Baybee Bachchan makes a Twitter debut!

Her father Abhishek Bachchan and grandfather Amitabh Bachchan are already tweeters. Now the new baby does it….or does it?

The power of technology and the passion for all things Bollywoodian never fails to amaze us. Just a few short hours after the new Bachchan baby entered the world, a Twitter account was already set up for the infant. It began with @BaybeeBachchan tweeting, “*yawn* *blinks* Who’s my daddy?” and went through a series of hilariously pointed cracks at the parents, the granddad, the fans and sycophants and much else. While we know that it is not The Baby who has this account and we realise full well that the family would not tweet thusly even if any one of them had set up the moniker, we cannot help giggling when we read some of the entries. After all, cheeky or even rude and anti-Bachchan though they may be, with a certain direct animosity towards newbie papa Abhishek Bachchan they certainly do make sense. For instance:@BaybeeBachchan says, “Hey XXXX, You think I have chance in Bollywood? Like neither of my parents”. Then there is the one that goes, “Hey maum, where doo aye git ma axsent frum? I don’t remembah goin to no airport.” But our firm favourite is the one directed at new mum Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: “Mummy, was i worth it?”