Bigg Boss 10 30th November 2016 Episode 46 preview: Manveer Gurjar and Manoj Manu Punjabi’s friendship begins to fall apart

Last episode of Bigg Boss brought quite a big storm for Om Swami. He caught in the act of stealing spoons from the kitchen. Then, Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar showed Priyanka Jagga that Om has been hoarding on house supplies since ever, and has a stash of supplies hidden. Om denies the accusations and to gain sympathy breaks down into tears. Drama Queen! Another storm came for Rohan Mehra. Bigg Boss, disappointed with Rohan’s performance as the captain of the house, fired him from the position. Not just that Rohan now longer can run for the captaincy in the house. EVER! So of course a new captain of the house had to be chose after the turn of events. And that is where tonight’s episode will start a war, that we never thought could come. Also Read: Bigg Boss 29th November 2016 Episode 45 LIVE updates: Contestants celebrate Bani J’s birthday in the house as she gets her favourite protein cake

Manveer and Manu’s friendship is finally falling apart. Seriously how many Bigg Boss house friendships have actually survived after the show? We seriously want to know if there are any. Manveer and Manu’s bromance might come to an end in the house itself. The new captaincy task pits the contestants against each other in a brutal way. They are given test tubes filled with water and whose ever testtube runs empty will lose the task. The task will run until there are two contestants left. Manveer will tell Manu that no one is going to vote in his favour. So, Manu will ask him to empty his testtube himself, and this won’t go down with Manveer. He will lash out and say that he is done with all the brotherhood in the house. He will put his foot down and tell Manu that he is not going to empty his testtube just to make Manu win. Priyanka Jagga will butt in, and shout at Manveer and curse at his friendship skills. Ouch!

Also, Om Swami will cry again. Om will ask Priyanka to tell Sahil Anand, who is her friend, to not try and empty his test tube. Priyanka will do as asked, but will Sahil agree to it? We have got to wait a few more hours to find out.