Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap TV review: A lesson in history with grandeur!

Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap TV review: A lesson in history with grandeur!

What strikes us first about the show is its long winding name that is similar to zillion others that run on television. The rest we seriously hope is different!

Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap on Sony TV is a historical drama that narrates the awe-inspiring story of the young Rajput warrior and ruler of Mewar, Maharana Pratap Singh, one of the first freedom fighters of India. The inaugural episode follows the norm of listing out every character in detail.

But what is different this time around is that Amitabh Bachchan’s voice booms through the speakers in the introductory segment – his deep baritone is inspirational, powerful and patriotic, and keeps you glued to the television screens from the very word go.

The opening sequence introducing the young Maharana Pratap, played by Faisal Khan, is well shot in a semi-arid region and the background song aptly explains what the warrior stands for. Faisal creates a good first impression – he fits the bill perfectly, brings in a lot of finesse despite it being his first attempt at acting, and his expressions are something to watch out for.

Shakti Anand is impressive as Maharana Udai Singh – his poise, dialogue delivery and body language is apt as the king. The actor has definitely worked hard to get into the skin of the character and the outcome in laudable.

While the male leads are bang on, the female actors – Rajshree Thakur (Maharani Jayawanta Bai Songara), Aashka Goradia (Maharani Bhatiyani) and Divyaalakshmi (Maharani SajjaBai) have been roped in to do what they know best – look all decked up and add to the glamour quotient by strutting around in designer clothes and jewelleries that can be passed off as an entire shop.

The storyline starts off with how Udai Singh loves his homeland and doesn’t fear sacrificing his life for it. But at the same time he believes all battles are not won through bloodshed; how novel! And so he surrenders the fort of Chittor to the Afghan invaders. However, after a year, Udai Singh has a change of heart and he plans to reclaim his fort. While the story makes a smooth transition and the dialogues are powerful, the makers could have focused a little less on showing the Afghan head as too wicked and instead, a bit more on how the invasion actually happened.

But all in all, this historical drama with extravagant sets and palatial structures comes as some relief for all those who have had enough of those emotional atyachaars and saas-bahu dramas. The show looks promising for the cinematic experience it provides. We just hope it lives up to our GREAT expectations in the long run!

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

Reviewed by Namrata Thakker

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • Geetanjali

    The role played by all characters are very good and it is more interesting than saas-bhau dramas.
    It is good to see the history back……..

  • vikas poonia

    Maharana partab this ir a very good darma for every indian.educational for student.ya ek sachey dasparmy v darm raksak ki kahani ha jisne savtantrata ke liye sabkhuh chor kar janglo me rahana svikar kiya.

  • devanshu

    maharana pratap really a good show

  • Manoj Parihar

    Very Good inspiring … JAY MEVAAD

  • Dhananjay

    Really wonderfulllll serial based on Maharan pratap one of the greatest king of mevad…nice acting by all character

  • saurav singh

    It is the best show for me ever . we watch it daily . i think it should be given award for its incredible role in t.v. I will rate it 100/100.

  • Rajesh Patel

    Maharana Pratap serial is a historical event i wish 2 all u to watch with ur family .I convey my pleasure to serial management 4 great success .Pl telecast this serial for 1 hr atleast daily .

  • Deepak kumar saroj

    Maharana pratap drama is excelent an very best for younger student to know indian history

  • simi

    Maharana Pratap is really a excellent show.It is also inspireable show. so i think you should keep it at least for 1 hour. overall if i say it is a very very very……….. excellent……………………………………………show.

    • asif

      simi i am sent% agreed with you. and my wife’s name is simi too she is also :)
      Maharana pratap a legend name always and increase lots of people’s and soilder’s activity for serve the country. all the best simi
      with reagards asif
      from Bangladesh

  • gopal

    What is the real name of shamskhan in Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap serial

  • Sanghapriya Mukherjee

    the review is awful.

