Beintehaa: Is Zain’s sister Barkat the new villain on the show?

Finally Zain and his family will reunite with their long lost sister, but will life be just like the good old days for them?

Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya’s (Preetika Rao) love story has taken a backseat as Barkat (Dimple Jhangiani) now takes the centre stage in Beintehaa. While the family Usmaan and Surraiya’s family is complete once again, it’s not going to be a happy family saga from here onwards. Trust us, while the Abdullah family will be happy to bring their long lost daughter back from Mir Khan, she will surprise or rather shock them with her unusual behaviour. Will she add the much needed tadka and become a villain?

Surraiya is happy to finally be reunited with her lovely daughter and showers all her love on Barkat, Zain too has connected with his sis. But, Barkat has always thought of Mir Khan as her father and she shares a strong bond with him. So, despite Mir admitting his mistake, Barkat feels disconnected from the Abdullahs.

Barkat has been raised in a different set up from the elite Abdullahs, she comes from a basti. Ans she will certainly scare the day lights out of her family members when she puffs on a beedi in her room.

Will Zain and Aaliya‘s family accept Barkat and change her in the coming days? Or will Mir Khan’s upbringing make her the new villain on this show? BollywoodLifers, do like us feel that Dimple Jhangiani will be the new pretty negative character on the small screen?