Bigg Boss 10 2nd December 2016 Episode 48 preview: Lopamudra Raut threatens to slap Om Swami, while Priyanka Jagga and Manveer Gurjar get injured

Bigg Boss 10 is finally increasing its pace. Episode after episode we are seeing something exciting happen inside the house. A big thanks to contestants like Om Swami, Priyanka Jagga. The show is in its seventh week and the competition to survive is getting tougher. Cracks in friendships are appearing, and tolerance level for Om Swami is decreasing. Here is what you can expect from tonight’s episode.

The women of the house will decide to have a fun time in the pool. When in the pool, Lopamudra Raut and Nitibha Kaul will try and drag Priyanka Jagga in the water. But this will only result in Priyanka getting injured. We can assume that it must be a minor injury and Priyanka must be projecting it like she has fracture. Om Swami will find yet another reason to be the drama queen he is. He will shout at the girls and accuse them of being careless, irresponsible. He will bring meds for Priyanka and show that Nitibha and Lopa aren’t doing anything to help her. This will infuriate Om Swami and she will lash out at him. Swami will instigate her more, to the point where Lopa will throw a toilet paper roll at him. Thankfully she will miss, or else she might have gotten liable to instant eviction. Swami will make a mountain out of a molehill and ask Bigg Boss to throw Lopa out of the house. Lopa will come up to Swami and say if she really had to hit him, it won’t be with a toilet paper roll but with a tight slap. (I am secretly on Lopa’s side) Also Read: Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 Episode 47 LIVE updates: Manoj Punjabi tells Manveer Gurjar about Priyanka Jagga’ evil strategy

Also, during the captaincy task – which has something to do with covering a gigantic canvas with the colour of your team – Manveer will get injured. He will slip and hit his head on the floor.