Beintehaa: After Kamya Punjabi and Neil Motwani, Priya Shinde to enter the show!

Thu, August 21, 2014 3:00pm IST by
Beintehaa: After Kamya Punjabi and Neil Motwani, Priya Shinde to enter the show!

The television actress will play an integral role in the show

The makers of Colors’ hit show Beintehaa seem to be on a roll as they are introducing new characters on the show, one after the other. Previously, we had informed you that television actors Kamya Punjabi and Neil Motwani will enter the show, now the latest entrant in the show is Priya Shinde, the Splitsvilla fame.

As per the sources, Priya will play Surraiya’s (Suchitra Pillai) friend’s daughter named Sanam. She will be an independent girl and a publisher by profession. Surraiya will be impressed by Sanam’s confidence and would want Zain (Harshad Arora) to marry her. She would force Zain to divorce Aaliya (Preetika Rao), as soon as possible, so that she could get her son hooked with Sanam.

Speaking to an entertainment portal Priya confirmed the news, “Yes, I am shooting for Beintehaa. I play the parallel lead opposite Zain.” While Kamya and Neil’s entry has already raised many eyebrows, we wonder what new twist Priya’s character will introduce in the show. Stay tuned to find out!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Starry

    This is not happening…. How can this be when they will find out about Nafeesa and Zain wont divorce Aliya because Nafeesa admits to her mistakes… But Zain did promise something to Surraya… Who knows what… But didn’t one article say that Aliya will marry Rahen… And has she?… NO… But im still hoping this isn’t true… This will break many hearts… She doesn’t even suit Zain… ZaYa are MENT to be… PLZZ don’t make her marry Zain… Youll spoil everything… I know it cant always be about Zain and Aliya all luvvy dubby but you cant make Zain marry this person… This news has just ruined my mood… :,(

    • anonymous

      Yes pplease donot separate zain n aliyah…this will really break many hearts…i wl stope watching this serial as this wl b same as otherstupid serials….i liked ds serial due to the togethrnesss of zain n aliya n if tht wl nt b there so whhts d use of watching it…show makers its a request nt to separate them plz

      • sam

        Dnt separate zain n aliyahh….

      • Starry

        No one should ever stop watching Beintehaa because no matter what happens ZaYa will always get together at the end… Its just the beginning and middle we have to see … No matter what happens, always watch Beintehaa and always love ZaYa…<3 <3 <3 Whatever the producers do… They do to make us keep watching.. So we just have to be patience and wait and see what happens…

  • Starry

    Who knows if Zain will listen to that recording. What if Nafeesa gets it before then… But I know for a fact that Zain will hear it but I just dont know when… And that girl Sanam is such a dog… I hate her and Surraya… I actully felt bad when she got tortured but now looking back, SHE DESERVES EVER BIT OF IT… im soo upset knowing about this. Especially just watching it know, I dont think ill be able to sleep… :, (:, (:, (

  • Smita

    This is simply shocking & we cannot accept this..

  • Smita

    They started the serial with a different vibe & now they are making it as usual like every other daily sopa..kinda like Ekta Kapoor’s serials – Kasauti Zindagi ki..
    We being the regular audience expected something different from this soap but seems it’s gonna ruin…the production do not realize they will loose the TRp’s if they separate Zaya..

  • Smita

    I really do not know where we have a good portal to reach out to the Beintehaa team..where we can tell them what the audience expects & if not 100% try to maintain dat by 60% to keep your audience intact..otherwise you will loose TRP’s and also the serial will shut down…
    I am just so low since y’day, how can they separate can Zain give divorce to Aaliya..this is highly enaaceptable :( :’(