Beintehaa: Will Zain and Aaliya fall in love on a romantic date?

Amidst all the drama around Barkat’s entry into the Abdullah’s life, romance is set to brew between Beintehaa‘s lead pair finally

Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya (Preetika Rao) will finally have some romantic moments on the show. An unusual love story Beintehaa had an interesting twist with the entry of Usmaan’s lost daughter Barkat (Dimple Jhangiani), but the makers seem to have found an interesting way to weave in the love element into the ongoing track. It seems that Zain and Aaliya will soon go on a romantic date that might just spark the much-awaited pyaar, ishq, mohabbat between the duo. But hey wait, guess who arranged for this special date – Zain’s sister Barkat! While everyone at Abdullah household assume that Aaliya is pregnant and even as her to go through medical tests, Barkat figures that Zain and Aaliya are not romantically inclined. She convinces her brother to take her bhabhi on a romantic outing. She even ensures that Zain doesn’t shareor  discuss the fact that it is Barkat’s idea of him taking Aaliya on a date. And Barkat Bhai complies. However, love ends up consuming this couple who have just befriended each other.

Does Barkat genuinely want to ignite chemistry between Zain and Aaliya? Is she just trying to distract her bhai and bhabhi from her plan? Wait and watch this space for more on Beintehaa