Beintehaa: Are Aaliya and Zain falling in love?

Beintehaa: Are Aaliya and Zain falling in love?

It’s a love-hate story with few twists and turns that has the audience hooked so far…

Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya (Preetika Rao) got married to each other due to parental pressure. Though the two could not stand each other at one point; the couple shares good friendship. Seems like things are finally looking up for the two of them. While we may assume that love is finally happening between the two, soon there will be some full-fledged romantic sequence – Harshad Arora says that it may not exactly turn out that way.

In an interview, the dishy dude said, “Aaliya and Zain do not love each other yet; neither do they hate each other.” So when will we be seeing the romantic angle? Well according to the recent update, Aaliya will be concerned about Zain and his well being. When he complains about a headache, Aaliya as a dutiful wife will opt to give him tel maalish. Awww…. So cute! She will take care of his food, clothes, his likes, dislikes and even his moods. Zain in return will take care of Aaliya and her family. The concern is mutual.

The current track showcases how Aaliya and Zain will join hands to search his missing sister Barkhat. Will this new track bring them closer? Well truth be told, it will and it will not as well. They may join forces to find Barkhat and get closer in doing so but their bond will be disrupted by the upcoming twists.Subscribe to me on YouTube