Bigg Boss 10 19th October 2016 Episode 4 LIVE updates: Om Swami claims he stopped a missile attack on India with his powers

It’s day 3 at Bigg Boss house and things are heating up already. Priyanka is turning out to be the most controversial of all. I mean she leaves no opportunity to treat the celebs in the house with condescending remark. Just the other day she told Gaurav Chopra that she is unaware of any of his work, which was so uncalled for. From the promos we knew that a big fight was on our way in today’s episode. We are totally wondering  by this point, that how come Bani, who is known for her volatile personality, is keeping her distance from arguments. We are sure she is bottling up things and a volcano of anger is soon to erupt. The first task of the Bigg Boss 10 house where celebs are asked to be India walo ka sevak is going on full swing. Commoners are not very happy with celebs’ performances. Even Rohan Mehra’s charming ways to convince them otherwise are failing. On the other hand, celebs are angry at commoners for the way they are being treated. Gaurav even went on to hide the ‘hukum ki ghanti’ to save himself and fellow celebrity contestants from the orders by commoners. This was a pretty smart move we should say. No ‘hukum ki ghanti’ hence no hukum. Wow Gaurav turned out to be the knight in shining armour for the contestants. So here is what is happening on episode 3 of Bigg Boss 10, as it is happening-

Celebs including Monalisa, Bani, Gaurav confront commoners for wasting food. An argument ensues between Rohan Mehra and Guru Ji during the night after Guruji is called tharki by celebs.

The next morning contestants wake up to the song  – Parde me rehene do. Priyanka, Rohan and many other dance in the middle of the garden.

Lopamudra and Swami ji get into an argument over fever. The argument is taken forward by Gaurav and Swami ji.

Gauarav and Akansha flirt a little in the bathroom. Also Read: Bigg Boss 10 18th October 2016 Episode 2 Live updates: Priyanka Jagga-VJ Bani’s argument continues as Gaurav Chopra bonds with Akansha Sharma

At 11:30 Priyanka warns Gaurav to not accuse her of being biased towards Baba Ji. Later in the noon, commoners including  Priyanka and Manu Punjabi tell Om Ji that they are being accused of instigating him. At the end of argument, Manu calls out Baba of having double standards.

Celebs are called in the activity room for the second puzzle of the weekly task. They are asked to find a spotless moon in the house. Commoners force celebs to maintain distance between them, in order to make them fail at their task.

Rohan and Manu Punjabi get into a verbal spat. And Priyanka adds fuel to the fire. Gaurav watches them argue, clearly infuriated. Gaurav reads on the instruction manual of the task which further clarifies that commoners can indeed make them work so much that they don’t get time to ask.

Monalisa breaks down and requests Bigg Boss to get her out of the house somehow as Manu gets so angry that he gets up from his chair and abuses Rohan. The other contestants stop him by coming in between Rohan and Manu.

Manu loses his cool again at Rohan, and Bani comes in between them to stop them from fighting. The argument ensued over Om Swami disturbing Rohan from eating his food. Also Read: Bigg Boss 10 18th October 2016 Full Episode written update: Priyanka Jagga proves she is the tantrum queen as Akansha Sharma loses her cool with Om Swami in a volatile scenario

Priyanka tries to calm Rohan down. That is one bonding, we did not expect. The two do yoga in the rest room. All of Priyanka’s efforts to calm Rohan down go in vain.

Lopamudra and Om Swami get into an argument. Nitibha talks to the camera and says she is confident that she will be able to keep her secret, a secret.

Celebs go by their gut feeling, and name Lokesh as the answer of the puzzle. And of course they are wrong.

Commoners plan a strategy to keep their secrets a secret and make celebs team lose.

Gaurav Chopra reads out the next chitthi from Bigg Boss which tells that the weekly task being upgraded. The upgrade includes that Maailk can anytime use the chain kept in the garden area and stall them from finding out commoners’ secrets.

Celebs are called in the activity area for the next puzzle. The new puzzle is quite easy, and celebs figure it out immediately. Outside the activity area Nitibha urges commoners to stand united while sabotaging efforts by celebs.

Rahul Dev and Om Swami try to talk their differences out. Swami ji asks Rahul to convince housemates to forgive him for his verbal abuse and his comments.

Bull’s eye. Celebs finally get the answer of the third puzzle right. Swami ji claims to have stopped a missile attack on India with his tantra vidya. Everybody tries their best not to laugh on his face.

Then comes the fourth puzzle of the weekly task. C’mon! Even we were able to guess this one. But celebs look confused over the answer. Contestants guess it is Priyanka.