Bigg Boss 10 contestant Rohan Mehra DETHRONED from captaincy for the entire season – find out why

All you Rohan Mehra fans, there is a rather sad news for you guys. Rohan Mehra, who has been the captain of the house for two straight weeks has been fired from the post for the entire season of Bigg Boss 10. More people in the house invited more trouble for the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor who is one of the strongest contenders in the house. The reason for Bigg Boss to dethrone him from the post was that the housemates kept breaking rules in the house and he failed to make sure that everyone followed the rules of the house, despite continuous warnings.

Rohan got very strict warnings from Bigg Boss during the day about taking his responsibilities as a captain seriously. He also mentions that he cannot take actions against the contestants on behalf of Rohan all the time. He further added that the reason Rohan is not allowed to participate in the household chores is so he can keep an eye on the contestants making sure they abide by the rules. After two warnings, Bigg Boss declared that Rohan has been fired from his captaincy in front of all the contestants. Bigg Boss also added that after seeing his performance, Rohan will not be allowed to become a captain for the entire season. While some of the contestants were happy with this decision, Rohan was quite taken aback when he heard Bigg Boss’ decision. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Is Rohan Mehra really being a dictator instead of a captain?)

We know what will follow the decision is a an argument amongst the contestants about Rohan and with Rohan. We wonder who will be the next captain of the house now that Rohan has been fired permanently from the position. There will, hopefully, be another captaincy task where we’ll get a new captain in the house or the house will function without a captain this week. But do you think it’s fair that Rohan got fired from captaincy for not taking his responsibilities too seriously?

Om Swami will definitely be one happy baba in the house since he had been punished by Rohan once for being the worst performer in the Gold Mine task. He kept ranting about how he had voted for Rohan to make him the captain and Rohan stabbed him in the back later on. What are your thoughts on Rohan getting dethroned from the post of a captain in the house forever? Post them in the comments below and stay hooked with us for more news and gossip about the show.