BARFI! song: Ranbir Kapoor makes Ileana D’Cruz fall in love with Main kya karoon

BARFI! song: Ranbir Kapoor makes Ileana D’Cruz fall in love with Main kya karoon

Ranbir’s subtle innocence instills romance into this sweet melodious number

He pulls out his nose hair, leaves his zipper open and falls off the bicycle in front of the girl he loves, but still manages to woo her. Now, would you fall in love with a guy like that? Well, when the guy is Ranbir Kapoor, we bet you would!

This song from Barfi! gives you those sweet moments and antics topped with funny expressions that will make you go ‘awww’. Here’s the touch of innocence that only an actor like Ranbir Kapoor can bring to romance. His cute ways of wooing his lady love Ileana D’Cruz really touch your heart.

Singer Nikhil Paul George adds a velvet touch to this breezy melody called Main Kya Karoon. Pritam keeps the composition light and makes it flow effortlessly.

Watch the video and tell us if you would fall in love with Barfi!

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  • meghani

    Main kya karoon is not sung by was ala barfi.. any way movie seems to be promising..ranbir will giv a superlative performance for sure..and music is great too..great work by team barfi including dir.anurag basu, ranbir, priyanka, illeana and others

  • Aditi

    This is sung by Nikhil Paul…

  • shuaib mapari

    Owesum song ranbir is became a sharukh khan.
    Srk ke baad RBK. I wanna work with anutag basu. Plz give me an 1 chance

  • balwer singh rathore

    Hey my name is rathore because theier so sweet

  • Alexandru

    Hip Grandma,Thanks. What you say is true. We want our kids to be outspoken and bold but we want them to acpect our decisions without question. It took me a long time to teach myself to acpect my daughter’s criticism or complaints without playing the I am your parent so listen to me card But at the same time I am also trying to teach her to present her views and opinions (on ANY matter including my parenting) civilly and without sarcasm or anger. In turn, I have to practice the same with her. I believe many parents just don’t think of the long term consequences of their kids’ actions. Specially when the kids are under 5 we laugh everything off as cute. But when those kids grow up to be bratty pre-teens with potty mouths, we bemoan their bad attitudes. This leaves the kids confused and rebellious what was considered cute and laughed at just a few years ago is now reason for lengthy lectures from adults. When I look at ill-behaved kids, I wonder what their early childhood must have been like, what environment they must have grown up in, how his/her parents must have handled discipline matters. Maybe I am being too harsh but I do see direct correlation between bratty behavior and ineffective discipline.