!?

    • euglo

      shit movie is what u call happy new year it is shittiest if you call bang bang shit

      • secretdeepi-love

        if deepika would play in the movie u would hate it i swear youre obsessed about plastic,soo obsessed that you cant see the truth

    • khanhater

      Go online and see how many people r criticizing hny trailers…..
      srk is overacting like he did in oso,CE,mnik……
      deepika is wasting her time with srk…looks like his daughter
      also deepika is nothing in front of Katrina,even she hv agreed dat kat is most good looking dan her
      bang bang Blockbuster……hny flopbuster…

      • secretdeepi-love

        your plastickatrina dont look better than deepika have you seen katrina without plastics?!! she was very very ugly and deepika is natural beauty and deepika is thousand times better in acting if you dont know than dont comment

        • euglo

          ewww did you ever see deepika without makeup she applied millions of fairness cream she endoses to look good and boob jobs to show to her onscreen and ofscreen boyfriends

          • secretdeepi-love

            and have you seen katrina without plastics?
            UGLIEST EVER!!!!

        • khanhater

          yes what an (over)acting deepika has done. go and see in hny trailer…..”dance ek art hain” dialogue delivery style sucks long time…
          she always apply make up to look fairer, use breast implants….
          whereas kat is born beauty…..
          hny sucks big time……..bang bang blockbuster….

          • secretdeepi-love

            yes thats true that she use white make up,but katrina useses many plastics to look better she does her nose,her lips ,her lids,her cheeckbones and doesnt look prettier than deepikas natural skin,and shes not overacting,she does it outraged thats her role i know somethings about acting

        • najatlovekiss

          the word ugly is that the only word you no, you yourself no what you are saying about Katrina is force , get a life

          • secretdeepi-love


          • secretdeepi-love

            i was on holiday,so sorry for late comment:)))

          • najatlovekiss

            You are a joke

          • anonymous

            Why people are criticing hny this fact shows that all here are jealous of srk if you like bang bang that’s good it has a nice teaser but don’t abuse abt hny

          • najatlovekiss

            I really don’t get you

    • lol

      HNY yes it is exatly “6 losers”.Cheap trailer. But “khan” factor will save that at hny

      • secretdeepi-love

        just the same stupid plasticfans who reply me…
        im really bored

  • SRK…lover.

    Where is Happy New Year ?? Bring HNY also in this poll then see how it will beat Bang Bang.

    • euglo

      haha lol hny trailer relaeased today so how wld they have brough this crap film in there

    • saqib

      ha ha ha…….B grade movie happy new year.

      Hrithik rulesssss

  • Khan hater

    Go online and see how many people are criticizing hny trailer….
    it is worst trailer released in this year….
    hrithik rocks ,only he can beat all khans….he hv done it earlier also
    bang bang blockbuster……hny flopbuster….

    • Ved

      Abe madarchod..agar dum hai to 30 oct ka wait kar..jab HNY will complete 1 week and your Bang Bang’s collection will be out. Then we will see who is the box office king..Uske bad you will stop barking..

      • Hritik RULES

        Abe bhosdike Hny me kuch dum nahi hai …..jab tak Hny release hogi tab tak to bang bang 300 cr cross kar chuki hogi …..aur srk khud ka record bhi nahi tod payega (I.e. CE) ……HNY K Trailor mai sirf or sirf sonu aur deepika ki acting mein dum hai

        • patel

          Dipika ny b acting ki h lolxxxx. saray hi boht bkwass lg rae hn dipika ki acting to chinaee express jasi comedy lgti h bkwasss faltu!

      • loveu

        Lawde hny coming on diwali nd no clash with any big or small movie people dont have choice so they will watch this scrap. Are u getting or should i go ahead to fuck.

  • priya

    yuck…… Bang bang sucks!!! its so boring only hrithik can save the film but katrina will ruin it!!

    • euglo

      ya deepika ruined hny too

    • najatlovekiss

      did you really think before writing this, i think you are crazy person, everybody from both HR AND Katrina fans love this movie, and even inside bollywood love it, can you say the same thing for HYN, SORRY NO

  • dunken

    happy new year ……………………….biggest disappointment.

  • axay

    From the teaser only we can say the best Bollywood action movie so far.
    I want bang bang to break the record.
    It has already broken the record on YouTube.
    #hrithik #bangbang #can’twait

  • Vaibhav Shrivastava

    Hrithik Rules Always ..
    Its Bang Bang Teaser Who Beats Trailer Of Every Movie . .

    #BangBangRox #ihrithik Rules .. :)

  • Vaibhav Shrivastava

    Bang Bang Is Biggest MovieOf Bollywood Ever ,

  • Zain Kazmi

    O u guys u r fighting 4 Deepika , Katrina Srk , Hrithik HNY trailer , Bang Bang trailer let me inform u all the stupid people that Salman Khan’s Kick trailer is the first ever trailer to achieve 100,000 likes on Youtube due to Sallu’s Biggest fanbase in India including me (in Abu Dhabi , UAE) and as u r comparing that SRgay and Hrithik let me inform u that Salman Khan was , is , and will be the Box Office King in the Domesic market in ur India as he has the biggest fanbase in India currently . No.2 : Salman Khan’s Climax Shirtless act is the act where every Sallu haters says the word ”show off ” but it’s Sallu’s perfect and fittest physique that every fan of him including me wants him to show it onscreen and when Sallu takes his shirt off every fan of him including e whistles and applauds and the crowd goes crazy 4 his shirtless act not 4 ur bloody Hrithik Roshan . No.3 : I have mentioned here the word fittest physique of Salman Khan in Bollywood as u Hrithik fans don’t know that our Sallu was voted as the fittest man in Bollywood not ur Hrithik Roshan as he was also once voted as one of the Best Looking man in the world not ur Hrithik Roshan as he wasn’t voted just b’coz he is not that handsome than Salman Khan and if I have dissapointed u Hrithikmania than search ” 25 Most Good Looking Leading Actors in India ” ur Hrithik is 3rd while our Sallu is No.1 on the top . No.4 : Kick’s trailer was awsum , Bang Bang sucks , HNY double sucks , it is b’coz there were some daredevil n marvellous stunts done by our Sallu n guys 4 ur kind information Sallu did his own stunts even the train scene in Kick . No.4 : Stupid cheapika , n that cheater Katrina did not even did an Item song in Kick when Salman requested them but if they should’ve did an Item song in Kick still the whole credit goes to Jacqueline and Jacqueline did Kick with Salman now see her ‘about to doomed career ‘ will boost just like and more than Cheapika and Katrina . No.5 : Sonu Sood rejected Kick just b’coz of that Srgay’s HNY 4 ur kind information u Srkians Nawazuddin Siddique did a marvellous job as his performances before Kick were appreciated n love by the critics while Sonu Sood’s acting = nothing just a muscular physique like Salman .

    • euglo

      hahaha lol this is between hny and bang bang kat and deepika why bloody bring salman in this fight where he is not needed please kick has done what it needed to do now other movies will break records calm down hyper salman fan who typed bunch of bullshit

  • rakesh

    @disqus_ZblQneHB2X:disqus: Bhai tera profile pic hi kafi hai, itna lamba fekne ki kya jarurat thi

    • rr

      pata nahi kahi se lallu ka fan tapak gaya bakwaas pe bakwaas likhi hai

  • diamond khan salman

    If not bb bang bang then another bb bajrangi bhaijaan will shatter all records

  • diamond khan salman

    But let me tell you hny trailer got thumps down by audiences… so the movie can’t pick up from here srgay Lambi naak knows that…so going on world tour so can earn money in dollors.. looser