Beintehaa: Will Zubair’s entry create differences between Zain and Aaliya?

There’s a new guest in the Barkat mansion, but Zain cannot tolerate him one bit

Beintehaa recently witnessed the entry of Zubair aka Zubbu (Mohit Mahotra), who is Aaliya’s (Preetika Rao) childhood friend. Aaliya and Zubbu share a very close bond and Zain (Harshad Arora) just cannot tolerate their proximity.

At Zain’s friend’s party, Barkat (Dimple Jhagiani) poisons her brother’s mind by cooking up stories about Aaliya and Zubair. Zain, who was initially all set to propose Aaliya at the party, gets angry and decides not to.

To make matters worse, in the forthcoming episode, Barkat tells her elder brother that she likes Zubbu and wants to get to know him better. She even tells Zain that if things work out, Zubbu can be his future brother-in-law.

Zain approaches Aaliya and requests her to talk to Zubair about Barkat’s feelings. When Aaliya talks to her best friend, he expresses his reservations about Barkat and says that he finds Zain’s sister’s behaviour very fishy. Back in their room, Zain asks his wife, Aaliya about her conversation with Zubbu. She lies that Zubbu is not planning to settle down anytime soon. Barkat uses this as the perfect opportunity to further create a rift between the miya-biwi. She tells Zain that Zubbu held her hand and said that he wants to get married soon. Zain immediately begins to wonder why his wife was lying to him.

Will Barkat manage to split Aaliya and Zain? Or Will Zubair agree to marry Barkat and clear the matter? Only time will tell! Watch this space for more updates on Beintehaa