Beintehaa: Aaliya leaves Zain and shifts to Hyderabad!

Beintehaa: Aaliya leaves Zain and shifts to Hyderabad!

Zain and Aaliya’s love story will soon see a new twist

Previously we had reported that Colors hit show Beintehaa will take a one year leap. Well, the makers have indeed fast tracked the plot as Aaliya (Preetika Rao) has shifted her base to Hyderabad. After her separation with Zain (Harshad Arora), Aaliya opened a hotel in the capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

In yesterday’s episode while Zain remembers Aaliya on their anniversary, the lead female protagonist is shown as a busy dhaba owner. Zain plans to make a new hotel named after Aaliya, which his mother Surraiya (Suchitra Pillai) does not approve of.

On the other hand, Zarina (Kamya Punjabi) tries to boss around in Surraiya’s house. The new entrant has already assumed that she is the owner of Barkath Empire and refers herself as ‘Begum Sahiba.’ Meanwhile Zain tells Surraiya that he is going to Hyderabad for work

Will the lovebirds meet? Will Surraiya ever come to know about Zarina’s ill intentions? Stay tuned to find out!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Starry

    ZaYa will always get together..Ohh how I HATE that Rahaan… His children called Aaliya mum… I mean wtf… Poor Zain… It’s not all his fault…

  • poonam

    But rehaan is a gud person. Even then aaliya should be with zain

  • Aahil

    The dhaba, the attitude, the dressing, IS ALL A COPY OF SANAM FROM QUBOOL HAI !!! LAME SHOW TRYING ITS HARDEST TO GARNER TRP’s BY COPYING !!!! pfft !

  • go

    kick is bad movie

  • go

    beintiha is bad show

  • aziz baloch

    You are right ahil

  • zaya fan

    Beintehaa rocks ….

  • karthik

    Capital city of Telangana and not Andhra Pradesh