Bhushan Patel: It was difficult to shoot Sunny Leone taking a shower!

In an exclusive chat with us, the director of Ragini MMS 2 revealed the pain that goes into making a difficult scene look erotic

It’s easy ( read: delectably enjoyable) for the audience to watch Sunny Leone stepping into the shower for a steamy encounter, but it was a task for director Bhushan Patel to get the …err shot right with the seductress.

We know that Karan Mehra who will be seen with Sunny in that notoriously popular scene was not really comfortable before the shot and it was Sunny who put the actor at ease and calmed his frenzied nerve.

But director Bhushan Patel also tells us that even he was jittery before shooting the most thrilling sequence of the movie. “ With so many people crammed into a small bathroom to capture what can be called a key moment of the movie was very daunting. Sunny is very accommodative. She follows instructions to the T and that helped us get that moment the way we wanted to make it look. The scene might have turned erotic but we all had a tough time while shooting it,” said Bhushan.

The result of that hard (core) work has turned out promisingly steamy and thrilling, we must confess. Don’t you agree BollywoodLifers?