Beintehaa: Will Zain choose Aaliya over his mother?

The last few days have been distressful for Abdullahs

Aaliya (Preetika Rao) and Zain’s (Harshad Arora) life has taken an unusual turn. Zain holds Aaliya responsible for his father’s death. And Aaliya can no way explain the situation to her husband without putting her parents in trouble. And her failure to deliver the truth without hurting her family has cost Aaliya her marriage. 

Zain divorced his wife during his father’s burial ceremony. Despite suggestion from good friend Rehaan (Nandish Sandhu), Zain went ahead and asked his lawyer to get the papers ready to make this separation official. And now on Rehaan insistence a heart broken Aaliya is trying her est to salvage the situation and save her marriage. But, will Zain go against his mother and embrace innocent Aaliya? Well, ask us and wethinks not so soon.

Going by the recent episodes we will not be surprised if Zain ends up making a hasty decision that he will regret it in the future. Surraiyya (Suchitra Pillai) will make his biases even more stronger by accusing Aaliya and her son of her husband’s death. So, the chances of Aaliya’s return to the Barkat mansion immediately is bleak. Unless of course Surraiyya has plans to seek her revenge from Aaliya in the house.

In the upcoming episode will we see distance between friends Rehaan and Zain grow? Or will Rehaan succeed in proving Aaliya’s truth to Zain and his family? Well, for all updates on Beintehaa come back right here!