Beintehaa: Who is the new entrant in Zain and Aaliya’s life?

Beintehaa: Who is the new entrant in Zain and Aaliya’s life?

Now that Zubbair has been shown the door, there seems to be a new entrant in Abdullah’s life

Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya (Preetika Rao) are closer than before and very much in love, thanks to Rehaan Khan (Nandish Sandhu) who proved that Zubbair was the miscreant. While Zain and Aaliya went through tough times together and have come out stronger, Surraiya is certainly upset with Rehaan for spoiling her plans to oust Aaliya from Barkat Villa. And adding more trouble to Surraiya’s life is Rehaan’s father, lovingly called Grumpy by his kids. 

Grumpy’s character will be essayed by seasoned actor Raju Kher who was last seen in Parvarish. Grumpy is a Unani doctor and on Aaliya’s request agrees to treat Zain’s father in coma. However, Surraiya is upset that Aaliya is interfering in her husband’s health matters and shoos Grumpy away.

Will Grumpy’s entry mean more trouble for Surraiya? Considering that Rehaan has won Zain’s love and trust and helped him with his personal issues, if Grumpy ends up curing Osman Abdulllah the two Khans will have a special place in Zain’s eyes. But, does Surraaiya not want to cure her husband? Will Barkat’s ugly truth be unveiled by Rehaan‘s father? Watch this space for all updates on BeintehaaSubscribe to me on YouTube


  • Starry

    What is Barkats ugly truth? And I swear to God, that Suraya is pissing me off. And Shazia and Nafeeas… God theyre right idiots…

    • samia jamil

      to be honest i dont hate nafeesa. i sympathise with her. she has endured so much in life that it has made her bitter. i like the fact shes plotting against suraiyya, however my fears are strong that inevitably she’s going to inadvertedly create a big rift between are favourite couple in her path of revenge against her mother-in-law!

      • Starry

        But like you said she’s using Zain & Aliya to get to Surriya and that really pisses me off and yeah I do feel sorry for what she’s been through but don’t get my sweet Zaya involved she needs to find another wayxxx

  • Sana

    Love Beintehaa and hope this track is really interesting

    • ZaYa lover

      love it BUT i really apreciate that fans of zaya will not be intrested in their argument or divorce or anything else.

  • Shanaz Mostufa

    They should change the shows name to Beintehaa cameo’s…one after another new entry but I must say I like this new one.Grumpy’s entry was funny and we desperately need some comedy cuz the show is turning too neg and serious for my liking still love Beintehaa and ZaYa.

  • Gurusha

    Wait….. Now don’t tell me that the Rehan’s wife was Barkat……

    • Starry

      No lol

  • Sana Ahmad

    Beintehaa has made some great twist but none of us want Zain and Ailya to be in a argument or divorce cuz tye show will go flop. U can change everything but not Zain and Aliya’ chemistry together. Love beinteha keep watching it!!!!!!!!

    • Maria

      So true. We don’t want them to seperate not ever.

  • Beea Syed

    pata nhi ab usman ki death ke baad rehaan zaya ki help kare ga ya seperate kere ga