Big B blows his own trumpet

Amitabh Bachchan is no longer mincing or holding back his words

Over the weekend I caught the trailer of Bbuddah – Hoga Terra Baap. And it made me wonder about a little something…Amitabh Bachchan, who all through his prime stayed away from self-glorification, seems to have changed. Shahrukh Khan was among the first stars to blow his own trumpet, crowning himself Badshah and King Khan of Bollywood, long before others jumped on to that same bandwagon. Well he does have a marketing mind at play, after all! Now we have the other Khans – Aamir and Salman – and a couple of Kapoors also following suit. The latest headed in that direction is the Big B. At the height of his reign the superstar actor always maintained a humble tone in his interviews. But more recently, his sardonic side has come to the fore in his blogs and interviews. When Guru released, the doting father could not stop basking in the glow of his son’s performance. He said: “I have held myself back on many an occasion from commenting on my son’s work, but this time I shall not. To hell with niceties and restraint. Abhishek is incredible!” And now Amitabh is all set to put the record straight for himself. Bbuddah… marks the return of Bachchan in his former-trademark ‘angry (old) man’ avatar. The film’s promo begins with action scenes that are interspersed with titles of his past hits – The Great Gambler, Lawaaris, Toofan, Shahenshah, Deewar, Mard, etc. AB, stylishly dressed in a flashy shirt, blazer, scarf, glares and two watches (by the way, that is his personal style input, according to hearsay) doesn’t look anything like the angry man of long ago. But maybe this is the second coming for that one?