Beintehaa: Zain and Aaliya kiss in the rain!

The makers have hiked the romantic quotient of the show

Contrary to popular reports that the lead pair of Color’s Beintehaa Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya (Preetika Rao) will soon separate, the couple in the last two weeks have come even closer. Early this week we saw Surraiya (Suchitra Pillai) asking Aaliya to leave the house. Shockingly Aaliya had even agreed to Surraiya’s even though Zain was not very happy with Surraiya’s decision.

Later, Zain’s brother Farhad (Vivek Madan) finds out that Aaliya has been shown the door by her mother Surraiya. Farhad, his father Usmaan (Naved Aslam) and brother Zain protest against Surraiya and demand to bring Aaliya back. They threaten to leave the house if their wish is not granted. Surraiya begins to panic and does not want her family to leave the house. Ultimately she gives in to Farhad’s demand and asks Zain to bring Aaliya back to the house.

Zain calls up Aaliya and tells her that he is on his way to pick her up. While driving towards Aaliya’s house, it is raining quite heavily. Zain’s car breaks down and he calls up Aaliya and updates about it and tells her that he is walking towards her home. Aaliya too leaves home and meets Zain mid way. The two finally meet and are inseparable. After this, two share a romantic a romantic kiss in the rain.