Bigg Boss 10 19th October 2016 Full Episode written update: Rahul Dev calls Om Swami a ‘tharki buddha’, Mona Lisa wants to get eliminated from the show

The atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss house has heated up and it has heated up and…how! And that too right in the very first week. The commoners are going great in the game and giving sleepless nights to the celebrities. In the wee hours of the night, the commoners do a secret meeting in the washroom area and decide to trouble the celebrities. After much planning and plotting, Priyanka Jagga instructs Om Swami to demand for food. For the uninitiated, celebrities are the servants, while the common folks are the maaliks of the house, which clearly means that the celebs have to oblige to each and every request made by the commoners. So Swami relents to Priyanks’s evil idea. Unwillingly, the sevaks get up from their slumber and prepare food for Swami. The dining table heats up again as another abusive argument breaks out between Om Swami and Rahul Dev, wherein the latter calls the former a ‘tharki buddha‘. But that wasn’t it, soon after one argument comes to end, another one breaks between Priyanka and Rohan Mehra. Priyanka even punishes Rohan thereafter and asks him to wash her clothes in the middle of the night. Gosh, too many fights in just one episode, but hey, we aren’t complaining.

But looks like Mona Lisa is having major issues with all the constant fights because while everyone is busy getting into these massive war of words, Mona Lisa goes up to the camera and breaks down and requests Bigg Boss to get her out of the house. The lady doesn’t know that her wishes might just come true considering she is in the danger zone and she isn’t doing anything great to get viewers to vote for her. (ALSO READBigg Boss 10 19th October 2016 Episode 4 LIVE updates: Om Swami claims he stopped a missile attack on India with his powers)

Cut to next morning, where we see Swami apologizing to the sevaks for his unjust behaviour. What a player! Celebrities decide to bury the hatchet and forgive Swami. Gaurav Chopra then informs the commoners that Om Swami is bad mouthing them behind their backs. Swami tells everyone that his own team is using him against the celebrities. While this leaves the commoners in a state of shock, they soon infer that Swami is playing a double game. Happy realisation, we must say.

In the midst of all this, Bigg Boss introduces two more riddles and asks the celebrities to decode the secret. For those of you, who missed the previous episodes, this is a part of the first Luxury Budget task wherein celebs have to match dark secrets with relevant commoners. If the celebs win this luxury budget task, they will become the masters of the house. So yeah, a lot is at stake with this one. (ALSO READBigg Boss 10 18th October 2016 Full Episode written update: Priyanka Jagga proves she is the tantrum queen as Akansha Sharma loses her cool with Om Swami in a volatile scenario)

Will the celebs be able to win the task and dethrone the commoners? Well, we’ll get to know that very soon. But all in all, tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 was high on entertainment. It was possibly the best episode yet. We give tonight’s episode ‘garma garam’ on our masala meter. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

Precap: Another major fight will break between Rohan and Priyanka after the former drops water on the latter. As a punishment she will send Rohan to the jail. Yes, the much glorified jail of this season of Bigg Boss has got it’s first inmate.