Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap: Will Pratap get married?

Pratap has left Bijoliya on Ajabde’s insistence. What lies in store for the young prince at his palace, read on to find out…

Rao Mamrakh gets an unconscious Pratap (Faizal Khan) back to the palace. The Rajvaidya says that only Jaggiri Maharaj’s medicine can cure Pratap of his injuries. But Jaggiri shares a bitter relationship with Bijoliya and Mamrakh therefore Ajabde (Roshni Walia) goes along Mamrakh to convince him. As Ajabde is out to fetch the medicine, Pratap needs to be kept awake. Phool and Hansabai try their best to do so. But Gauhar Jaan (Reema Wohra) slyly gets an opportunity and she lets Pratap sleep thus endangering Pratap’s life. But Ajabde brings Jaggiri’s medicine well in time and Pratap is saved.

Ajabde, with a morose look asks Pratap to leave Bijoliya as his presence poses a threat to the safety of Ajabde’s family. Mahmud Shah plans to attack Bijoliya as soon as Pratap leaves. In Chittor, Uday Singh (Shakti Anand) and Jaivantabai (Rajshree Thakur) come to know of Pratap’s condition which worries them. Pratap is compelled to leave Bijoliya with heavy heart. Later when Rao Mamrakh gets to know of what Ajabde has done, he confronts her in front of entire family. Purohit tells Jaivantabai that it’s time for Pratap to marry and Chundawat too advises Uday Singh to get Pratap married. Uday Singh and Jaivantabai both are in dilemma regarding Pratap’s wedding and they can’t seem to talk to each other about it. Later, it turns out that they are both on the same page.

Will Uday Singh and Jaivantabai hesitate to propose the idea of marriage to Pratap? Will Pratap comply with his parents’ wish? Will Ajabde call for Pratap’s return to Bijoliya? And will Pratap save Bijoliya from Mahmud Shah’s terror?

Keep watching this space to find out more on what happens in Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap.