Bhaangarh trailer: India’s only haunted location revealed!

Written and directed by Dilip Virender Sood this upcoming horror movie is loosely based on what is considered as the country’s only officially haunted place. Here are the three things we liked about the trailer!

If not downright spine-chilling the trailer looks spooky. We liked the disturbing visuals with a child voice singing a lullaby in a slow tone. The breathtaking camera angles and riveting background score only deepens the mystery.

Moving on to the next point, what sets the tone of this promo though are the shocking facts displayed just at the beginning with a montage of warnings from the archaeological departments and shocking press reports building the drama and heightening the element of intrigue. ‘Entering the borders of Bhaangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited’-this forewarning sates in no uncertain term that this place has something really horrifying about it.

Lastly, it’s a clichéd plot revolving around a bunch of friends trespassing the borders of the forbidden land. But the ‘Bhangarh Fort’ in all its glory with its dilapidated structure and collapsing walls create a sense of loneliness. The story holds you on tenterhooks and it compels you to find out why people have gone missing on visiting the place. The concluding shot of the trailer in which the supernatural makes its creepy presence felt very quietly, but firmly will make you jump out of your seat.

Bhaangarh is slated to release on the September 5, 2014. Watch the trailer and tell us if you find it spooky!