Bigg Boss 10 1st December Episode 47 highlights: Thick friends Manveer Gurjar and Manu Punjabi get into a MASSIVE argument

The yearning for captaincy has forced contestants to play their own game. While the challengers struggle to cycle through the night, the other contestants sleep while remaining confused on the unpredictability of the captaincy task. Here are the highlights of last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 10, ICYMI.

Nitibha Kaul and Priyanka Jagga’s major argument – Tired and exhausted, the four nominated contestants, which includes Bani J, Rahul Dev, Jason Shah and Elena Kazan refused to pedal for gas until all preparations for breakfast are complete. And while the contestants argue it out, Nitibha got into another fight with Priyanka when asked to prepare a special dough for Bani’s breakfast. Putting an end to their argument, Gaurav stepped up and decided to make the batter instead. Trying to keep the contestants on her side for captaincy, Priyanka forgot some of her responsibilities as the supervisor of the luxury budget task. While the luxury budget task was deemed to be a success, Priyanka lost the opportunity to fight for captaincy.

Om Swami and his mind games continue – Om Swami decided that now that his ‘daughter’ cannot be the captain, it must be him! While he tried to convince Sahil Anand to keep his test tube safe, he also asked for support from the other probable contenders – Lopamudra Raut and Gaurav. But, when the fourth gong rang, Sahil went ahead and emptied Om Swami’s test tube. With four more gongs to go, the politics and drama double up as Om Swami pegged his hopes on Manveer and decided to support him. (ALSO READBigg Boss 10 contestant Gaurav Chopra’s ex girlfriend supports his decision of being image-conscious inside the house)

The first crack in Manveer and Manu’s thick friendship – Efforts to become the new captain doubled as the contestants tried to sway Nitibha and Mona Lisa’s votes. While Mona stayed strong and even got into an argument with Manveer, Nitibha upset Lopa by emptying her test tube. Meanwhile, after several failed attempts at getting Manu on her side, Priyanka tried to single him out by attacking his friendship with Manveer. And it worked! Thick friends Manu and Manveer argued over Manu’s decision to not influence Mona into letting go of Gaurav’s test tube.

With the last leg of captaincy task remaining, and the growing differences between Manu and Manveer, will friendships lay sacrificed over house politics? Well, all we can do is just wait and watch. All in all last night’s episode was fun to watch, but not highly entertaining, which is why we give it a Garam on our Masala Meter.