Beintehaa and Rangrasiya to be replaced by Akshay Kumar’s Bigg Boss 8?

Beintehaa and Rangrasiya to be replaced by Akshay Kumar's Bigg Boss 8?

The popular shows aired on Colors are likely to be replaced by the controversial reality show

Not so long time ago, we told you that rumours are doing rounds that Akshay Kumar and not Shah Rukh Khan will be replacing Salman Khan as the Bigg Boss 8 host. There’s more goss on Bigg Boss 8. We hear that Bigg Boss 8 is likely to replace two prime shows on Colors, Beintehaa and Rangrasiya, which will go off air!

A source was quoted by a website, “Makers of Beintehaa are considering of changing the storyline of the show. After a couple of months, they might end the track of Zain essayed by Harshad Arora by killing him in the show and the focus of the show will shift from Barkat Villa. The other development that we hear is that with Bigg Boss Season 8 coming on air on Colors, Beintehaa and Rangrasiya having the time slot of 9:00pm and 9:30pm respectively, will go off air. The main reason for channel to pull down the shows is, both the shows are not getting the TRPs as expected by the channel. On the contrary, Bigg Boss is a TRP gainer.”

Well, Beintehaa and Ragrasiya fans are sure gonna be disappointed with this news. However, they will have something more exciting like Bigg Boss 8 to look forward to, hai na? Stay tuned for more updates about Bigg Boss 8!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Vivek

    Beinteha started promisingly but the divorce of Alia and Zen made a mess of the story line and many viewers like me stopped watching the show.

  • Kanika

    Seriously and the next step to make the serial super flop would be zain’s death. The first was their divorce.When d serial was started we the viewers had many expectations with it and it was also going gud but after hearing the divorce news i m just hating it. To the beintehaa script makers u guys r the only cause for this reduction in TRP.

  • Jay

    We love Rangraisya and Paro&Rudra is the best jodi and show. This show was film like action then got us glued but then the show slowed down then stop fans watching it. Still rather have Rangrasiya show to continue then Big boss returning. Time slot was difficult for most of the fans to watch and this Rangrasiya show was the voted the best on Color and best in indian tv soaps

    • shobhitha

      yep.. u r right. rangrasiya z d best serial in colors. n ashish & sanaya d best ever jodi.. plz dont end up rangrasiya guyss..

      • preeto

        Its true,colors should den stop bringing such promising shows only to disappoint pole jus like dey ended na bole tum na Maine kuch kaha , serials like sasural,madhubala,utran suck I don’t know why dey CNT replace dose,rangrasiya should have aired in another channel

  • shobhitha

    what rubbish!! why do you guyss always end up some really gud shows for these crap like bigg boss 7 or 8!!!!!!! and there r other serials as well, like madhubala,sasural or uttaran,which neither hav an awesome storyline to wait 4 it z too long time since those serials started n yes what z d prob if this show bigg boss go on air @ 10- 11?its a fact that it was bound to be banned by broadcasting authorities due to abusive language.. so plzz guyzz don end up rangrasiya… its soo gud.

    • arohi

      I agree. but colors people are ridiculous, they always judge shows on behalf of trp, beintehaa and rangrasiya don’t have that much high trps, so they might end them

    • khushnaz

      Big boss should go on air at 10 to 11 I love to Watch Beintehaa Lekin Shayad big Boss Ke Wajha se Ab Nahi Dekh Paungi

  • preety

    Colors suck I wish rangrasiya was airing on another channel

  • Ashish ki Deewani

    its true……i wanna watch ashish ……ha cant go like this…i agree that bigg boss should be aired b/w 10 and 11

  • Beinteha lover

    Hate big boss just luvvvvvv beinteha specially Zain. How can we watch beinteha now?? Seriously I can’t believe this. In Uk we all bigggg fan of Zain n Aliya