Bani Ishq Da Kalma Hai: Will Bani come back to the Bhullar house?

Parmeet has signed the divorce papers and Bani has accepted it, but will she leave the Bhullar house now that she is single again?

Bani Ishq Da Kalma is currently witnessing two extreme cases. On one side Bani (Shefali Sharma) is getting divorced and on the other side Rajji (Neha Bagga) and Soham (Adhvik Mahajan) are rewriting their vows of marriage. Bani wants to move on in life and find a new agenda. She thinks about all the things she endured at the hands of Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary), the changes in her and what all she lost in the process to get justice. And now when she wants to go ahead with her life, something seems amiss in her heart and she doesn’t know what or why.

In two days, it is Rajji’s birthday and Sohum wants to surprise her with a romantic proposal. He calls Bani to come and she uses this as an excuse to get out of the Bhullar house and to avoid hurting anyone. However, in spite of all that Bani has been through, she is reluctant to leave the house. She cries and imagines her whole life pass by in front of her. Finally she packs her bags and leaves. Parmeet comes back home and his eyes search for Bani. Everyone tells him that she has left the house to go for her sister’s wedding.

When Bani doesn’t come back after two days, Parmeet starts wondering if Bani has left them permanently and moved on. He tries to get in touch with her, but she avoids him and refuses to take his calls. Will Parmeet try to woo Bani and convince her to come back to him? Or will he ask Bani to marry him again and promise to keep all his vows this time?

Watch this space to see what Parmeet does next to keep Bani in his life.