Bbuddah – hoga grand-Paa!

Bbuddah – hoga grand-Paa!

We like the idea of a new baby in the Bachchan clan, but shouldn’t the parents do the telling first?

The big bad world of Bollywood has been buzzing madly since last night, when Amitabh Bachchan announced on his blog and as a tweet in all-caps: NEWS NEWS NEWS !! I AM GOING TO BECOME A GRANDFATHER .. AISHWARYA EXPECTING .. SO HAPPY AND THRILLED !!! And the angry older man burbled away in his blog, speaking of the joy of becoming a Dada to the first baby Bachchan: “and now cometh the progeny of my son that shall bear the surname Bachchan – the first in this generation …” He said, “To be a child again, to pamper and give love and company and all things bright and beautiful to the little one that shall take over all our attention in the days to come.” Well, at least it explains why the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was looking so…err…well rounded at Cannes and later at Chantilly recently. Look at the pictures of her in a delicate lace frock in France and you can see, if you really want to, a tiny bump where it was once flat and sexy middle. We are indeed happy for the whole family, from the expectant parents, the grandparents, the various other relatives – too many and varied to name – and those connected in some way, but we have a little niggle that has been bothering us since we heard the news. Shouldn’t the father-to-be say something in all this euphoria, since he is a fairly enthusiastic tweeter? How come Paa is doing the announcing? We just wondered…. We like the idea of a new baby in the Bachchan clan, but shouldn’t the parents do the telling first?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Vikash Kumar

    Hmmm…! Finally.

  • sajan singh

    salman ab tumhara six pack se kam nahi chalega khub khao body shody banao ab hame chahie barah pack…………………………kyoki mery move me mujhe barah pack chahie…………..babhi kya bolta barah pack dega…………..reply fast……………..ok…………. i am dabang n no bardast hurdang………..kya bolta

  • 121

    nice combo

  • renu

    Congrats abhi & aish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • umer01

    well Big B will become grand paa in a few days so this saying is almost right

  • rkagiwak

    hi, bachchan sir congrats to you & ur family on this joyous news&moment