Beintehaa’s Harshad Arora dating co-star Gunjan Vijaya?

Beintehaa’s Harshad Arora dating co-star Gunjan Vijaya?

Fans make their displeasure evident on Twitter over this new couple of telly land

Yes, you read that right. Television’s most loved actor Harshad Arora aka Zain from Beintehaa is dating his co-star Gunjan Vijaya who plays his sister in law on the show. While many had expected Hashad and his onscreen lover Preetika Rao (Aaliya) to be romantically involved, this latest development seems to have miffed the fans.

While Harshad has refuted the rumours saying that he and Gunjan are just good friends, insiders reveal an entirely different story. If sources are to be believed, Harshad and Gunjan’s romance has been brewing from a while now, however the couple has chosen to not be vocal about their relationship.

Fans also began to ask questions to Harshad’s co star’s on Twitter. An annoyed Namrata Pathak who plays Shazia on the show tweeted, “I am not going to entertain any questions on whether Harshad and Gunjan are dating, so please do not ask me. Sincere apologies.”

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  • Starry


    • Zara


    • AliyaZainFan

      We should let him be happy, part of the reason why stars feel disconnected to their fans is that they don’t understand them… <3 And love doesn't happen on looks, are you saying unattractive people (who are unattractive to you) can't be loved? That's just sad, not to be mean, you have your opinion but just don't express it in hate.

      • zaya big fan

        i agree with you.!!! absolutely right

        • AliyaZainFan

          Thank you :)

      • Starry

        Look like you said I do have an opinion and yeah Its not all about the looks. But I love seeing couples soo cute (harshad & preetrika) together. Im soo obsessed with Beintehaa that I want to know the inside gossip and if its gossip like this I just write the things that I write. I still believe this to be a lie.

        • AliyaZainFan

          Yeah, but if it is true we shouldn’t be mean about it… if they are in love we can’t do anything about it, but be good fans and let them be happy and pray for the best for them :) If it is a lie, then the fans are bothering him for no good reason… we can picture them together, but we can’t force them together. Love can’t be forced..

          • Starry

            You say all he right words. Who am I to judge. But I just like sharing my onions (even though I shouldn’t be mean ). Yea I hope for the best for him. I just hope Harshad and Preetrika get together.

          • AliyaZainFan

            Aha I get what you’re trying to say, hopefully I would like them together too… but until then I wish the best for Harshad and Gunjan if they really are together :) <3

          • Starry

            Yeah. Hope for the best for Harshad and Preetrika. But until then…

        • Liana Chowdhury

          I agree with u….

    • shaz

      fahad sir replied me sayn dat is preetika obliged to fall in love wid harsh fr the sake of fans nd that became such big issue on twitter.. god i dnt knw wer pree is nd i agree tht these both dnt make a good pair!!

  • ICCY

    Noooo Wayy they looks soooo BAD together…………

    • AliyaZainFan

      Even if they look “bad” together in your eyesight, doesn’t change the fact love comes from chemicals…which attract human beings… you are not being supportive of Harshad in this stage of his life… if he wasn’t an actor it would make it easy for him to be with who he wants… but it’s not easy for him because his relationships are out in the public..I feel bad for all the celebrities because fans force them to either leave who they love… or face disappointment from fans or threats to who they love

  • Sazzy

    No way they look so bad ewwww

  • Ilea

    No way!

  • AliyaZainFan

    Harshad can date whoever he wants… I’m happy for him but I ship Preetika and Harshad <3 But I'm not gonna create drama for him… let him be happy with whoever he wants to be with… fans shouldn't ruin someone's personal life… if they are together I'm happy, and I wish them the best :)

  • karien

    I hate…this couple!!!!!!! Why not preetika….???? Why must gunjan!!!!! I hate…all!!!
    All fans will happy if harshad arora and preetika be real couple…forever.l’m very sad…i not fell to wach beintehaa agin after know about this….i’m hate.

