Beintehaa: Will Barkat ruin Zain and Aaliya’s love story?

Wed, April 9, 2014 4:20pm UTC by Add first Comment
Beintehaa: Will Barkat ruin Zain and Aaliya’s love story?

Zain has found a compassionate company in Aaliya, but the quest for his kid sister Barkat is still on…

Beintehaa is now taking a romantic turn, however this passionate love story between Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya (Preetika Rao) has its share of twists. And at BollywoodLife we decide to keep our readers ahead of time. So here’s the next twist, while Zain-Aaliya’s hatred for each other is soon dying down and we hear that love will soon blossom between the newly married couple and yes, there will be other interesting angles woven in. The story forward goes like this…Zain’s father Usman and mother Suraiya recollect one of their most dreaded moment of losing their darling daughter Barkat on her birthday. Mir Khan is the villain of their life, who once worked for Usman and kidnapped their daughter, in fact, even attempted at taking Zain away from them. Mir also happens to be Aaliya’s uncle (Ghulam’s brother).  That is one reason why Zain’s mother hates Bhopal and stays away from the place. While Usman has accepted Aaliya as his daughter he has pledged to find Barkat, Suraiya on the other hand cannot give her daughter’s place to anybody. Aaliya finally understands her mother-in-laws feelings.

Zain who had fought free from Mir Khan believes his sister Barkat is still alive and he hopes to find her. However we’ll have to wait and watch if Zain and Aaliya’s relationship will go kaput in his quest to find his sister, especially considering  the fact that Mir Khan is his wife’s uncle. Or will Aaliya be the much needed help in tracking his long lost little sister? Well, watch this space for the latest updates on BeintehaaSubscribe to me on YouTube