Bigg Boss 10 10th January 2017 Episode 86 highlights: Nitibha, Mona Lisa, Lopa lose out to Bani, Manveer, Manu in the ticket-to-finale week task

The ticket-to-finale week task is without a doubt one of the best task we have seen on Bigg Boss 10. With the exception of Rohan Mehra, all the housemates take part in this interesting task that will give two of them a chance to reach the finale week directly.

The solar system task: All the housemates have to wear a astronaut costume. The garden area has been converted into a solar system, and the ticket to finale is the sun. Contestants have to revolve around the sun, with a bowl of coloured liquid in their hand. Thank God Om Swami is not in the house anymore, or else we never know what that  coloured liquid might turn out to be. Contestant who will spill the contents of their bowl will be eliminated from the task.

Nitibha and Manu get into an argument: Manu threatens Nitibha that he will push her. This infuriates Nitibha and she starts walking slow on purpose, and a big argument ensues between the two. ALSO READManveer Gurjar opens up about his love life to Lopamudra Raut

Mona Lisa quits the task: For a considerable amount of time, the housemates quietly walk on the track but the game slowly gets intense and arguments take precedence. Mona decides to quit the task and the game moves to the next level and Lopa also comes into action. As the orbit gets smaller, the competition gets tougher and the contestants opt for all possible ways to knock each other down.

Lopa loses the task: As Lopa was taking the circles on the podium, there came a point when she slipped and fell thereby losing the task. And major credit goes to her untied shoe laces. Classic case of bad luck, we say.