Beintehaa: Zain and Aaliya separated!

Beintehaa: Zain and Aaliya separated!

To fulfill his promise made to Surraiya of marrying Sanam, Zain decides to divorce Aaliya

The most dreaded moment of Colors’ Beintehaa is finally here. Though the plot had earlier hinted at a separation of Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya (Preetika Rao), the makers of the show were delaying the same for a while. However, in yesterday’s episode Zain finally divorced Aaliya by saying ‘Talakh’ for the third time.

In the last few episodes, it seemed that the lovebirds would reunite as they got to spend some quality time with each other. However, Surraiya (Suchitra Pillai) reached their hotel with Sanam (Priya Shinde) without informing Zain. When Aaliya’s hubby saw them, he remembered his promise made to Surraiya to marry Sanam. Zain with a heavy heart had to divorce Aaliya. The lead female protagonist too accepted the separation.

In the upcoming episode, Rehaan (Nandish Sandhu) will reach Zain’s hotel and ask him to hear the recording where Nafisa (Gunjan Vijaya) has accepted her crime of killing Usman (Naved Aslam).

How will Zain react to this new development in the Usman death case? After knowing the truth, will Zain and Aaliya reunite again? Watch tonight’s episode to find out!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Smita

    Zain has heard the recording.. I wish now he realizes what he has done, i was in tears to see Aaliya..
    Now it will be good if he’s unable to find Aaliya..
    He should now get the same pain that he gave to her.

  • humaali

    aliya ko zain ki sath hinrakhy kisi sy shdi ni kijiye kun wo dunu hi darmy ki jan ha ap agr un ko alaada kr dy gy tu hum darama ni dahkhy gy plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 3 talaq tu ho gi lakn agr yaha py aliya prgnt ho jaye tu talaq kataam tu plz us ko pregnt kr dy aur zain aliya ko akhta darma acha ho jye ga plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • sanam

    Plz reunite aliya n zain again….nw zain hs heard d recording so plz reunite them…we want to see them together…if u want to create drama create tht wid new character kamya punjabi..hmare ZaYa ko alag mt kro

    • Sonrin

      Sadly since its a Muslim based serial they can’t reunite unless Aliya marries another man n then is divorced by him…..only then she can marry her first husband……Guess that’s the new twist where Rehan wud play the second man….

  • Starry

    Its not all Zains fault… He didn’t know it was Nafeesa… But he shouldn’t have done what he did to Aliya… Aliya wasn’t in the hotel so she must have gone… This is getting interesting by the minute… Hate Saturdays and Sundays… I really cant wait for Monday… <3 Beintehaa <3 ZaYa

  • Afroza

    I can’t wait to see Monday’s episode!!!!!!

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa

    aliya jab zain tmsese maafi maange toh plz aliya tm qubool nahi karna aur kahna ke ke tum aayse rishta hi nahi rakhna chahati jis ka pyaar itna kamzoor ho ke wo tum pe bharoosa hi nahi kara aur zain tum zaayada emotional maat hoona ar plz us sanam se nikah nahi karna

  • Beea Syed

    noooo !! stop it admin ! they are not seperated for gud and of course finally zain found out the truth he’s on his way to get his MALIKA E ZAIN back !!!! deing to watch mondayzz ep !!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 BEINTEHAA <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • lola

    hope they get back together…..they look sooo cute together

  • lola


  • lola

    their amaaaazing

  • lola

    sorry… a tad excited

  • lola

    i’m a robot