  • zaya big fan

    ab main beintehaa show nhi dekhunga..!!! no never..!! sab maza bekar ho gya.!!! zaya tum dono ne mere dil tod diya.!! Harshad, Preetika ko kyun date kiya..!! plz abse ho jao uske sath plz plz plz plz plz plz plz it a humble request.. :-)

    • Zaya

      Oh stip being soo weird even i want them to be together because preetika is such a beautiful person woth a goodhearte and harshad shoukd be wiv her cos shes a right person for him she has such good manner as well as looks buh that still doesnt mean we force our opinion on harshad at the end of day it hmis his life love em both and poor gunjan she had ta face all this nonsense and bless preetika fans like u lot have made her feel at fault if u really loved her u wunt do that too late for my opinion though buh stillll!!

  • sasa

    No…no…what happend to you harsad??? I’m very sad after know this …all fans will not happy about this…this couple not mach…harshad more nice and good with preetika be real couple…..please???

  • zaya big fan

    I will never seen this serial..!! Pehli baar maine kisi serial ko dil se dekha wo hai beintehaa.!! but not now.!! mujhe to yeh lg rha tha harshad aur preetika real life bhi couple honge..!! Harshad this is not fair.!!

  • zaya big fan

    what happened Preetika..!!! you both made for each other..!! my astrology said

    • Starry

      so true

  • ZaYa fans

    I will not wach beintehaa again….i’m realy sad about this. Give us confirmation at media about this couple…please harshad??? Tell us…we are you fans waiting for you answer…??? I like harshad and preetika be real couple….why gunjan replace preetika??? I hate gunjan..!!!!!!! I hate her…!!!!!

    • AliyaZainFan

      Are you not going to watch beintehaa just because Harshad isn’t in love with who you want him to love? goes to show you’re not a big fan.. we should stick by him no matter what…. and you can’t force love on Harshad and Preetika… and you shouldn’t hate on Gunjan… what did she do wrong all they did was fall in love… and if this article isn’t true…. then your boycotting the show for no good reason… either way…

  • zeze

    For long time all fans waiting zaya be close and good couple,all happy now about..zaya. But the real life all not happy about harshad and gunjan….i hate this couple…all fans want harshad with preetika at real couple…because of preetika rao and harshad arora this serial get rocking. And i’m sure..because of this dating this serial will lose alouth of fans…

  • aishwarya jain

    no way….harshad is smart guyyy but gunjan dnt suits 4 him…usse btrr toh alliya h yrr…no way…i hpe jo harshd ne kha h dt voh log ache frnds h vhii ho…yeh phr bhi btrr h…cples mein aane se toh…soo plzz guyzzz..jst be frnds kk

  • Ķȋț Ķȋț

    ewwww… aankhe kharap ho gayi kya Harshad ki -_- Gujan .. o.O eww,,yukk

  • gunjan-harshad???

    “guys calm down and the rumour is not true I am not dating gunjan nor am I dating preetika I am good friends with them both. please do not tweet mean hate messages to gunjan over this this has really upset her and preetika also believes she is blamed for this and this is her fault so if you truly love ‘harshika’ then please stop this nonsense. don’t quit on beintehaa over this nonsense rumour love you all” Sent to you by harshad arora’s admin. haha lol as if I think this rumour is true trying to convince myself its not :(




    harshika are made for each other…iss mein gunjan kaise aa gayi…gunjan nd harshad ewwww

  • Starry

    Look now we all dont really know if this is true or not people would do anything to bring other people down by falsely accusing someone of doing something when they doing something completely different (like this article) if u get what I mean. They might just be friends who knows and yeah im so with the people who say that him and Preetrika do make a Georges cupple but if there’s no images no proofs we cant jump to conclusion and say these things about him.. Just keep calm and love ZAYAxxxx

  • augustin

    I hate…this couple!!!!!!! Why not preetika….???? Why must gunjan!!!!! I hate…all!!!
    All fans will happy if harshad arora and preetika be real couple…forever.l’m very sad…i not fell to wach beintehaa agin after know about this….i’m hate.

  • manisha

    the same thing happened uid vivian he ws dating vahviz hu playd the role of pia’s elder sis in pkyek but v al wntd him to b uid sukriti but tht cnt hpn cos its thr lyf n whmeva dey choose its upto thm n al d bst 4 harshad and gunjan

  • Rimsha khan

    bilkul b nai harshad with gunjan noooooooooo