Bigg Boss 10: Mandana Karimi joins Priya Malik in her rant against Salman Khan’s show

Whatever one might say, this season of Bigg Boss looks like a news-worthy one. The Indiawale contestants seem to have come with a game plan to harass the celebrities and the fights have begun in Bigg Boss 10. In fact, the premiere episode was rather unsavoury when Indiawale contestant Om Swami revealed he had kicked a woman for not dressing up appropriately before him. The statement evoked the ire of Bigg Boss 9 contestant Priya Malik. The lady said that how no one raised an eyebrow when a man spoke about hitting a woman. She took to twitter and wrote: “No one questioned the Swami`s belief about hitting women who don’t cover themselves? Really? A man can get on national television and claim how women have benefited from his violent streak. And,no one questions him. Wow.” Bigg Boss 10 has a motley of contestants from all over India. Om Swami also predicted Salman Khan’s marriage on the show. (Also Read: Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan’s show is CHEATING fans – here’s proof!)

Post the incident, it was proved that Om Swami is known for his rather aggressive attitude. He hit out once at a co-panelist on a news show and that video is going viral. He might be taking about spirituality but clearly things are not too peaceful. (Also Read: Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav Chopra, Antara Biswas, Priyanka Jagga and Manoj Punjabi nominated – who should be eliminated this week?) 

As we know, Priya was one of the most outspoken contestants on Bigg Boss 9. The lady was brought in when the existing set of contestants did not do much to raise the TRPs of the show. She had fights with a lot of people and never shied away from taking a stance. Priya’s protests against the sexist and racist comments of Om Swami has got support from Mandana Karimi. She fully agrees with Priya’s views. Iranian born model Mandana was also in the limelight for her rather aggressive behaviour. Moreover, her broken Hindi was also spoken about in the house. However, Mandana made it to the finals. One would remember that Priya highlighted that Salman Khan generally pinpoints at such kind of behaviour but his amusement at Om’s comments did not go down well with Priya.