Beyhadh 23rd December 2016 full episode, written update: Maya decides to tell Arjun about her past

Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) mother asks her to tell everything to Arjun (Kushal Tandon). Maya says she can’t tell him her truth. Arjun tells Ayaan that he had bought the dress for Maya and he gifted him. Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) hears this and starts crying. Arjun’s mother asks Saanjh to show her the dress. She tells her that Arjun had brought that dress for Maya. Her mother holds her hand and takes her to Arjun. She tells Arjun that today she will confront him and tell him how to handle relations. He tells her that she doesn’t deserve to talk about relations as she waited for his mother to die to marry his father. Saanjh tells him that it his childhood fears that are talking right now. He says he has always hated her, he talks to her because of a promise given to his father. Saanjh asks him to apologise to his mother, but he doesn’t pay heed. Saanjh asks Vandana and Ayaan to come with her. Arjun also leaves him.

Arjun gets a call from Maya. He tells her that he is not in a good mood and tells her that he will talk to her later. She asks her to tell her what’s the matter. But he apologises and cuts the call. Saanjh’s mother tries to console Vandana. Saanjh tells her to not leave Arjun’s side. Arjun feels lonely and says he doesn’t need anyone. He feels bad that everyone left him alone. Saanjh gets a call from Arjun. She cuts it. He hears footsteps’ sound and says he knew Saanjh will come. He turns around and gets shocked to see Maya. She tells him that, like a good friend, she will also not leave his side. Vandana cries and tells Saanjh that she married Arjun’s father because it was his children’s need.

Arjun tells Maya about his past. He tells her how his father didn’t even wait for six months after his mother’s death and got married to Vandana. Vandana tells Saanjh her side of the story and tells her that her intentions were never wrong. Arjun tells Maya that he has failed. Maya asks her to change his perception towards things. He tells her that she is telling him this thing when she herself is scared of her past.She decides to tell him about her past. ALSO READ: Beyhadh 22nd December 2016 full episode, written update: Arjun gifts a red dress to Maya breaking Saanjh’s heart