Beintehaa’s Harshad Arora dating co-star Gunjan Vijaya?

Fans make their displeasure evident on Twitter over this new couple of telly land

Yes, you read that right. Television’s most loved actor Harshad Arora aka Zain from Beintehaa is dating his co-star Gunjan Vijaya who plays his sister in law on the show. While many had expected Hashad and his onscreen lover Preetika Rao (Aaliya) to be romantically involved, this latest development seems to have miffed the fans.

While Harshad has refuted the rumours saying that he and Gunjan are just good friends, insiders reveal an entirely different story. If sources are to be believed, Harshad and Gunjan’s romance has been brewing from a while now, however the couple has chosen to not be vocal about their relationship.

Fans also began to ask questions to Harshad’s co star’s on Twitter. An annoyed Namrata Pathak who plays Shazia on the show tweeted, “I am not going to entertain any questions on whether Harshad and Gunjan are dating, so please do not ask me. Sincere apologies.”

What do you think Bollywoodlifers, do Harshad and Gunjan make a good pair?