Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 Episode 47 LIVE updates: Manoj Punjabi tells Manveer Gurjar about Priyanka Jagga’s evil strategy

The Bigg Boss 10 contestants wake up to ‘Rang De Basanti’. Priyanka Jagga tries to single out Manu Punjabi and get Manveer Gurjar to be on her side. The challengers are tired but still keep cycling and they ask Priyanka to speak to the contestants. The gong rings when Om Swami gets into a fight with everyone. Priyanka shuts him up and asks all the contestants if they want to empty their test tubes. Lopa gets up and empties her test tube since no one took the initiative, which throws Mona Lisa out of the captaincy task. Priyanka and Nitibha Kaul bicker about assigning duties properly.

Elena Kazan asks Lopa to show them what they have prepared and they will then start cycling. Lopa gets offended and the contestants throw a tantrum about it. The contestants start bickering, discussing and blaming everyone for all the miscommunication. Priyanka loses her cool at Nitibha. Priyanka walks in asking Elena if they didn’t want to cycle because they didn’t knead the dough for Bani J. Everybody starts bickering when Bani interferes and tells them that they are very tired and want things to function efficiently. Elena and Lopa also get into a heated argument. Priyanka and Nitbha get into an ugly argument when Swami interferes and Nitibha calls him her father. Bigg Boss announces that the luxury budget task is over and that he is disappointed with Priyanka’s performance and will not participate in the captaincy task. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 Episode 47 preview: Mona Lisa BREAKS DOWN after a nasty fight with Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar)

Manu and Mona Lisa discuss about Manveer as a captain. Another gong rings in the evening and Sahil empties his test tube, throwing Swami out of the captaincy task. He then hugs Swami, who sits and sulks. After several failed attempts at getting Manu on her side, Priyanka tries to single him out by attacking his friendship with Manveer. Meanwhile, Swami gets emotional that Priyanka said that he is not her father. Manu, Manveer and Nitibha try to pacify him.

After a while, another gong rings and the housemates start discussing. Mona Lisa and Manveer get into a fight when he hints at her to empty her test tube. Nitibha gets up and empties her test tube which puts Lopa out of the captaincy task. Later on, Manveer and Mona Lisa get into an argument in the garden and Manu asks them to sort it out. Manu asks him to keep it down but Manveer refuses to listen saying he is hurt. While they are discussing, Priyanka interferes and points out Mona Lisa’s mistake.

Later on, Swami and Priyanka instigate Manveer’s ego. Mona Lisa breaks down in the bathroom saying that she wants to go home. Manu tells Manveer that everyone is making the best use of their disagreements. He requests Mona Lisa to come out and hugs her as soon as she comes out. Manveer makes Mona Lisa sit and talk to her calmly and Manu asks him to not allow anyone to interfere. Manu tells everyone that he cannot influence Mona Lisa to empty Gaurav’s test tube and it has to be her decision. Priyanka plays the trump card by telling him that he can’t even be a better friend and further probes Manveer that Manu is not his true friend.

At night, Manu tells Manveer that Priyanka is trying to cause a rift in his friendship with Mona Lisa. The two sort out their differences. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Is Priyanka Jagga’s friendship with Mona Lisa just a way to get back at Manu Punjabi?)