  • Indrajitsinh

    Pratap ke sanskar aur kartavya ki daad deni chaie…
    I see this serial everyday…

  • vijay

    Maharana pratap show is exellent please do not off bharat mata ki jay

  • ruhi

    Best show on tv..very hard work of whole team..impressive..every episode is a treat…thanks forthe show…

  • ankita

    Awsm show……..Faisal’s Acting is superb. He proved himself NT jst being a gud dancer bur also an awsm actor ^_^

  • uma

    awesome and inspiring for its story and dialogues. the acting by all is very good, particularly the kids did a good job. may be it can be considered for one hour viewing at 8 p.m.for the younger
    generation to imbibe good values.

    • Namrata gupta

      Excellent show… Good job creative n production team.. I wish we could watch this show 6 days a week for 1 hour each day. Keep up the good work

  • Devarshee

    Maharana pratap is very inspiring and interesting serial than any other. i love watching it.. i dont miss its every episode.
    its even good for small childrens who can least have bit valuable knowledge about our Indian history rather then watching other serials.

  • neha

    I love maharana pratap on sony
    Its an awesome show
    I would definetly rate dis excellent
    Uday singh and pratap both the characters are js awesome dis show must go on on
    Good luck

  • neha

    Faisal u r doin a grt job
    I am writing for some i actually appreciate,, iany how find tym to watch dis show becoz i loved it

  • Mrs Jaya Mathew

    Maharaja Pratap – Faisalbeta – love u so much, excellent acting. Would like to contact you, dear Pratap
    Also Dajiraj – Shakti Aanand – Fantastic acting
    Jaywantabai – excellent

  • vineet mehra

    I am watching maharana pratap from day 1, as I hardly watch T.V serials. I am not only deeply impressed but
    deeply touched to heart for Faisal Khan, the way he is potraying the character of maharanapratap, I have seen many films ,actors,child actors for last 45 years but no comparison to Faisal,I pray to god everyday ,and wish that one day Faisal shall definately beat Hirthik, Ranbir, Salman, This is my Dua, prayer from core of heart . No super words for his brilliant acting, credit also goes to the director,in every shoot you just cannt wink your eye.God bless Faisal
    If possible can I have Faisals mobile no. or address to write
    Again wish him big success like Amitabh ji in his life

  • Viraj Vadalia

    Programme is awesome and everything music,actors and all great,but negative point is –Lot of advertise

  • Dr. Monalisa Ghosh

    Maharana Pratap is not worth watching now without Faizal. It has lost its grandeur without him. Nowadays makeover can work wonders…..then why not to bring him back as adult Pratap. His charm as Maharana Pratap is incomparable. Dear Director …..would request you to please bring Faizal Khan back as adult Maharana Pratap.

  • Priya Kabariya

    we don’t like to see maharana parata without faizal

  • Priya Kabariya

    Please call all child artist again……… we miss them. Elder maharana pratap and ajabde are nice but not as nice as young…. Ab serial dekhne ka man hi nahi karta

  • Priya Kabariya

    Dear Director …..would request you to please bring Faizal Khan back as adult Maharana Pratap.

  • Priya Kabariya

    Please…Please sabko aapas laiyena. Bal Maharana paratap bana dijiye……….

  • Dinesh Kachot

    Ab maharana paratap real nahi lagte. Or unki entry bhi faishal ti tarah hatke nahi lagti. pehle real historical serial dekhate he aisa lagta tha. par ab mahabharat lagta he.

  • Nidhi

    This is the only serial in which evil has always won. Is that what we learn now that good always suffers and evil has upper hand. How can anybody get away with so much cunning and menipulative ways as Dheerbai’s
    This does not seems right and is getting annoying.

  • annecole

    This is a very promising show. Maharana Pratap is worth watching, maharana pratap is one of the greatest warriaor in the history of india, i great devote to him and really thank sony tv for providing this kind of show.