Beintehaa: Is Rehaan falling for Aaliya?

Beintehaa: Is Rehaan falling for Aaliya?

The newest entrant on the show has begun to fall in love with Aaliya

Early last week we had reported that the lead pair of Beintehaa, Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya (Preetika Rao) will soon be separated coz of the new entrant Rehaan (Nandish Sandhu). From the ongoing episodes we can see that Rehaan who is fighting Zubair’s (Mohit Malhotra) case has already begun to fall for Aaliya.

In the last few episodes Aaliya has constantly been taking potshots at Rehaan for various reasons. Despite her rude behavior, Rehaan has patiently dealt with Aaliya and has been by her side. The lawyer has even been spotted staring at the female protagonist. Moreover, when Aaliya left Zain’s house on Surraiya’s insistence it was Rehaan who had dropped Aaliya at her relative’s residence.

Interestingly, Surraiya (Suchitra Pillai) has asked for Zubair’s help to separate Zain and Aaliya. If Zubair agrees to assist Surraiya and they succeed in their task, then Rehaan will be the only dependable shoulder to cry on for Aaliya. Will this court case bring Rehaan and Aaliya closer? Will the most adorable couple of telly land Zain and Aaliya separate. Watch this space and we will let you know soon.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Starry

    No way… This is going to far… If you still want your viewers you’ll stop while you’re ahead…Don’t split ZaYa up….Its just getting to the good bits now…. Doesn’t Rahaan knows she`s already HAPPILY married… Why even come on the show if your going to do that…. PLZ DONT DO THIS….

  • samia jamil

    why? why would the creatives even think of turning zubair negative? its ridiculous. and even if zain and aliya split up why would she go with rehaan who she barely even knows; wouldn’t it make much more sense if she went to zubair for emotional support.

  • Starry


  • sawaira abro

    I don’t like this an rehaan is not out beintehaa so i am not see beintehaa serial I don’t like rehaan an aliya I like zain an aliya I love harshad an preetika aka zain an aliya love u zaya


    no !!! aliya and zain make the sexiest couple and no one can deny that … aliya wont do this to zain they have a passionate bond that makes them invincible to break up . they really should go out in real life with her sexy loojs and his mischievous charm i love them to awww <3


    zubair is a fucking motherfucking bullshit bitch as well as a fucking sexy bastard if he tries to break up the couple that get me into porn this is fucked up i would love to see preetika rao nude in bed with me having sexy sex ooooh or nude kissing my baby fucker zain fuck me at twitter @kellynaomi muawh ma babes fuckers please feel free to fucking fuck me


    surriya is a fucking bitch if she sucseeds with her but of a plan like her why doesnt she fuck off just because usman aint sexy like zain and aliya and zain and aliya have sex unlike the slut surriya and me luver usman

  • Zaya

    no one can sprate them except ALLAH and i hope rehaan is a good person