Bani Ishq Da Kalma’s Bani, Rajji, Parmeet and Sohum talk about Baisakhi

Bani Ishq Da Kalma’s Bani, Rajji, Parmeet and Sohum talk about Baisakhi

Folk dance, music, sweets and a feeling of togetherness complete the celebrations of Baisakhi

The cast and crew of Bani Ishq Da Kalma, who began their show on Baisakhi completed a year. Shefali Sharma, Gaurav Chaudhary, Adhvik Mahaj and Neha Bagga share their plans for Baisakhi this year

Shefali Sharma aka Bani: “Last year, during Baisakhi, we had just started shooting for Bani. We complete one year this Baisakhi. I wish Wahe Guruji continues to shower his blessings on our show, Bani for many more years to come. The production team has planned a small get-together on the sets on the eve of Baisakhi and I look forward to celebrating with them.”

Gaurav Chaudhary aka Parmeet: “This year, I will be celebrating Baisakhi with the cast of Bani, and I am really looking forward to it. We have grown really close over the past year of working together hence celebrating Baisakhi with the cast will be like celebrating with family. Back in Delhi, we used to celebrate Baisakhi through the ritualistic bonfire along with friends and family members – the foot-tapping music throughout the city would make the whole city come alive for Baisakhi. Also, I have a sweet tooth and plan to skip calorie counting and indulge in my favorite sweets.”

Adhvik Mahaj aka Sohum: “Being from Punjab where Baisakhi is celebrated on a very large scale, it will be very hard for me to not miss home. But nonetheless, I am looking forward to celebrating this day with my extended Bani family on the sets. Also, a close friend of mine is coming to Mumbai and I have asked him to bring me some of my favorite homemade sweets like Moong Dal Halwa.”

Neha Bagga aka Rajji: “Folk dance, music and a feeling of togetherness underline the celebrations of Baisakhi for me. At home, we celebrate Baisakhi by visiting gurudwaras followed by a langar. I am planning to cook kada prasad for the whole cast of Bani and celebrate Baisakhi with them.”Subscribe to me on YouTube